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Have you ever performed or spoken in front of a big crowd? How did you feel? This fall, kids across the U.S. will stand up in front of their churches on Compassion Sunday to find sponsors for kids. Meanwhile in Honduras, sponsored children Abel and Karlha are performing for a crowd too — their YouTube audience! They have a show where they act out Bible stories. But what do YOU think they are doing in this scene?

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Both: Wait, is this supposed to look like we are in a green land or something?! Oh, well, it must be done! Adelynn, 11 Simpsonville, SC

This movie is going to be better than the picture, right???

Lily, 11 Columbia TN

“OK, guys, this is a story from the bible, so PAY ATTENTION!!!”

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, OK

Abel: Alright we have our pants, shoes,hats,shirts, and green screen!
Karlha: Now Abel what were our lines again?
Karlha:🤦🏽‍♀️ Oh Abel!

Izzy, 11 Murdock, Nebraska

Can we change the skript?

Gareth, 9 choctaw, OK


Caroline, 11 Brooks, Ga

What are we doing mom?

Rose, 11 Lawrence, KS

Uh, I’m actually afraid of green…

Hannah, 13 Kennewick, WA

i guess its movie time

libby, 11 sc

It’s amazing how God can use the youngest (and cutest) little kids to do amazing things for his glory! Great job Abel and Karlha!

Myla Rae, 11 3/4 Gladwin, Michigan

Old Macdonald had a farm, e, i, e, i, o
nailed it! I think?

Daniel, 12 Cleveland, OH

Azbel: we’re on camera but what story do we do? Karlha: why didn’t you think of that before we started!?

Abigail, 10 Vancouver Washington

Ok, what are we doing again? Sorry, I forgot. I just don’t remember any particular Bible story with a green background.

Magnolia, 11 Sarcoxie MO

“Tell me, are we doing this correctly?”

Noella, 9 1/2 Boerne Texas

Oh I get it,where making the farmer and the dill a movie

Brady, 9 Nashville TN

Hey Jesus, want some pretend soup?!

Hannah, 8 Birmingham, AL

Did they have cameras in Bible times?

Noelle, 8 Birmingham, AL

Let’s hope I’m not scared!

Serena, 6 York, NE

I’m so nervous; I don’t think I’ll be able to do the part!

Evalee, 9 York, NE

Karlha: Uhhh… yeah, I probably should be leaving now…

Whitney, 12 Gilberts, IL

Lights, camera, action! Wait, what are my lines?

Sarah, 11 Reedley California

New style?

Zachary, 9 Queen City, MO

Are your hands cold from stage fright?

Kaden, 11 Queen City, MO

Able: Wow! 300 people have already watched our video!
Karlha: Probably because I put a free Bible certificate at the end!

Lillian, 11 Maple valley WA

Look,Look,Look! I am gonna be on T.V!

Lizzie, 12 Birmingham AL

I am suppose to smile right?

Magdalene, 8 Denver, CO

“Wait……. we’re shooting a movie ?!”

Lincoln, 11 Kennesaw, GA

I forgot my line, but I’ll just pretend like I know what I’m doing!

Abigail, 12 Carol Stream, Illinois

Lights, camera, ACTION!

Katie, 9 Quakertown,PA

I think were ready ?

Chloe, 12 Columbia, Missouri

Take two !

Sage, 10 Columbia, Mo

Hola Amigos! Before we get started with today’s video, can you guess what story we will be doing? Just take a look at our costumes, is it in the Old or New Testament?

Aman, 10 Tucson, AZ

hay! let’s make a video about what Awana is like in our country!

Ruthanna, 12 1/2 purcell MO

Azbel: you ready karlha?
Karlha: yep because God is with us!

Molly, 10 Glen Burnie MD

Kid: “Nice neon green wall.” Other kid: “It’s a field, remember?” Kid: “Right. Uh, what’s my line?”Adult: “CUT!”

Genevieve, 11 Santa Rosa, California

Take a seat and we’ll teach you about the amazing stories of god.

Zoe, 6 Los angles, California

Do you think that a two person play was a good idea? What even is the background?

Sara, 12 Reedley C.A

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