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Get into the action with these fun games from around the world.

Huevo Quemado (Burned Egg)

Bolivian Flag

Bolivia, South America

This Bolivian variation of duck, duck, goose requires four to five players to use their senses and run fast to avoid being the huevo quemado!


How To Play Huevo Quemado:


  • a ball, a scarf or any other small object


  1. All but one of the players sit on the floor in a circle facing each other with their eyes closed.
  2. The player on the outside holds the object. He walks around the circle and quietly leaves the object behind one of the sitting players.
  3. This player has to sense that the object was placed behind her, grab it, run around the circle and tag the one who left the object before he reaches the empty spot and sits down.
  4. The tagged player has to sit in the middle of the circle and is the "burned egg" until another child gets tagged and replaces him.


Burkina Faso, Africa

Leenda is a jump rope game popular with kids of all ages in Burkina Faso. At least three players jump the required number of jumps to get to the highest level possible.

Group of young people jumping or skipping rope
Jump Rope

How To Play Leenda:


  • 2 long jump ropes, each at least 10 feet long
  • a flat and hard surface to jump on


  1. Tie the ends of the ropes together to make a long circle.
  2. Two players stand at opposite ends and face each other. They stand inside the rope circle. Placing their ankles against the rope, they push out until the rope is fully extended and off the ground.
  3. The first player to jump steps inside the circle of rope with both feet inside.
  4. The player jumps several times. Sometimes she lands with one foot outside; sometimes she lands with both feet outside. She alternates which foot is inside and which is outside. Children must jump seven or 12 times before proceeding to the next level.
  5. The players then proceed to different levels of difficulty such as having to jump the rope when it is calf-high, knee-high, hip-high and even higher if possible.
  6. The player who completes the number of required jumps at the highest level is the winner.


Ghana, Africa

In this Ghanaian game, six children compete to be the first to find the hidden objects and earn points.


How To Play Pilolo:


  • sticks, stones or pennies (1 object for each player)


  1. Designate a leader and a timekeeper and determine a finish line. The leader hides the objects while the other players have their backs turned.
  2. The timekeeper waits at the finish line to judge which player is first. When the leader says, "Pilolo!" (which means "time to search for"), the timekeeper starts the watch and players race to be the first to find the object and take it across the finish line. The winner gets one point.
  3. The game is repeated as many times as you'd like. The player with the most points wins.