Think Inside the Box

Empty boxes. They can make awesome forts, spaceships — or hats! This kid in Ethiopia is playing with an empty box that used to have a big bottle of cooking oil in it. 

What do YOU say is happening in this photo? 

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Mom! Mom! Look at my hat! Brielle, 13 Castle rock Co


Kayla, 6 Morton, IL

I See You!

Rose , 11 Lawrence, KS

Peekaboo I see you

Nora, 11 South Dakota

Mom gave me this box!

Serena, 6 York, NE

What did you do with the oil?

Kaden, 11 Queen City, MO

Should I make myself a Robot?

Melody, 8 Houston, TX


Carly, 12 Katy, TX

Kid: Do you like my hat?
Other kid: I don’t like it…I love it!
Adult: I like your box hat.

Noah, 6 Canal Winchester, Ohio

I will never come out of this box.

Hannah, 7 Littleton, Colorado

The perfect hard hat!!+

Patience, 12 Sandpiont, ID

Quick take a picture before I drop the box and the lights go out!

Jamin, 10 Sandpoint, Idaho

Where’s the soy?

Elizabeth, 9 Idiho Sandpoint

I sure hope I don’t drop the box!!!!

Adelaide, 6 Sandpiont, ID

These are all the rage now!

Akari, 10 Baton Rouge, LA

Kid’s thought: I wonder if there’s still any oil in this?

Mom: Smile!

Lily, 9 Columbia, TN

Soya need to get more oil, Mom.

Caleb, 11 Vacaville, California

I can’t believe some people think that umbrellas are cool when they could use a box!

Caleb, 10 Bloomington, IL

Yeah, I might need a bath soon, my hair is getting oily!

Sarah, 11 Savannah, Georgia

What’s in the box? I’m in the box!

Kathryn, 9 Burbank California

Well this this box is comfortable

Nora, 11 South Dakota


Elise, 11 Pella,IA

Well this this box is comfortable

Nora, 11 South Dakota

Entering box in T minus 10…

Micah, 12 Gastonia, NC

He is thinking inside the box about what to do with the box

Caroline, 11 brooks, Ga

I think this hat might be a bit too big!

lisette, 12 new jersey

Now you see me, now you don’t!

Jordana, 10 Rutherford, NJ

look at my hat! i could be anyting- a astronaut, cowboy,or even an animal like a turtle! Lets play pretend together!

Reeci and Braven, 12 and 7 Franklin,Tennessee

Ha Ha I am a sweet monster ROAR!!!!!!🦖🦕

Naomi, 8 Marcellus, NY

Hello is anyone here?

Chloe Allen, 12 Columbia, MO


Sage, 10 Columbia,MO

Kid: “rate my new hat out of 10”
Other Kid: “definitely a 10!”

Tyler, 11 Marshalltown,IA

Whoa! Who turned out the lights?!

Ellie, 10 Fort Worth, TX

I’m glad there’s no oil pouring down on my head!

Charlie, 10 Brunswick, ME

Check out my new hat!

Evalee, 9 York, NE

Now you see me…

Bree, 11 Wesley Chapel, FL

I’m thinking inside the box while having outside of the box ideas.

Clara, 11 Lithonia, GA

Lights out in 3,2,1…

JJ, 8 Spring Hill, TN

Who needs an umbrella? I got a box!

Ethan, 11 Portersville, PA

Let’s play hide and seek! It will be fun!

Vivian, 11 Santa Clarita, CA

I am a box turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter, 7 Lathrup Village

I love boxes! They are great hats!

Naomi, 5 Lathrup Village MI

Should this be my hat? I like it. It shades me from the sun!

The Martin kids, Peter, Naomi, Zoey, 7, 5, 10 Lathrup Village MI

Is there a box!?!

Lizzie, 12 Vestavia Alabama


Cman, 10 Atlanta,GA

No more soy oil in this box ,Mom!!

Emmy, 7 Atlanta,GA

In my imagination this box is my spaceship!

Analise, 12 Goshen Indiana

We’re playing hide and seek, do you think this is a good hiding spot?

Molly and Anna, 10 Glen Burnie MD

Why throw away a box when you can bast off to the moon? Well, see ya! 5,4,3,2,1…blast off!

Grace, 11 Seabeck, WA

ummmmm, can someone please help me? I think I am being attacked by… um… A BOX.

Zoey, 10 Lathrup Village, MI

Boo! Did I scare you? Did I?

Jackson N., 12 Blair, NE

hey like my new hat! Ain’t it cool

aspen, 11 canton nc

This box can take me anywhere! I can’t wait to find where.

Emory, 10 Summerville, South Carolina

Just have’n fun, you know! In the box.

lydia gilmore ruth Adams, 9 north carolina

I think that she is pretending to be a hermit crab.

Maiya, 13 Ontario, Canada