Think Inside the Box

Empty boxes. They can make awesome forts, spaceships — or hats! This kid in Ethiopia is playing with an empty box that used to have a big bottle of cooking oil in it. 

What do YOU say is happening in this photo? 

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Mom look! 🎵I’m going on a trip in my favorite rocket ship🎵!! Elyana, 11 Ocala, Florida

If I think inside the box, my teacher won’t tell me to think outside the box! 😜

Evie, 12 Mount Laurel, NJ

No one calls me a blockhead… They call me a boxhead! Although I don’t actually know who they are because I can’t see! Also, I was thinking outside the box to decide to wear it, but now I’ll just think in it!

Gillian, 12 California, San Diego

I like this box. Even though it had soya oil in it, I still like this box. Maybe I can keep this forever if my grandchildren are behaving good enough to not rip it apart.

Adelynn, 11 Simpsonville, SC

Um, yeah . . . I’m just chilling in a box. . .

Abigail, 10 Post Falls, I.D.

Beep, boop. I am a robot.

Lily, 11 Columbia TN

I’m in the thinking box!

David, 10 Tecumseh, MI

By thinking inside the box when you tell me to think outside the box then I am thinking inside the box!

Elyse, Belle Plaine Belle Plaine, Iowa

Kid: I know you just told me to think outside the box, but I happened to be inside one.

Whitney, 13 Gilberts, IL

Do you like my space helmet? I am going to the moon!

Hannah, 9 Los Angeles, CA

Unique box hair, DON’T CARE! 😄

Izzy, 11 Murdock, Nebraska

Do you like my hat?

Vinny, 6 Lake Geneva, Wis

This is a good hiding spot, Right??

Gareth, 9 choctaw, OK

Why does it smell so oily? Wait! I’ve got an idea, it’s a gas station!

Luke, 12 New York, NY

that is very cute!!!

Jane, 12 Daegu

“I’m thinking outside of the box, but I’m also thinking inside the box!”

Elyse, 12 Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

hehehe I’m right here!

Kaira, 11 San Jose, CA

You are now looking at the newest fad!

ivy, 13 bryan,TX

I hope they can’t find me! Oh wait, I’m in a bright orange shirt!

Julia, 10 Brooks, GA

How did you find me so quick?

Kate, 14 Valley Center, CA

Wait… I wasn’t supposed to un-hide, right?

Airi, 11 White Plains, Maryland


jackson, 12 keota, oklahoma

Hmm… I wonder if there’s any extra oil for me to lick.

Kaitlyn, 13 Indian Trail, North Carolina

“This is the show where I make the bunny come out of the hat!”

Avery, 8 Schertz, TX

I sure don’t look like like oil, do I?

Davis, 11 Richmond, VA


Kairo, 11 San Jose, California

I’m so going to win this game of hide and seek!

Olive , 12 Spokane WA

Kid: My friend say I should try thinking inside the box. I did not know which box, but still I thought inside a box!

Reagan, 9 Gilberts IL

I find it so amazing how children in such harsh communities can find joy in all things: even an old cooking oil box!

Myla Rae, 11 Gladwin, Michigan

Colossians 3:2

“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”

Robert, 8 Colleyville, Texas

hide and seek! I don’t fit inside the box…
wait ill think OUTSIDE the box!

Clara, 11 jersey city new jersey


Amelia Hovis, 12 Knoxville, TN

I’m a turtle!

Lilly, 6 Wichita, Kansas

Nice hat kid.

Claire, 11 Tolland CT

OK one quick picture then can I get back in my box?

Abigail, 10 Vancouver Washington

Look at my hat! Maybe, I should cut holes for my eyes.

Norah, 11 Wausau, WI

Peek-a-boo! Look at my creativity!

Eleanor, 12 Lincoln, NE

Hi! This is my oversized hat.

Jared, 10 Allentown, PA

Beware all the evil knights that challenge me!

Micah, 12 Kutztown, PA

It’s a bit greasy in this box, but I still like it.

Keira, 11 Carmichael, Ca

Five, four, three… WAIT! Let me get my helmet on… two, one, BLAST OFF!

Avery, 9 California, MD

Do you like my crown?

Mary Lynn, 12 Kansas

Attack of the box monster!!!

Hannah, 12 Mena, Arkansas

What store can i buy these nice umbrellas at?

Anna, 8 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mom! Mom! Look at my hat!

Brielle, 13 Castle rock Co


Kayla, 6 Morton, IL

I See You!

Rose , 11 Lawrence, KS

Peekaboo I see you

Nora, 11 South Dakota

Mom gave me this box!

Serena, 6 York, NE

What did you do with the oil?

Kaden, 11 Queen City, MO

Should I make myself a Robot?

Melody, 8 Houston, TX


Carly, 12 Katy, TX

Kid: Do you like my hat?
Other kid: I don’t like it…I love it!
Adult: I like your box hat.

Noah, 6 Canal Winchester, Ohio

I will never come out of this box.

Hannah, 7 Littleton, Colorado

The perfect hard hat!!+

Patience, 12 Sandpiont, ID

Quick take a picture before I drop the box and the lights go out!

Jamin, 10 Sandpoint, Idaho

Where’s the soy?

Elizabeth, 9 Idiho Sandpoint

I sure hope I don’t drop the box!!!!

Adelaide, 6 Sandpiont, ID

These are all the rage now!

Akari, 10 Baton Rouge, LA

Kid’s thought: I wonder if there’s still any oil in this?

Mom: Smile!

Lily, 9 Columbia, TN

Soya need to get more oil, Mom.

Caleb, 11 Vacaville, California

I can’t believe some people think that umbrellas are cool when they could use a box!

Caleb, 10 Bloomington, IL

Yeah, I might need a bath soon, my hair is getting oily!

Sarah, 11 Savannah, Georgia

What’s in the box? I’m in the box!

Kathryn, 9 Burbank California

Well this this box is comfortable

Nora, 11 South Dakota


Elise, 11 Pella,IA

Well this this box is comfortable

Nora, 11 South Dakota

Entering box in T minus 10…

Micah, 12 Gastonia, NC

He is thinking inside the box about what to do with the box

Caroline, 11 brooks, Ga

I think this hat might be a bit too big!

lisette, 12 new jersey

Now you see me, now you don’t!

Jordana, 10 Rutherford, NJ

look at my hat! i could be anyting- a astronaut, cowboy,or even an animal like a turtle! Lets play pretend together!

Reeci and Braven, 12 and 7 Franklin,Tennessee

Ha Ha I am a sweet monster ROAR!!!!!!🦖🦕

Naomi, 8 Marcellus, NY

Hello is anyone here?

Chloe Allen, 12 Columbia, MO


Sage, 10 Columbia,MO

Kid: “rate my new hat out of 10”
Other Kid: “definitely a 10!”

Tyler, 11 Marshalltown,IA

Whoa! Who turned out the lights?!

Ellie, 10 Fort Worth, TX

I’m glad there’s no oil pouring down on my head!

Charlie, 10 Brunswick, ME

Check out my new hat!

Evalee, 9 York, NE

Now you see me…

Bree, 11 Wesley Chapel, FL

I’m thinking inside the box while having outside of the box ideas.

Clara, 11 Lithonia, GA

Lights out in 3,2,1…

JJ, 8 Spring Hill, TN

Who needs an umbrella? I got a box!

Ethan, 11 Portersville, PA

Let’s play hide and seek! It will be fun!

Vivian, 11 Santa Clarita, CA

I am a box turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter, 7 Lathrup Village

I love boxes! They are great hats!

Naomi, 5 Lathrup Village MI

Should this be my hat? I like it. It shades me from the sun!

The Martin kids, Peter, Naomi, Zoey, 7, 5, 10 Lathrup Village MI

Is there a box!?!

Lizzie, 12 Vestavia Alabama


Cman, 10 Atlanta,GA

No more soy oil in this box ,Mom!!

Emmy, 7 Atlanta,GA

In my imagination this box is my spaceship!

Analise, 12 Goshen Indiana

We’re playing hide and seek, do you think this is a good hiding spot?

Molly and Anna, 10 Glen Burnie MD

Why throw away a box when you can bast off to the moon? Well, see ya! 5,4,3,2,1…blast off!

Grace, 11 Seabeck, WA

ummmmm, can someone please help me? I think I am being attacked by… um… A BOX.

Zoey, 10 Lathrup Village, MI

Boo! Did I scare you? Did I?

Jackson N., 12 Blair, NE

hey like my new hat! Ain’t it cool

aspen, 11 canton nc

This box can take me anywhere! I can’t wait to find where.

Emory, 10 Summerville, South Carolina

Just have’n fun, you know! In the box.

lydia gilmore ruth Adams, 9 north carolina

I think that she is pretending to be a hermit crab.

Maiya, 13 Ontario, Canada