I Got This!

Six-year-old Genesis might look a little unsure about her first day of school, but she’s happy to go! “I want to start classes right away and use the school supplies I was given,” she says. Her parents didn’t have the money to buy her supplies. But Genesis is sponsored in Compassion’s program, and she got everything she needed to start school!

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“Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men” Colossians 3:23 HCSB Grace, 11 Mena, Arkansas

I survived!

Hannah, 11 Douglass, Kansas

Her mom: don’t be nervous!
Genisis: Mom…………

Sofia, 8 Phoenix, Arizona

Uh mom, can I not ?

Grace, 9 St.Anthony,Minnesota

I am going to rock my first day of school! I can’t wait to make some new friends!

Julia, 12 Huntsville, Al

Genesis: “First day of school! I’ve got this!!
(When she’s walking to school)–Ahhhh!!!!!

Brock, 7 Souderton, Pa

“I don’t know if this is going to be good or not, but let’s do this!”

Elijah, 6 Reading, MA

Genesis: I’m totally not nervous!!
*Puts on fake smile*

Emma W., 10 Phoenix, AZ

Good Vibes, Good Vibes

Elizabeth, 11 Brownsburg, Indiana

Ok, first day. There’s the bus. Ka-chow.

Emily, 11 Sahuarita, AZ

I hope this gets put in the Compassion Explorer magazine!

Emily, 11 Sahuarita, AZ

“Hey, I gotta go now. My mom is that way.”

Kate, 13 Valley Center, CA

Hurry up with this picture or I’ll be late!

Arianna, 12 Merriam, KS

( Says thru her teeth): ” Mom, hurry! I am going to be late for my first day of school!

Ellie Kate, 12 Hoover, Alabama

Genesis:” Just keep smiling, just keep smiling! Mom can’t take a million pictures, right????

Ellie Kate, 12 Hoover, Alabama

Genesis: ” Ooh, I just realized, I am kinda nervous. Hehe, mom, you SURE you don’t need any help today? Maybe, perhaps, during the school day?

James, 7 Hoover, Alabama

Don’t worry! I know Jesus will keep me safe! I’m fine.

Althea Steiner, 10 Orrville OH

Oh, Mom. It’s okay. It’s not your first day of school!

Soph, 12 Portland, Oregon

‘I hope this day goes well! I’m excited, but a little scared!’

Noella Mae, 9 Boerne, TX

‘I can’t wait to meet my teachers and friends. I hope I learn something new and exciting!’

Olsen, 7 Boerne, TX

Wish me luck !!!

Chloe, 12 Columbia, MO

Genesis: “I may be afraid, but with God on my side I can do anything!”

Myla, 11 Gladwin, Michigan

“I’m heading in!”

Faith, 14 Mi

No matter how unsure I am, God will help me through this!

Naela S, 12 Laporte, MN

First day of school, here I come!

Evalee, 9 York, NE

I think I am ready for my first day of school!

Emory, 9 Summerville, SC

First day of COOL!

Auggie, 9 DeKalb, IL

“God is good…all the time!”

Josiah, 13 Perkasie, PA

Race you to the classroom, oh bye Mommy!

Abigail, 8 Lancaster, WI

It’s gonna be okay Right Mom

Ellie, 10 Ocala, Florida

phew! this backpack is heavy

Aiden, 12 stevensville MI

Here we go, first day of school here I come!

Annabella, 11 Orlando,Florida

Have a very good school day. Thumbs up!

Luca, 9 Orlando Florida

I am nervous but no need to worry JESUS will help me through it!!!!

Alayna, 10 Cape Coral

I’ve got this! i think.

jackson, 11 keota, OK

You look nervous, are you ok?

Ember, 5 Newport News, VA

I’m so excited to make new friends!

Audrey, 4 Keota, OK

Mom: Smile!
Genesis: Yay?

Sadie, 10 Ponte Vedra, Florida

I’m not nervous… No, why would I be nervous?

Ethan, 11 Portersville,Pennsylvania

(stiffly) Yay, I can’t wait heh-heh.

Ellie, 10 Fort Worth, TX

I have finished school! wait WHAT! I still have 12 more years?

Daniel, 12 Cleveland, OH

Translate FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, into my language: I’M SO NERVOUS!!!

Elise, 10 Rineyville, KY

I am ready to conquer school…or am I?

Eleanor, 12 Orangevale, CA

School enthusiasts unite!

Akari, 10 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Did I spell School right?
– Genesis

Lillian, 11 Maple Valley WA

I’m not so sure about this whole school thing

Lydia, 13 Texas

“Are you done taking pictures yet?!”

Anna, 12 Germantown, Maryland

“So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”
( Psalm 90:12 ESV )

Elaina Ruth, 11 Woodstock, GA

Oh gosh, here we go!

Chloe, 13 Florida

(Genesis) May we please go to school NOW, mom?
(Mom) Just one more picture…

Sean, 13 Palmyra, VA

I would love to smile, but there’s a bug crawling up my back!

Abriella, 14 Belton, Texas

Mom, can we be done taking pictures now?

Colby, 13 Belton, Texas

Nervous: 50%, Excited: 50%, Confident: 100%

Maiya, 13 Kingston, ON

Alrighty folks. This is the way for school..I think. I definitely know what I’m doing…

Maddie, 12 Bend, OR

Here we go!!!(I don’t feel so good about this)

Lizzie, 12 Birmingham Alabama

Don’t be unsure. With Christ everything is possible!

Kayla, 11 Wade, Maine

I’m so excited… I’m turning pinker than my clothes!

Chloe, 10 St.Louis, MO

I’m so nervous!

Sage, 10 Columbia, MO

I’m fine I’m just fine. Help me get to school please?

Micah, 7 Pennsylvania Beaver Falls

I can’t wait to make so many friends!

Levi, 12 Cartersville, Ga

i am going to give the teacher an apple

aspen, 11 canton nc