To the Rescue

Samuel, in the red mask, and his friend Isac go to a Compassion center in Bolivia. Recently they dressed up and dreamed about what it would be like to be superheroes. “I want to have all the superpowers in one, but mainly I want to fly so I can get everywhere fast and save people who are in trouble,” says Samuel.

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To infinity and beyond!!!! Malachi, 8 Robbinsdale MN

Superhero: Did someone say-
Citizen: HELP! Why are superheros always late!? HELP!

Evie, 12 Mount Laurel, NJ

Oh no! It’s Doctor Peanut and his sneaky stethoscope!

Victor, 7 Evansville, IN

Isac: I can’t believe it! We are BRAVE!
Samuel: I bet we could save the whole world if we needed to!

Adelynn, 11 Simpsonville, SC


AMIAH, 7 burns,OR.

Isac: “Look over there!” Samuel: “Where?!? I can’t see anything with this mask on!”

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, OK

I am so handsome!

David , 9 Knysna, South Africa

Up, up and away!!

Lydia, 10 Jacksonville, NC

Isac: Alright engage take off sequence!
Samuel: 3…2…1!

Izzy, 11 Murdock, Nebraska

The clouds are ready for us !

Carlos, 8 Jacksonville Fl

“Look! There’s Jesus!”

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

go! go!go!
To the rescue!

jane, 12 Korea

you are flying!!^-^~^^~~~~~~~~~
to the rescue~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!
#Samuel#red mask#superheroes

Connie, 11 Korea

A beautiful reminder that not all hero’s have capes…wait…these hero’s DO have capes!

Phoebe, 13 Springdale, Arkansas

Who needs Superman you have Samuel and Isac to the rescue in Bolivia.

Caroline, 11 Brooks, Ga

Samuel: Oh my goodness! I think we are flying! Isac: We have only gone 3 feet high. Samuel: But we are 3 feet tall!

Ellie, 10 Fort Worth, TX

never fear! we are here to save the day!

Peter, 7 Lathrup Village MI

So…are we flying or falling?
No idea.

Magnolia, 11 Sarcoxie

level up!level 2

olsen, 7 boerne texas

Samuel: I’m flying, I’m flying! How high have we gone?
Isac: One foot above the ground.

Whitney, 12 Gilberts, IL

Ok Samuel I’m super man and your bat man!

Lillian, 11 Maple valley WA

never fear isac and samuel are here to save the day in Clayton. Can they fly that far i asked they can do enything my freind said

Abby, 10 Clayton NC

Never fear JESUS is here with us to save Bolivia let’s go!

Alayna, 20 Cape Coral

That cloud looks like a fish without a friend! We know what to do!

Constance, 11 Sheridan, Wyoming

“Their superpower must be that their arms never get tired!”

Philippa, 3 Sheridan, Wyoming

To infinity….. with MY GOD!!

Jack and Effie, 13 Portsmouth, RI

“If you had just a sliver of faith, you would find nothing impossible.”
-Matthew 17:20

Melrose, 12 Murray, KY

It’s time to save the world!

Jared, 9 Kutztown, PA

We’re bigger than a mountain! (I just hope we don’t step on people!)

Micah, 11 Kutztown, PA

“The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy.”
Psalms 126:3 (NIV)

Grace, 11 Mena, Arkansas

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

Maria, 11 Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Fly high, in the sky, watch the power grow, then we’re flying low, and we go!

Abigail, 12 Carol Stream, IL

Never fear we’ll save you! We have the power of the Lord on our side!

Julia, 12 Huntsville Al

Mario (Samuel) I’ll throw fireballs at Bowser!
Luigi (Isac) I’ll rescue Princess Peach!

Asher, 5 Wells, MN

Flying in the sky!

James, 9 Saint Louis, MO

We’re so high up in the sky! Look Samuel the clouds taste like cotton candy!

Mirabella, 12 Scottsdale, AZ

Ready to take off !
Where first ?

Elizabeth, 14 Louisville ky

Don’t be afraid! I have the power of Jesus on my side!

Laurelai, 11 Nampa, Idaho

We are going to save the world!

Lyric, 8 Colorado Springs, CO

Everyone go this way!

Kyan, 5 Colorado Springs, CO

To infinity and beyond!

Hannah, 11 Douglass, Kansas

Introducing the newest superheroes… Super Samuel and the Incredible Isac, ready to protect the world.

Sophia, 13 Colorado, Colorado Springs

“Never fear, Bolivia. Super Samuel and Super Isac are here to save the day!” ~Samuel

Maiya, 12 Kingston, ON

Samuel: “I love it when people say, ‘dream big dreams’ because I just can’t stop!”

Myla, 11 Gladwin, Michigan

NEVER FEAR! samuel and isac are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!we will save the day!!!

zoey, 10 lathrup village MI

To infinity and beyond!

Julie, 10 Ontario,Canada

Never fear we’ll save you!

Julia, 12 Huntsville Al

Ready for take off !!!

Chloe, 11 Columbia, MO