My Pet Llama

Angela, 3, goes to a Compassion center in Bolivia, a South American country where many people raise llamas.  

“My llama likes to eat barley and drink water,” says Angela. “I like to play with him. His name is Rufo — I named him that. My mom and I graze him along with our cow. He doesn’t run away. I like to hug him.”

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“Oh, my goodness! A llama! My very first BFF! I can’t believe it! I love you, Llama!” Adelynn, 11 Simpsonville, SC

Oh my goodness!!! It’s so soft!!! I want to keep it forever!!!

Ayla, 13 Cedar Falls, Iowa

I don’t need stuffed animals! I have a real one!

Abigail , 14 Carol Stream IL

I know my llama drinks water but…. would he like llamanade?

Hannah, 9 years old Birmingham, Alabama

Angela: Mom, I tried to take him on a walk, but he won’t budge!


Whitney, 13 Gilberts, IL

Girl: Am I smiling? Because my head tickles.
Llama: Uh, yeah. There’s a bug on your head.

Katherine, 8 Altoona, IA


Anakin, 13 Bogart, Georgia

Llama-gitimately, Jesus is for real!

Priya, 12 Independence, Missouri

Angela: When times are rough and hard to get through, hug a llama It’s good for you!

Rufo: Yeah, you can hug me!

Clover, 10 independence, Missouri

Hurry! Take a picture before the llama runs away!

Adelaide, 7 Sandpoint, ID

Angela: Do you want a hug Rufo?
Rufo: YES! Please hug my fur like you hug my heart.

Clover, 10 independence Missouri

Angela: “I just met you and I love you!”
Rufo: “Why is she hugging me? We just met for heavens sake!”

Ellie, 11 Athol, ID

I love my best friend!

Matthew, 14 Dixon, CA

“I’m cool with this hug, I’m cool, I’m cool, well, I am actually very warm.

Magnolia, 13 Sarcoxie MO


Christine, 7 LA

Can’t breathe…

Benjamin, 9 Houston, Alaska

Llama love

Kellan, 11 NY NY

“Well, this never gets old”

Xander, 14 Texas


Faith, 10 Waco, TX

I llove my llama!

Benjamin, 8 Novi, MI

This hug is too tight! Get me outta here!

Liam, 9 Woodstock IL

I’m so glad he isn’t a lion

Adrienne, 5 Woodstock IL

I’m glad this guy’s not a jaguar.

Asher, 7 Woodstock IL

Angela: “Rufo look at the camera!”

Reagan, 10 Gilberts, IL

Rufo: Hey, Angela! It’s really cold! Can you give a hug to warm my heart?
Angela: Of course, Rufo!

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, OK

Angela: I won’t ever ever let you go, Rufo!
Rufo: Yay…

Kinsley, 10 Minneapolis, Minnesota

I love llamas, but I don’t like other animals!

Decklyn, 4 Tennessee

Llamas are my best thing!

Rose, 7 Tennessee

I know, I am your best friend 😉

Abby, 13 West Liberty, Oh

Umm… can you let go now?

Grace, 12 Seabeck WA

Llama: Oh boy, not again!

Gabriel, 9 Jamesport, Missouri

Soooooo soft!

Ethan, 11 Spokane Valley

Ahhh! Too tight!

Hadlynn , 11 Wichita, KS

Fluffy goodness!

Evie , 9 Wichita KS

I shall call him fluffy, and he shall be my fluffy, and he shall be mine forever.

ivy, 14 bryan,TX

Whats a llamas favorite ice cream?? a banana spit!

Giggle, 14 austin, TX

You guys are really pretty together!!

Ava, 10 Howard City, Michigan

Angela: God gave me you, Rufo! Now I can give you infinite cuddles!
Rufo: Thank Jesus! God gave me Angela! Now I can enjoy her infinite cuddles!

Ryuuko Tsuki, 11 Long Beach

“I got a whole llama friends!”

Christina, 11 Leavenworth, Kansas

Hugs are good!

Eliana, 9 Vancouver WA

It’s llama time!

Abigail, 12 Vancouver WA

Let go of me! I can’t breath.

John Andrew, 13 Panama City,Florida

He’s my giant stuffed animal!

Bay, 11 Moss Point, MS

Rufo: Hey, HEY! (He chokes) I love you, Angela, but you’re kinda- well- uh- squeezing me.

Rhema, 9 Concord, NC

I love you, Rufo! You are my very best friend! Let’s play!

Hadley, 7 Tazewell, VA

Rofo: This is the LIFE.

Cole, 10 Houston, TX

Back from school: girl: oh I’m finally back I missed you!

Liam, 11 South Carolina Columbia

Llama: hug time!!!!!!

Charlotte, 7 Tarpon Springs, FL

Llama: spit, spit!

Emmy, 9-10 Wilmington Nc

“Mom! Can I name my new pet Larry? Can I ride him too?”

Belle, 9 Fort Mill, SC

Hug me like one of your fancy animals.

Evan, 14 Charleston, SC

llama: ack, your choking me.

Rose, 11 conway,AR

Soft as a pillow. Ahhhhhh. I could fall asleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Micah, 9 New Brighton PA

Life is full of friends. The furry ones are the best ones!

Julia, 12 Greer, SC

Angela: Rufo! Rufo: Oh, no.

Isaiah, 8 Kansas City, Missouri

I’m hugging a llama in my pajamas!

Alicia, 7 New Brighton, PA

Rufo and I love to drink llama-nade together!

Ainsley, 10 Puyallup, WA

Llama: She ‘barley’ noticed she was squishing me!

Piper, 6 Puyallup, WA

Angela: Llama hug?
Rufo: Sí! Not so tight though…

Summer and Larkyn, 13 and 9 Apple Valley, MN

you want him? well you can’t have him!!!!!!!

fern, 12 plymouth minnesota

back off he is mine!!

lydia, 9 plymouth minnesota

I wish he was pink

elizabeth, 12 plymouth minnesota

Help me I’m being suffocated.

Hannah, 10 Rockingham Va

I love you llama

Paxley, 9 Columbia, Mo.

Angela: Wama! Wama, Wama! So floofy!!

Llama: Sigh. I just work here.

Susanna, 9 Germantown, OH

“You are soooooo soft, Rufo!”

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, OK

I love hugging you sooooooooooo much!!

Abigail, 9 Davidsonville,MD

Hug, Rufo, HUG!

Abigail, 10 Post Falls, I.D.

presenting… my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna, 10 bolivar, mo

Rulo, the
black-nosed Llama!

Micah, 9 Wappinger Falls,NY

So Fluffy!

Naomi, 8 Grandville, MI

Hey Rufo get back here

Susanna, 12 Havana fl

Uh, Angela? You’re–choking–me!

Evidelle, 10 Snow Hill, Maryland

Girl: God gave me PURE LIVING FLUFF

Rebekah, 11 Long Beach, California

¿Como se llama?

Jocelyn, 11 Santa Barbara, CA

Barley, Water, Hugs, Repeat!

Josiah and Douglas, 10 Stevens Point, WI

MOM! Please can we keep it? I promise I’ll take care of him!

Grace, 12 Orlando, FL

There are no prob-llamas with Jesus!

Natalie, 10 Crozet, VA

Llama love!

Chloe, 13 Columbia Mo

I love to hug llamas!!!

Harper, 9 Columbia Mo

Softest hug ever!

Sage, 12 Columbia, Mo

But mom, it’s bring your llama to school day!

Matti, 11 Colorado Springs, CO

I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Todo.

Nocturnalcat, 12 Forney Texas

“My spit is getting squeezed out of me”

Quinn, 12 Grand Island, NE

Angela: Rufo! I’m home from school!
Rufo: Good! I get more cuddle time with Angela!

Noella Mae, 11 Boerne Texas

Rufo: I love you Angela, but… you’re kinda squeezing my neck…

Liam, 14 Murfreesboro, TN

“What?! Rufo wants a hug!!!”

Sarah, 10 Big Spring, TX

Hey mama, like my llama?

Evelyn, 12 Elizabethtown, KY


JACKIE, 8 Richmond,VA

Llama: Thank you for hugging me.

Nora, 9 Duncanville, TX

Llama: I love you! I wish I could hug you back!

Josiah, 6 Duncanville, TX

No, this is my fluffy cow!

Bryn, 11 Va

Don’t worry he doesn’t spit.

Mercy, 11 Omaha, NE

How do llamas respond when someone says, “thank you?”
“No probllama”

Matthew, 8 Omaha, NE