Marvelous Medicine

Baby Shavan is clearly excited to show off the medicine that made him all better when he was very sick. He and his mom, Maggie, couldn’t afford the medicine on their own. But a church in their Ugandan neighborhood helped them by giving them the medicine that healed Shavan. The church also gave them groceries to keep them growing strong! 

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Guess what? God provided me with this! Isn’t that so cool? Thea, 12 Orrville, Ohio


Blaze, 8 Alden NY

No! I have to take medicine!

Ginny Kate, 12 Trussville, Alabama

Oh my gosh! Look guys! I finally have medicane!

Jayna, 12 Sun Prairie, WI

Watch out, world! Here comes I, Shavan, also known as Healed Kid! And thank you, SuperChurch, for giving me my superpower boost!

Kinsley, 10 Minneapolis, Minnesota

This stuff really works!

Avonlea, 12 Fayetteville Tennessee

Look, mom! It’s the amazing Compassion people!

Aaron, 13 Vacaville, California

Shavan: Mommy, is Doc McStuffins gonna do a checkup on me?
Maggie: You’re not a stuffed animal, you’re a baby!
Shavan: Oh, okay.

Kaitlyn, 13 Indian Trail, North Carolina

Here’s some grape juice!

Alicia P, 7 New Brighton PA

I love this medicine!

Paxley, 8 Columbia Mo

Baby: I’m shocked that I am better. Praise the Lord!

Georgina, 9 Chiliwack, BC

Hope you well.

Harper, 8 Columbia Mo

“Does this stuff have caffeine!”

Sage, 11 Columbia, MO

Want some of this magic healer thingie

Micah, 9 New Brighton, PA

Is that a camera?

Rose, 11 Little Rock,Ar

Oh, you try some please! This tastes soooo good!

Lila, 7 Mount Juliet, TN

Look!!! It actually tastes GOOD!!!!

Patience, 13 Sandpoint

Is this soda pop!?

Cordelia, 9 Minnesota

Can you believe my mom gave me coffee?

Eyvind, 5 Minnesota

LOOK!!! I have MEDICINE! It makes me STRONG !!!! mmmm mmmm I AM NO IONGGER SIK hehehe

Elizabeth, 10 sandpoint IDIHO

Look! You should try this, it works like a charm!!! 🙂

Darianna, 11 Eaton Rapids Michigan

“Oh, look- this stuff made me all better!”

Annalisa, 10 Arlington, Texas

Holy cow, that’s good stuff!

Adelaide, 11 Thompson's Station, TN


Genevieve, 13 Santa Rosa, CA

Look! This medicine saved my life! Jesus can save yours, too!

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, OK

“This medicine made me feel better!!” – Baby Shavan

Claire, 7 Springfield, VA

scream’n thankful!

callia, 11 Ste. Genevieve mo

Uganda let me thank you for this medicine!

Elijah, 9 Tulsa, OK

Hey! you want some too?

ivy, 14 bryan tx

Hey kids, I’m Dr. Baby Shavan, and I’m here to remind you to take your medicine!

E. R., 10 York, NE

Look at my fancy new medicine!

S.R., 8 York, NE

It looks like soda but it doesn’t taste the same

Susanna, 11 Havana FL

look what i found Daddy!!

liberty , 13 stanton,Iowa

Everyone needs food and water

Nathan, 7 Houston, TX

Woah! This stuff is amazing! Wanna try???

carly, 13 katy, texas

“Hello, stranger! Do you want some mystery liquid? It’s free!”

Rachel, 12 Palmdale, California

“This is the magic bottle that made me feel better!”

Tate, 13 Middleton, Wi

Cheers to good health!

Caroline, 12 Stevens Point, WI

This stuff is AMAZING! Okay, well it doesn’t taste good, but it was worth it!

Hattie, 13 Prairie grove, Ar

Medicine gives you wings!

Robert, 9 Colleyville, Texas

Oh my gosh look at this beautiful medicine that Mom gave me!
(I’m acting! It’s the most vile thing iv’e ever tasted! SAVE ME!)

Zoey, 11 Lathrup Village, MI

Behold, this amazing and awesome drink, that my mom doesn’t like.

Caleb, 10 Houston,TX

Yay! Let’s party now that I’m better! Party!

Eva, 9 Baltimore MD

Yummy yummy yummy…wait, GROSS!

Silas, 8 Idaho

Oh! cherry flavor! Yessss!

Gia, 12 WA

This is great apple juice!

Ethan, 8 Shelton,Wa

“This tastes disgusting!”

Rue, 13 Colorado

everyone a magic potion is in this bottle! it made me better!

Jackie, 8 richmond,va

Try it, it will change your life!!

Daniel, 13 Rapid City, South Dakota

This is amazing!!! What’s in this stuff??? Can I have more please?

Norah, 13 Springfield, Missouri

Look at what Jesus has done me!

"Ashley", 12 Cheseapeake, VA

Do You Want some!! It will make you better!

Anna, 10 Bolivar, Mo

Look! Mom Just fed me this!

Anna, 10 Bolivar, MO

Shavan: Excuse me while I burp!
Mom: Do you really have to?

Anna, 10 Bolivar, MO

Do You Want some? I’m Just warning you this thing tastes Horrible!

Judah, 8 Bolivar, MO

Look at this stuff!!!!!!
It’s magical!!!!!!!

L-wood, 10 sacramento california

Hey look mommy i have the best medicine in the world, it healed me.

Iris, 8 Sacramento California

Mom: Can YOU try to convince him its not poison?

Eliza, 12 Covington OH

Baby: Medicine party!!!
Mom: Whatever…

Noah, 7 Canal Winchester, OH

Look at this thingy!

Mary, 11 Orlando, Florida

Everybody look at this!

Mary, 11 Orlando, Florida

Shavan: Hey mom! Mo-om!. MOMMY!!!
Mom: What is it?
Shavan: I have MEDICINE! I’m so glad Jesus did this for me!

"Ashley", 12 VA

It’s like a miracle in a bottle!

Evangeline, 10 Springfield, MA


Cole, 9 Houston TX

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

Paige, 11 Houston, Texas

Shavan: Wow! I have medicine! Look!
Mom: Shavan, you have been saying that for the past 15 minutes, but I am thankful God provided for us!

Reagan, 10 Gilberts, IL

This stuff tastes TERRIBLE but it’s worth it!

Hattie, 13 prairie grove, Arkansas