Hangin' With the Peeps

This is 11-year-old Juna holding some cute chicks! She goes to a Compassion center in Colombia. Her parents weren’t making enough money to meet all her needs. So her center gave her chickens and garden seeds. The seeds grow food that Juna’s family eats. The chickens have baby chicks, which her family raises and sells to buy food, clothes, medicine and other important items!

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One chick, two chicks, three chicks, four chi- . . . WOW! You grow up so fast! Abigail, 10 Post Falls, I.D.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was the turtle’s day off!!!!!!!! 🤣

Rhema, 9 Concord, NC

HELLO,WANA buy a cHIK-OK NO…bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeee


`hurry up! you said ONE Picture not 1000! and tell these other guys to keep there beeks off me!

Reece boswell, 10 Dayton Tx

No one is becoming chicken nuggets today!

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, OK

peep!peep!cheepeepcheepeepcheep!!!peep!peep!peepPeepPeepPeepPeep ( mama !mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama mama ) there is March,Aprel,July,lesiy,egge,henapen,Chikoi, Escapartis and Tiger.

Elizabet, 10 sandpoint Idaho

I’m pretty chirp these things are getting bigger…

Georgina, 8 Chiliwack,BC

I love compassion!!!

Lydia \, 10 Jacksonville, North Carolina

Most of the chicks: Quick! Hide from that one-eyed duck” ( a camera). Wait, can I just hide under you?

Few of the chickens: Sure…

The hiding chickens: Ouch! Why are you sitting on me?

Whitney, 13 Gilberts, IL

Chick on far left: Its a looooooong way down!!!!!
Chick in middle: What is the wall made of????????
All the other chicks: Put us down!!!!! You said only one more picture!!!!

Reagan, 8 Alpharetta, GA

You said just ONE more, not 46!!

Emery, 11 Alpharetta, GA

Juna: Um, Mom? somthings wrong with my eggs!
Juna: Ahh! My Easter eggs!
Chickens: Juna doesn’t seem happy that her easter eggs hatched. Look at her face!

Grace, 9 Denver, CO

“Aren’t we the cutest, Juna?”

Grace, 10 Decatur, Alabama

Can YOU think of anything funner to do?

Theo, 12 Marshalltown, IA

Chicken Pile!!!!!!

Oliver, 12 Wilmore Ky

No jumping off, little chickens.

Gareth, 9 choctaw, OK

Joe (the far left chicken):Can somebody help us out here we’re in a bit of a eggshell!!!

Izzy, 11 Murdock,NE

“Hey! Keep your beaks to yourself!”

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

Come, my chicketies!

Elaina, 13 Woodstock, GA

What time is it on the cluck?

Cordelia, 9 Minnesota

Cluck Cluck Chicks!

Mariah Zielke, 13 Purcellville, VA

Quick! Take the picture! These chicks are not going to stay in one place for long!

Norah, 12 Wausau, WI

Let’s see, nursery rhymes: Fuzzy Wuzzy was a… chick? Nah. Baa, baa… cute chick? No. Twinkle, twinkle, little… chick? Arghh, I give up!

Leeli, 13 Baltimore, MD

That one is Jerry, that one is Leah, that’s Kaliya, that one’s Teagan…

Eliza, 13 Everett, WA

These chicks are sooooo cute!

Aurora, 8 Corder, MO

Take a picture of me and my and chickens before they run away!

Jared, 10 Allentown

Chick on the far left: “Whoa, that’s a long way down!

Micah, 12 Kutztown, PA

Hey ya’ll,
want a chick?
Just pick one!

Kate, 10 Rathdrum ID

Chick: We’re kinda high up here, is it safe?
Other Chick: Oh, come on, with God’s protection, we’re always safe!

Myla Rae, 12 Gladwin, Michigan

Hurry and take the picture! These chicks are planning an escape!

Carly, 12 Katy, Texas


Zoey Martin, 11 Lathrup Village

my chicks have hatched and I’m dancing for joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peter, 8 Lathrup Village, MI

Chicks: Hey, Juna? We’re getting a little tired of being cooped up in this basket!

Rebecca A., 12 Bryan, TX

Guys! Look at my chicks!

Zemira, 11 Arcadia, California

“okay were back on another episode of: escape the humans! I’m Joe, and this time were escaping: THE JUDE!
(dun-dun-dunnnn) can he make the jump? find out next on escape the humans.

Clara, 11 jersey city, new jersey


Matthew, 7 Elkhorn, NE

Looks like I will have lots of eggs for Easter!

MERCY, 10 Elkhorn, NE

these are like peeps but real!😁

Natalie, 9 crozet,va

“I am ready to raise these little guys!”

Bridgette, 11 Cheverly MD

Those chicks are really cute! And it’s sort of hot outside!

charlotte, 9 Pelham, NH

They are so cute they could be famous! Wait- they are famous!

charlotte, 9 Pelham, NH

I LOVE CHICKENSSSSS! They help me live!

Piper, 12 St. Louis, MO

I’ve got a mind full of knowledge and a hand full of chicks

Micah, 9 New Brighton, PA

Cheep, cheep, I’m a chick.

Alicia, 6 New Brighton, PA

Everybody say cheep!

Tabitha, 9 Crystal Lake, IL

Do I see a bug on the ground? What’s that light?

Lydia, 7 Crystal Lake, IL

These chicks are heavy, but I have to keep smiling

Darianna, 11 Michigan

Look at all these cute chicks! Let’s see, I’ll name you Cheep. I’ll name you Cheeper. I’ll name you Chirp. You’ll be Chip… And you’ll be Oscar!

Avery, 10 California, MD

Scooch over.

Anna, 10 Milan,Michigan

Oh no! PEEP PEEP! Don’t look down… we’re so high up!

Avery, 11 Ozark, MO

Mommy, I’m hungry!

Evelynn, 10 Lake Stevens, Wa

Someday, they’ll grown up and become comedy-hens!

Luke, 12 New York, NY

I have great eggs-pectations from you all!

Chloe, 13 Columbia, MO

they are the cutest!!!

Shelby, 10 CLT NC

“We’re going to plant them in our garden. No, not the chickens! The seeds!”

Faith, 11 Yukon, Oklaholma

Chicken: Hey look everybody, I can fly!
Other Chickens: Oh wow, that looked painful.

Faith, 11 Yukon, Oklaholma

I feel happy BAKAWS Jesus loves me!

Grace, 14 Oklahoma City

These chicks are too cute to eat for dinner! 😍

Hannah, 8 Birmingham, AL

“My chicks are here! What should I name them? I’m thinking fluffy, and fuzzy. Aren’t they sooo cute!”

Rebekah, 14 Lewistown, Mt

Juna: I hope the hens don’t realize their babys are gone.
Hens: Anybody see my child?

Phyl, 9 Tacoma,WA

“Look at my chicks! I think they are a bit scared?!”

Bridgette, 11 Cheverly, MD

I have a basket full of cuteness and a face full of smiles!

Julia, 11 Brooks, GA

Hey! My Easter eggs hatched!

Elliana, 12 Dillsburg, PA

momma I got chicken nugs👍

ella, 11 Newport, NC

Oops! I put all my chicks in on basket!

Aidan, 14 Colorado Springs, Colorado

Please don’t give away my location to the mama chicke- OH NO SHE FOUND ME!

Akari, 11 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hold still and pose! Just one more photo!

Annie, 10 Fort Wayne, Indiana

Juna: shhh,
I’m trying to take a picture here!

Elise, 11 Rineyville, Kentucky

Juna: I love chicks! Chickens: I love Juna!!❤️

Paxley, 8 Columbia Mo

I like the picture especially the chicks there so cute.

harper, 8 columbia missouri

Um, Mom? I think my Easter eggs hatched!

Kylie, 13 Hagerstown, Md.

Don’t count your chicks before they hatch… Look at all these!I

Ethan and Emma, 10 and 13 WA

Baby chick garden in a bowl!

Naomi, 12 Myerstown, PA

I love chicks

bob, 7 columbia mo

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Answer: chicken nuggets!!

Abigail, 11 Vancouver WA

Just waiting here for some eggs

Tyler, 11 Marshalltown,IA

Chicken salad, anyone? I got some chicken salad!

Cecilia, 11 Clintonville, WI

Is it too late for Easter?

Ava, 12 Loveland, CO

Juna: “Come on chicks say cheese!”
Chicks: “Can’t-smile-to-high-up, Ahhhhhhhhh!

Caroline, 12 Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Juna: Pleeeeease stop peeping.
Chicks: Then put us dowwwwn
Juna: NO
Chicks: peep,peep,peep
Juna: Okay okay I get your point,there you go.Sigh

Anna, 9 Colorado Springs,CO

Are they in my salad again!?

Hudson, 12 Hillsboro ks

Come get your farm fresh fuzzies!🐣

Eliana, 10 Hillsboro ks

Chick #1: “Yes, yes, we get it, God is great, he helps her raise money. Now, can you PLEASE put us down?!”

Myla, 12 Gladwin, MI

“Yay! Chickens”

Natalie, 8 Allegan, MI

No one’s becoming fried chicken on my watch!

Everett, 9 Nashville, TN

I’ve gotta basket full of cuteness!!

Ethan, 12 Portersville, PA.

Why did the chick cross the road?
To meet up with her peeps!

Gabriel, 10 North Bloomfield, Ohio

Peep, peep! “Hush chicks, or the photographer won’t be able to focus and take a good shot!”

Kaitlyn, 13 Indian Trail, North Carolina

chickens: Why are we up so high? wouldn’t like to fall! Juna: Oh stop worrying!!!

Alexandra, 11 waterbury

Chicks: “I wonder why she made us sit in this basket?” Juna: “Don’t worry, I’ll take you guys out soon!”

Kamryn, 11 Green Bay, Wisconsin

Say cheese, little chicks! 😁

Mia, 11 Middleburg, Florida

Put us down!!!!!!!!😫

Michael, 11 Jacksonville, Florida

There’s Got to Be Some Way To get Out Of This Basket

Hattie , 12 Prairie Grove, Arkansas

There’s a lot of grass in here.

Christian , 10 Prairie Grove, Akansas

Those chicks have big fuzzy bottoms!

Jack , 6 Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Oh, No Bobby’s trying to get out!

Nate , 8 Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Juna: Happy Easter!!
Chick #1: cheeeeep! chirp! chirpity chiiiirp cheep!! (translates to: “I think your a little late for that. It’s May.”)
Juna: Oh. Happy Mother’s Day!!!
Chick #1: chirp chirp. (translates to: “That’s better.”)

Maiya, 13 Kingston, ON

Juna: “I wonder what the chicks are thinking right now?”

Chick 1: Too high! Too high! If Juna could just put us on the ground for our walk it would be great!

Reagan, 10 Gilberts IL