We ❤️ Gymnastics

Wow — these gymnasts in Peru are pretty flexible! The girl on the right is Carmen, a 15-year-old in Compassion’s program. She has won national contests in rhythmic gymnastics. She practices so much that she may get to the Olympics someday soon! Even though Carmen lives in poverty, she knows she can still reach her big dreams.

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I give the sport five hearts… Or maybe more! Bosona, 7 California, Los Angeles

a heart for you!

jackie, 8 richmond,VA

Ah! I love gymnastics! Especially when they are HEART gymnastics.

Rhema, 8 Concord, NC


annika, 5 burns,OR.

Look at us!!!

Lydia, 10 Jacksonville, NC

crack crunch crackle pop!
Are we doing this right?

Ethan, 10 WA

I love Gymnastics too❤️❤️❤️

Jane, 12 Korea

this is quite a stretch , but we love doing it!

Polly, 10 Birmingham , Alabama

I❤️ Jesus!

Airi, 11 White Plains, Maryland

I think I set a world record today. I cracked my back and neck 5 times!

Katie, 9 Quakertown,PA

Girl 1: streeeetch, friend.
Girl 2: okay

Melody, 8 Houston, Tx

First girl: my back hurts! when can we stop? Second girl: No we can’t stop you love this don’t you? The First girl: Ummm… yes but my socks are falling off! Second girl: Just smile.
First girl: Ok.

Caroline, 11 Brooks, Ga

UH, my back hurts.
Carmen: Keep smiling!
oop, there went my spine.

Daniel, 12 Cleveland, OH

after this do you want to actuly join gymnastics

elizabeth, 11 graniteville sc

You better not let go because if you do, we will fall down like that cake you made last night!

Annabella, 11 Orlando, Florida


Kayla, 11 Wade. Maine

Ow!! I think I broke my spine.

Sebastian , 11 Medow Lakes, AK

Carmen: “Wanna guess why my love for you will never end?”
Other Girl: “Why?”
Carmen: “‘Cause I’m stuck!”

Myla, 11 Gladwin, Michigan

Love will never stretch between us.

Eleanor, 9 Mountain Home, Arkansas

to easy can you do it

marissa, 9 texas

sreettcchh!!! because I love you

ruthanna, 11 purcell M.O.

You are flexible. I love to flip around and I am pretty flexible to.

Amelia, 8 Lake Charles

Carmem: um aren’t you supposed to jump in the heart!!!!!!

Reagan, 6 Chicago

If it’s anyone I can bend to, I guess it’s you.

Whitney, 10 Gilberts,Il

Can you help me get my socks off, please? It’s hard to do it in a backbend.

Emma, 12 Tacoma, WA

Happy Love Day! P.S I’m Stuck!

Kamryn, 9 carlsbad, CA

Carmen: I heart you!
Friend: No, I heart you more!!!
Carmen: No, I heart y- wait can you get up?
Friend: Uuuummmm… no. Can someone help please?

Kara, 13 Gentryville, IN

Carmen: Nya! Nya! You cant do it without socks! Nya! Nya! Yours are coming off!

Thea S., 9 Orrville OH

We’ve seen much hearter times then this!

Caroline, 12 Raleigh, NC

“This is very itchy!”

Aidan, 7 Oakton, Virginia

we got in this together now how to get out!

annaliese, 10 Lawrenceburg,TN

No back bone needed!

Alayna, 13 Shakopee, MN

Cheeeeeeese! Did you get it?! Oww, my back! Why did we ask for a picture? Keep smiling… just a little longer…

Kate, 12 Valley Center, California

We ❤️ being flexible!

Katie, 10 Whitinsville, MA

Sis 1: Um… sis?
Sis 2: I think I have the same problem as you.
Both: WE’RE STUCK!!!

Brooklyn, 10 Cedar, MN

Carmen:Um.. What was that cracking noise?
Girl on the left: Ow!! My back!

Kacey, 9 Covina, CA

Aww look hearts! Also how much longer do we have to do this??

Luther and Leena, 9-10 Tx

Just an ordinary routine, nothing to see here!

Abby, 7 Oklahoma city oklahoma

We Love you, picture taker! But I can’t hold this pose much longer.

Abigail, 10 Carol Stream

look what the coach is doing to the girls. “i saw he is giving them sore backs!” “no that is not what i am talking about he just put them on the team!”

mason and amelia, 8 11 lancing Michigan

Just a little farther… perfect. From our hearts to yours .❤️

Ellianna, 12 Lynden WA

We are doing the HEART dance baby!

Eleanor, 11 Sacramento, CA

Love, joy, and sore backs all in a day.

Adakie, 9 Jemison, AL

“I can see my house from here!”

Laurelai, 10 Nampa, Idaho

jump, twirl, flip, twist I’m a girl and a gymnast; jump, twirl, flip again be my guest to do your best.

Daina, 8 Hopewell, NJ

Girls please don’t break your back!

Genevieve, 9 Fredericksburg TX

Look what we can do coach! You should put us on the team!

Mariska, Age 11 Titusville, Pennsylvania

You get to do gymnastics ?‍♀️ with your friends and you can do fun moves on the floor which is awesome ?.

Elizabeth, 13 Louisville Kentucky

“How long do you think we have to hold in this?”

Carmen: “Until we get into the Olympics.”

Braydon, 12 Boston, Massachusetts

We have a heart for gymnastics!

Abbi, 12 Canton, Ohio

Quick! Take a photo, or else we might become a broken heart!

Juliana, 12 Westmoreland, NY

My back it hurts! It huuuuuurrrrtttss!

clara, 8 jersey city new jersey

Quick take the photo, I can’t hold this pose much longer!

Sadie, 11 jersey city new jersey

I don’t think you can do this!

Ceri, 12 Fort Collins Colorado

Look at us!

Milena, 14 Fort Collins Colorado

Friendship is a work of heart!

Mary, 10 Greensboro, North Carolina

Look mom we are ready to compete!

Peyton, 11 Cincinnati,OH

Whoa, I’m gonna fall!

Alyssa, 9 Redwood City, CA

Love hurts, sometimes!

Audrey, 10 New Freedom, PA

Help, HEEEEELP! I’m stuck! Hurry!!

Lauren, 11 Carmichael, CA

Carmen: “Whoa! Don’t pull any harder! I’m gonna fall!”
Friend: “Pull harder? Ok!”
Carmen: “NOOOOOoooooo!”

Layla, 11 Fort White,, Florida

At least we have colorful socks!

Bella, 10 Lewis Center, OH

We love what we do!

Asher, 7 Lewis Center, OH

Bend to create love!

Claire, 9 Garner, NC

Bending is trending

Kaleb, 9 Woodbridge, VA

Let’s give a heart out to everyone who’s incredibly flexible!

Ethan, 12 Columbus,Ohio

I would bend over backwards for you!♥

Rosie, 10 Detroit lakes, MN

I’m falling! I’m falling, too! Whoa how did we make this? Well I love you, too!

Channing, 8 Highlands Ranch, CO

Aw, man! I think I pulled a muscle in my heart!

Norah, 10 Beavercreek, Or

Don’t Break your Back!

Danny Focht, 10 Malvern,pa

Hey! I’m the one about to do this backflip!!!!!

Rebecca, 9 Bryan Texas

Hurry up and take the picture, already! My mouth hurts from smiling this long and my back hurts from holding this position !

Emma Grace, 12 Columbia,SC

Aww! Look, we love each other!

Levi, 8 Columbia ,SC

I think I’m getting a bit of a headache…can we go right side up again?

Laine, 10 Fort Worth, TX

this is hard! wait we have to smile to?

Ellie, 8 Fort Worth, TX

Now, for the love of gymnastics, can I please stand up?

Eva, 13 Triangle, VA

Carmen, watch out, i’m falling over! aaaah! ouch, my back.

Gabriella, age 10 mentor, OH

OK, bend your back, nice, now heart pose, good. Alright, lets get back up again. Wait… I’m stuck!!! Uh oh…

Avery, 10 Sugar Grove, IL

Hey everybody! Look at our human heart!

Sophie, 8 Mountain View, CA

Heart this picture!

Lyla, 9 Carlsbad, California

” Love hurts!”

Giuliana, 9 Utica N.Y

Look! We made a heart on our first try!

Molly, 10 Morrisonville, NY

Hmm,I wonder if I have a spine

Vivi, 12 Canisteo New York

I love gymnastics as much as you do Carmen, but my socks are falling off. Can we stop soon?

Kylie, 12 Boise, Idaho

Hey girls, keep your heart together and don’t break it.

Allessa, 12 Tallahassee Fl

My hearts big, this one is huge, but gods is ginormous.

Bailey, 12 Shakopee, MN

“Next time, let’s try this with roller blades!!”

Ellia, 11 Newaygo, Mi

“We are hearts that can never part!”
“No, seriously, we can’t move.”

Cailee, 11 Columbia, MO

We did it Carmen!!!!! Uhm….Carmen I might be stuck…

Alexa, 9 Seattle, WA

Carmen! Watch out, I’m about to fall over!!! Help!!

Gabriella, age 10 Mentor, OH

These girls are really bending over backwards to show some love.

Joshua, 10 Mesa, AZ

Carmen: Another shape done. How many more left?

Madeline, 9 Iron MN

Girl on the left: “How much longer are we going to do this?!”
Carmen: “Oh, just until my back gives out.”

Selah, 13 Goshen, IN

“I could do this forever!”

Solomon, 10 Goshen, Indiana

“Did I just dislocate my shoulder?“

Analise, 10 Goshen, IN

Carmen: “Just a little further, a little more, just a little….”
“Uh-oh! I think I’m stuck!”

Selah, 13 Goshen, IN

Sending you with all our LOVES!!!!

Miles, 11 Bourbonnais, Illinois

that was a loud crack!

kailani, 11 yuma, AZ

look mom were are a heart wait uh now we cann’t part

grace, 9 carlsbad california

Left: I LOVE doing this, but can we stop? My arms hurt!
Right: Wait a minute, I think I’m stuck.

parker, 12 pomeroy, IA

Please take the picture fast! I can’t hold this stance much longer!

Keira, 9 Carmichael, CA

Warning:don’t try this unless you’re a professional gymnast.

Addy, 8 Elizabethton, TN

“Ah! My socks are falling off!”
Carmen: “Didn’t I tell you I’d knock your socks off with how flexible I am?!?”

Nico, 9 Indianapolis, IN

Hey! You’re upside down— or am I?

Anna, 10 Princeton, New Jersey

One Grecian urn!

Catherine, 12 Hebron, Kentucky

I know this is cool, but my back doesn’t agree.

Jackson, 9 Oak Creek, WI

I sure love the Compassion Program!!

Peyton, 12 Glen Spey, NY

You are SO lucky that I love you like a sister, cause this was your idea, cause I just heard my back pop, and I don’t know if I can get up again.

Willa, 11 and a half Archbold, OH

Hey! Who turned the world upside down?

Akari, 8 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Making a heart!

Victoria, 4 Johnson City TN

What everyone should do for their mom on Mother’s Day!

Noah, 12 Waukesha, Wisconsin

“Next time, let’s try this with Rollerblades!!”

Ellia, 11 Newaygo, Mi

Loving every flip!

Lily, 12 Fort Wayne, Ind.

Heart yoga!!!!!!!

Reagan, 7 Gilberts IL