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This girl in Thailand is playing with her friends at a Compassion center. Some kids in poverty don’t have toys or playgrounds because their families can’t afford them. So kids in Compassion’s program love to play at their centers! What do you think this girl is saying? Write a caption for her speech bubble!

Kids 14 or younger: Write a funny caption for the photo to appear below. We'll choose some of the most clever captions to appear in a future print issue of Compassion Explorer Magazine!

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I can see the Eifel Tower from here. . . Charlotte, 11 Bloomington IN

Wait, I just need to fix my smile… Is this big enough?!

Whitney, 13 Gilberts, IL

TAG!!!!!! YOUR IT!

Raina, 13 Coral Springs Florida

Praise God for Everything!

Georgina, 8 Chilliwack, BC, Canada


Anna, 7 Michigan

This is AWESOME!!!

Anna, 10 Augusta, GA

Wow! I am soooo high up! I can see the whole world!

Reagan, 10 Gilberts, IL

IS THIS TO LOUD? how about this? Now this is just right!

Micah, 9 New Brighton, Pennsylvania

Mommy just ten more minutes!!!!!

Megan, 12 Falcon, Colorado

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? It’s GOD! yeah, yeah, it’s GOD!

Grace, 10 St.Anthony MN

‘’Yippee, Yahoo!!!

Kate, 10 Rathdrum ID

The ground is lava!!!!!!!!

Chloe, 13 Columbia Missouri

Quick you can’t touch the ground

Harper, 8 Columbia Missouri

This is the best playground ever!

Paxley, 8 Columbia, MO

Mom! Mom! Look at me! I’m so high!
Hello? Are you LISTENING? Look!!1

Grace, 13 Wichita, Kansas

Mommy watch this!!!!!

Megan, 13 Jackson Wyoming

Hey guys, a “FUN-der” storm is heading this way!

Eliana, 10 Mechanicsburg, PA

I love this new playground thank you Compassion!

Ethan, 12 Portersville, Pennsylvania

“Where did you guys go?! We were supposed to play hide and seek!”

Jackie, 8 Richmond, VA

YAY! I’m sooo excited. I just got sponsored today!😃

Darianna, 11 Eaton Rapids Michigan

“Aaah! I’m so excited for this!”

Joanna, 5-1/2 San Antonio, TX

hay ! I told you not to take my pic

Lydia, 12 pa

Ahhhh! It’s too high

Naomi, 13 Tulsa, OK

Rain, Rain,
Go away!
Come again
Some other day!

Elisa, 11 Danbury, CT

FUN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clara, 11 Lithonia, GA

“Why is there a big speech bubble next to me?”

Lily, 9 Elkhart, IN

“Where’s the slide? How am I supposed to get down?”

Kaia, 7 Elkhart, IN

“Mom you didn’t watch me climb up here I’ll have to sh… MOM DID YOU HEAR ME?!”

Izzy, 11 Murdock, Nebraska

Haha! I found you!

Charlotte, 9 Pasadena, Ca

Can I talk to you about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

Lucas, 14 Ottawa Ohio

Hooray! I love going back to school!

Vinny, 6 Lake Geneva, Wis.

Thank you Jesus!!!!

Alana, 8 Lake Geneva, Wis.

Yay! Dreams DO come true!

Gia, 11 WA

Yay! This is so much fun! Oh, you’re taking a picture of me!

Avery, 12 Houston, TX

Mom Watch this

Sofia, 10 Jacksonville Fl

Yay the beautiful park!

Claire, 8 Wilsonville, OR

Hey, can I have a turn on swings!

Abigail, 11 Vancouver Washington

Hey, do you want to play with me?

Eliana, 8 Vancouver Washington

Help me! The dragon is going to eat me!!!

Jayna, 12 Sun prairie Wisconsin

I never knew school could be this fun!

Ava and Caroline, 14 and 12 Stevens Point, WI

This new playground is A-MA-ZING!

Hattie, 12 Prairie Grove, AR

I love this place!

Alina, 9 Mesa, AZ

God is good!

Lauren, 12 Goshen, IN

Mom! I need to go to the bathroom!

Cole, 9 Houston, TX

Look, Mom! Mom! You’re not looking!

Gabriel, 10 North Bloomfield, OH

“Thank you Compassion!”

Grace, 10 Decatur, Alabama

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!! Who wants to race me down the slide?!

Lily, 10 Columbia, TN

I never want this to stop!

Molly, 11 Glen Burnie Maryland

Aaah!!!! Alien attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malachi, 8 Robbinsdale,MN

1…2…3…oh we’re playing Hide and Seek i’m it.

Jared, 10 Kutztown

Let’s play tag!!

Haylee, 11 Holly, Springs, North Carolina

Why did the chicken cross the playground? He wanted to get to the other slide!

Mercy, 10 Omaha, NE

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Matthew, 7 Omaha, NE

Ready or not, here I come!

Beth R., 14 Lincoln, NE

Hey! Has anyone seen the sandwich that I dropped?

Kaitlyn, 13 Indian Trail, North Carolina

The British are coming!

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

Eeek! A dinosaur is chasing me!

Trent, 10 Grants Pass, Oregon