Looking To the Future

How cute are 2-year-old Emely, left, and 3-year-old Madison? They are graduating from Compassion’s Survival initiative, which helps babies in poverty and the grown-ups who care for them. They will now join the Child Sponsorship Program and start going to a Compassion center at their church in El Salvador! 

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If I can’t go to Collage I blame it on my school! Evie, 12 Mount Laurel, NJ

Emely: Wow. I can see a lot of things. But not enough to see the future.
Madison: I can see myself graduating from non – poverty class when I grow up.
Emely: Oh, wow! I didn’t know you could see that! Where do you see it? Over by that tree?
Madison: Use your imagination, silly goose.

Adelynn, 11 Simpsonville, SC

What do you see?

Abigail, 10 Post Falls, I.D.

Emely: can’t you see our future!!! Madison: OH YEAH,THAT THING. Emily: THATS JUST A BUSH!!! Madison: OH… IS THAT IT?!!!

Adaya, 10 Burns,OR.

Congratulations, Emely and Maddison!

Rhema, 8 Concord, NC

Madison: Try to spot our bright future!
Emely: I already found it, it’s the Sun☀️ of the father! Get it?
Madison: Yeah I get it!

Izzy, 11 Murdock, Nebraska

Mom: Look here kids.
Kids: But mom, the suns to bright.

Gareth, 9 choctaw, OK

Where’s Waldo?

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

Mom, look! I have special graduation goggles, too!

Eliza, 13 Everett, WA

Tv announcer: “Try it today! It will improve your vision!!! YoIt will”…
‘Emily shuts off tv’
Madison: This isn’t working.😟
Emily: Try harder!

Ethan, 10 WA

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, wait it’s the Compassion center!

Chloe, 13 Columbia, Mo

This is the perfect place for a picture. Do you see the pretty yellow flowers behind us?

Patience, 13 Sandpoint,ID

I spy whith my little eye… Somthing BEAUTIFULL …..JESUS !!!!!

Elizabeth, 9 Sandpoint, Idaho

Jesus is showing us our future!

Kylie, 13 Hagerstown, MD

I think your future is looks bright!

Jane, 12 Korea

“Our future is really “LOOKING,” like literally, great!”

Norah, 12 Wauau, WI

Emely, I am looking and looking and looking, but… Wait! I see it. The jungle of new ideas and people for us to explore. I sure will miss our old one, though. -Madison

Elyse, 12 Dillsburg Pennsylvania

The future looks bright!

Nadavya, 11 Hiram, Ohio

Maddison! We need sunglasses! Our future is too bright!

Reilly, 12 Tacoma, Washington

playing pretend.

Jake, 8 Birmingham, Alabama

Let’s go to the jungle. Oh no! We forgot our binoculars. Oh well, we will just have to use our hands.

peter, 8 LATHRUP VILLAGE, Mich.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Maiya, 13 Kingston, ON

I spy with my little eye…

Belle, 8 Fort Mill, SC

I can see a HUGE future! What about you Maddison?

Reilly, 12 Tacoma Washington

Best griddy ever

Tyler, 11 Marshalltown,IA

We don’t need binoculars to see a bright future thanks to Jesus!

Phoebe, 13 Springdale, Arkansas

I spy with my little eye, something yellow and blue!

Airi, 11 White Plains, Maryland

Hmm… I can see the future!!!

Jonah, 12 Rabat, Morocco

Too funny to be a bunny!

Isla, 6 Arlington, VT

Wait! Where’s our tassels?

Naomi, 12 Tulsa, OK

Put on your safety googles. We are going to go.

Kaden, 11 Queen City, MO

Emely: Do you see what I see?
Madison: What?
Emely: The future.

Rose, 11 Lawrence, KS

Madison, look! I can see some birds using my cool new binoculars!

Sarah, 11 Reedley, California

See ya later school! Hello Oxford!

Will, 11 Lancaster, PA

Emely: Can you see the future?Madison: not yet, hold on i think I’m getting something… aww man i lost it.

Ellie, 10 Fort Worth, TX

Emily-I see GOD’s bright future ahead of me. Madison-Where i only see you!

Abigail, 10 Vancouver WA

We’re watching you!

Ernest, 11 Lancaster, PA

Emely: “Madison, We are big kids now!”

Madison: Yeah! We get to go to school!

Reagan, 10 Chicago

I graduated… next stop college!

Katie, 10 Quakertown, PA

The future is looking bright!

Liam, 13 Christiana, Tennessee

I see a scholarship in my future!

Hudson, 11 Hillsboro Kansas

I graduated!!!!!

Lydia, 5 Hillsboro Kansas

I see it! My house! I can finally get out of these itchy clothes!

Hudson, 11 Hillsboro Kansas

I see greatness in my future!

Jubnior, 10 Shelby NC

Copycat!I’m looking at…something.

Mary Evenal, 12 Thomasville,GA

Yes we’re graduating! Just let us play peekaboo!

Mariah, 13 TX

We have googly eyes! We’re the winners!

Evelyn, 6 Federal way, WA

We better grow faster or we won’t get to high school in time!

Zachary, 8 Federal way, WA

( Emely ) Do you know what I see? ( Madison ) No. ( Emely ) Ok, I’ll tell you! … It’s a bright future! ( Madison ) I see it too!

Laine, 11 Fort Mill

Where oh where is El Salvador

Jillian, 9 Fort Collins

(Madison) I spy with my little ey- (Emely) HEY! I thought it was my turn.

Phyl, 9 Washington,Tacoma

Since we just graduated school and owls are wise, then we can look like owls!

Julia, 10 Brooks, Ga

Congratulations Emely and
Madison. You look so adorable!!

Caroline, 11 Brooks, Ga

I spy, with my own little eye, something purple!

Kayla, 6 Morton, IL

We’re graduating from Peek-a-Boo Academy with honors!

Lydia, 11 Lebanon, PA

I spy with my little eye…
Something colored… oh, hi there!

Jackson, 12 Blair, NE

I spy…YOU!

Avonlea, 11 Fayetteville, TN

Madison: What are you doing with your hands?
Emely: I’m using my super zoom handmade glasses to find my scroll.

Zemira, 11 Arcadia, California

Oh look! A wild Emely bird!

Summer, 12 Apple Valley, MN

Hey I can see graduation just ahead!

Brielle, 13 Castle Rock Co

My future looks bright!

McKenzie, 10 Cocolalla, ID

time to put my sunglasses on😃

Sage, 11 Columbia, MO

I spy with my little eye…YOU!

Kamryn, 11 Green Bay, Wisconsin

3,2,1 throw your hats!!

Shelby, Age 10 CLT NC

Emely: Look at my goggles! I’m so big I’m gonna fly an airplane!
Madison: I’ll be your co-pilot!

Elly, 10 Princeton, New Jersey

I’m graduating…at age 3!

Andrew, 11 Yakima, WA

Emely: I spy with my little eye…something…brown.
Madison: Is it our new school?
Emely: Yes!

Micah, 12 Gastonia, NC

I see the celebration cake over there!

Isaac, 14 Windham, NH

I spy with my little eye… you!

Kaiya, 12 IN

Madison: hey look at me I’m looking at you!
Emely: But I’ve found something!

Nora, 9 Brookfield, Wisconsin

“Look fast! The future is coming in!”

Grace, 12 Marion, Iowa

Look over there!

Salomé, 4 El Salvador

We’ve graduated so we’re older and I think we need glasses.

Cole, 10 Atlanta,Ga

“Look at me! I’m so smart I get glasses!”

Mary Hannah, 12 Wichita

Look! Graduation ahead!

Tate, 12 Wisconsin

God already sees my future, and it sure is bright

Colton , 13 Goshen

We can see the future, and the future is bright, thanks to Compassion

Anna , 9 Colorado springs, colorado

I spy with my little eye something blue and yellow… us!

Ella, 11 Springfield Illinois

The flowers look very yellow and our futures look bright!

Alicia, 6 New Brighton, PA

I spy with my little eye something um, green!

Micah, 8 Pennsylvania

“Hey look mom I made it!”

Lizzie, Age 12 Birmingham, AL

Madison: What are you looking for Emely?
Emely: I don’t know. I just like looking at trees.

Hannah, 12 Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I spy with my little eyes two toddlers graduating!

Molly and Vivian, 10 Glen Burnie MD

Emely: I spy with my little eye… Madison: our graduation for compassion!

Luke, 11 Jersey city, NewJersey

I spy with my little eyes
something . . . new!

Megan, 12 Fort Collins, CO

Madison: I can see the future! It looks bright!
Emely: You silly! That’s just a cardinal!

Kenzie, 11 Coral Springs, FL

Two Sprouts, with eyes to the sky!

Sofian, 14 Parkville, MD

I see a bright future ahead!

lila, 12 Corpus Christi Texas

I’m looking. I’m looking. Aha! I found you Mom and Dad!

Kyla, 13 Erie, Colorado


Hannah, 11 Sewell, NJ

“I can see a really bright future ahead!”

Chloe, 3 and a half Canton,Ms

Looking forward to the future!

Elaine, 10 Cary, North Carolina

“Look! There’s an animal running at me! What’s going to happen?”

Walker, 6 Forest City, Iowa

“Hey! Did you get a Master’s degree too?”

Gabe, 8 Forest City, Iowa

Two little kids graduated.

Lydia, 10 Arlington, Texas

Hello, have you seen my scholarship? I can’t find it anywhere.

Elise, 11 Kentucky

“We did it! We’re done with school!”

Kaleb, 13 Kenai, Alaska

I spy my bright future!

Elias, 10 Houston, Tx

You can’t see me if I can’t see you!

Chloe, 13 Waynesboro, PA

Emely: Madison, put on your sunlight deflection goggles!

Madison: OK!!

Zachary, 11 Westmont, IL

These 2 children look like they are using their hands as binoculars to see something in the sky. Clouds, birds, Heaven, and Gods creation! God shows his presence and love through things as small as a sunrise or birds in the sky. …

Berlin , 12 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

So much adventure ahead!

Selah, 13 Kigali, Rwanda