"We Like an Adventure"

Nine-year-old Phayu, in front, and 6-year-old Thitikom have fun riding a calf around a rice field in Thailand. “I like my toys, but I love to play with my friend Phayu too, because we like an adventure,” Thitikom says. What would YOU say is happening in the photo? Let us know! 

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Phayu: “How ’bout this? An adventure on a calf under God!” Thitikom: “Nothing beats this!” Adelynn, 11 Simpsonville, SC

This is what happens when you’r car runs out of gas!

Priya, 12 Independence Missouri

Phayu: I don’t know why Mom thinks I’m a bad influence on you
Thitikon: Bro, you know what never mind.
Phayu: I bet you five dollars I can hold on longer than you, YOLO

Abby, 13 West Liberty, Oh

I love a good adventure too. We have a creek where I live and we go down there every now and then we skip rocks have fun in the water and we try to find a lot of cool things And have a good adventure.

Kayla, 12 Elton Kentucky

Be careful! You don’t want to make this adventure become a BADventure!

Rhema, 9 Concord, NC

HA,HA,HA,HA,HA!!! THIS IS FUN!!! WOAH! yeehaw!

Adaya, 10 Burns,OR.

Calf: Why are you Riding ME!?!? I AM NOT A HORSE!!!!!!

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, OK

Um… Yeehaw!

Mary, 11 Orlando, Florida

Yay This is fun

Sofia, 10 Jacksonville Fl

Calf: Look at my face! THese are two cowboys who should be riding horses. You know? Cowboys! they ride horses! not cows.

Phayu: Um calf? You know what Cowboys are, right?

Calf: Yes!

Thitikom: Well, Their COWboys. COWboys.

Calf: Oh. . . .?

Grace, 10 Denver Co

Phayu: Hang on Thitikom we’re about to go down hill!!!
Thitikom: Ok just tell me when to hang on as tight as I can!

Izzy, 11 Murdock, Nebraska

Calf: Where’s my mom?!?!

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

This is our new car, Mom!

Zachary, 11 Westmont, IL

Hold on tight! Yeeeehawwww!

Caroline, 11 Brooks

Thitikom: psst. Look at the camera.

Phayu: I think we’re going to fall…

Whitney, 12 Gilberts, Il

We are broncos!

Kirraleenari, 11 Austin, TX

What is a cows favorite book?…

A moostery! Lol

Cynthia, 8 Shiremanstown, Pa

Phayu: “Look at my buckin’ bronco!”
Calf: “Moo.”
Thitikom: “Uh, it’s a cow.”

Myla, 11 Gladwin, Michigan

Seriously!?! They sent us a calf instead of a school bus!? Well, now we have a good excuse for being late for school!!

Lillian, 11 Maple Valley, WA

when you have an excuse for being late to school…… i whent on a cow to school!

Grace Amelia, 12 lansing MI

Weee! This is so much better than the bus

Julia, 12 Huntsville, Al

Hey, do you mind going a bit faster? Whoh!!!!! To fast!!!!!!!!

Norah, 11 Beavercreek, Or

Hubba wa??? How do you drive this thing???

charlie, 8 epping, NH

This is a fun horse!

Danner, 15 Union, OR

This isn’t BOARing!

Samuel, 11 Castle rock, co

( Phayu and Thitikom ) Weeeeeeeeeee!

(calf) Mooooooooooo!

Emery, 10 Ham Lake, Minnesota

Ride that donkey, donkey…. oops I mean cow!

Katie, 12 Westminster, MD

check this out!!

sage, 9 columbia Missouri

Thitikom: Phayu,Help! Phayu: We’re buck’in Broncos!!!

Daniel, 11 Cleveland,OHIO

Help! Is this the end of Phayu and Thitikom!Someone save us before we die!

Anna, 8 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Are you sure we have the power of flight?

Genevieve, 11 Fredericksburg TX

Ride ’em cowboy!

Brooklyn, 12 Ham Lake MN

Giddy Up!

Autumn, 12 West Bend Wisconsin

I asked if l could have a piggyback ride, but a calfback ride is fine too

Lucy, 11 Williams Bay, Wisconsin

weee! This is so much better than the bus!

Julia, 12 Huntsville Al

Giddy up horsie!

Joshua, 11 Mesa, AZ

“I didn’t know cowboys had this much fun!”

Maiya, 12 Kingston, Ontario

Phayu: ” Hold on buddy! ” Thitikom: ” To what?” Phayu: ”To me! You got nothing else! ”

Josephine, 12 Concord, North Carolina

Come on! Let’s mooove it!

Elise, 10 Pella, IA

Phayu & Thitikom: Giddy up calfey!
calf: Hey, did I say this was allowed?

Henry, 7 Pella,IA

It’s adventure time!! We’re going to the compassion center!

Channing, 9 Highlands ranch, CO

Udder than the bumps, this is fun!

Eliana, 9 Colorado Springs, CO

Two true COWboys!

Melrose, 12 Murray, KY

giddy up calf boys

zoey, 11 Frankfort IL

This is so fun!

Zara, 5 Ames, IA

Hurry up! We’re gonna be late!

Malachi, 10 Ames, IA

Giddy up! Let’s go faster!

Isaac, 8 Ames, IA

Giddy Up! Yee-haw!

Sarah, 10 Lancaster, PA

Watch out for the CALFboys!Yeeeha!

Jasmine, 11 Lakeville,MN

I love this animal!

Asher, 9 Elgin, IL

This is the best day ever!

Austin, 12 Elgin, IL

Oh, wow! I’m actually doing this!

Natalia, 13 Elgin, IL

Why me? I’m just a baby!

Jaxon, 10 Elgin, IL

Thitikom: Don’t let me fall Phayu! Phayu: I won’t, otherwise you would become a rice cake!

Kyla, 12 Erie, Co

Halo teman teman! Semangat terus ya belajarnya….dan jangan putus semangat!! (Hello friends! Keep on learning … and don’t be discouraged!!)

Selvi, 10 Tanggerang, Indonesia

Where’s the steering wheel?

Connor, 7 Vermillion,SD

Can this thing go any faster?

Liam, 12 Indianapolis, IN

“Hurry up! Giddy up calf!”

Elijah, 11 Seminole FL

This is not a PIGgyback ride!

Tabitha, 7 Crystal Lake, IL

This is much better then walking!

Hannah, 10 Flandreau, SD

Ready, set, here we wooooo

Grace, 10 Carlsbad California

Go Go Go Go on an adventure the calf a ma thinger is going away!

Kamryn, 10 Lakeside California

(Calf) ”Moo, I’m hungry!”
(Phayu) “Ok! Let’s go to the Calf-é” (Thitikom) “Sounds good!”

Grace, 10 Seabeck, Washington

Mooooooooo!-translation-would you please get off of me?

Andrew, 10 Yakima, WA

Thitikom: What did we just get ourselves into.
Phayu: weeeeeeeee, this is so much fun…

Lydia, 13 Austin, Texas

Giddy Up!

Olivia, 11 Milaca, MN

giddy up

aspen, 11 canton nc

Silly boys! They’re going for a goofy cow walk.

Agathe, 2 South Bend, Indiana

Calf: hold on! How come YOU GUYS get to ride on ME and not the other way around??

Genevieve, 11 Santa Rosa, California

You’ll never be able to take me off

Sophia, 5 Lake Ariel, PA

(1) Come on, hop on! Let’s have fun!
(2) Quater, calf, half and a hole– whole.
(3) Hey calf, let’s cut the field in half.

Daniel Lee, 8 Columbia MO

2 boys + 1 calf = Calfboy

Bridget, 5 Dover, DE

Yee haw!

Amelia, 11 Knoxville Tennessee

Slow down! Slow down! Slooooow down!

Cai, 10 Denton, TX

“Giddy up horsey… or whatever you are!”

Hailey, 11 San Luis Obispo, CA

“Giddy up, horsie!” “Moo.” “Wait. You’re not a horse.”

Timothy, 9 Kirkland, Washington

Wait! Stop! I’m falling off!

Lauryn, 12 Clear lake, Iowa

How do you slow this thing down?

Rhea, 11 Morgantown, WV

Yee-haw! Oh, come on, we forgot the cowboy hats!

Roslaind, 13 Morgantown, WV

“Calf cramp!!!”

Kidest, 12 Battle Ground

Enjoying the ride with this brother!

Elizabeth, 14 Louisville kentucky

front: yeeha!!
back: ahhhhh!!!!
calf: how did they talk me in to this?![oh whate they didnt.]

ruthanna, 11 purcell M.O.

“You sure this is safe?”

Nathanael Switzer, 13 Carol Stream, IL

Getty up!!! We’ve got Places to be!! Yeeha!!

Camryn, 12 San Francisco, Califorana

ride’em cowboy

jensen, 10 Manhattan Kansas

I changed my mind! This is better than any board game!

Chip, 10 Sahuarita, AZ

We are cow riding instead of bull riding?

Sekar, 9 Indonesia Pandaan

mom look where riding a bucking calf!

clara, 10 Lithonia Georgia

Wait, where did my bike go?!

Micah, 7 Beaver Falls, PA

Giddy up, giddy up and WOAH HOLD ON THERE!

Sosy, 10 North Wales, Pennsylvania

Wild Ride

Jackson, 11 Ada, Michigan


Taggan, 12 Grand Rapids Michigan

Yee-ha! I’m a cowboy!

Ethan, 10 Concord, North Carolina

Moooove on over buddy!

Emma Grace, 13 Columbia, SC

Hold on tight buddy, it is going to be a wild ride at the radio show.

Josephine, 12 yrs. old Concord, North Carolina

mom! look where riding a bucking calf!

Claire, 11 Atlanta Georgia

The old fashioned roller coaster!

Carly, 11 Katy, Texas

Thitikom: I KNEW WE SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THIS!! Phayur: JUST ENJOY IT!!! *giggles*

Ellie, 9 Fort Worth TX

What? It’s not like we have dog to ride.

Gia, 10 Los Angeles, California

Hi-yo, Silver, Away!

Manuel, 5 Deming, NM

Ride ‘im, cowboys!

Manuel, 5 Deming, NM

YEEEE HAWWW! Let’s get this train a movin’!

Layla, 13 Gainesville, Florida

Thitikom: LET ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
Thitikom: LET ME DOWN!!!!!

Layla, 13 Gainesville, Florida

“Don’t slow down speed up!”

Micah stine, 12 Tryone PA

This is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to be a cowboy!

Giuliana, 10 Utica, New York

this calf just scooped us up and is carrying us awaaaaaaay!

zoey, nine lathrup Village MI

Yee-haw! Giddy-up cowboy!

Meredith, 12 Sebring, FL

All aboard the “Bovine” Express!
*Parental guidance NOT necessary

Grady, 10 New Freedom, Pennsylvania

Horses are overrated anyway

Laurel, 11 Leander, Texas

We were only playing leap hog!

Gabriella, 11 Mentor, OH

Giddy’ap, little calf!

Rebecca, 12 Dodgeville, WI

Giddy-up, Giddy-up… Wait, this isn’t a horse!

Tobias , 12 Greenville, SC

Phayu and Thitikom: “Giddy up Horsey!”

Calf: “Excuse me, I AM NOT A HORSE!”

Selah, 14 Goshen, IN

“You better make sure I don’t fall off!”

Solomon, 11 Goshen,IN