Bounce Away!

Seven-year-old Clever plays on a bouncy toy on the windy plains of Bolivia. His family can't afford toys – or even enough food. But Clever and other sponsored kids get toys for Christmas at their Compassion centers. They also get gifts they need to stay healthy, like warm clothes and food.

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When my family submitted needing a donkey to compassion, this isn’t what we meant… God can work in misterious ways! Phoebe, 13 Springdale Arkansas

I will go all the way to china!

sophia, 10 purcell MO

Boy-Giddy up!
Cow-no response
Boy-Okay this is useless. But the view it great!

Marley, 12 Little Rock Arkansas

Clever: “Wait–I thought the whole point in riding something was so that you didn’t use your legs?”

Myla, 11 Gladwin, Michigan

I’m gonna take my donkey to the mountains I’m ride him till i can’t no more.

Grace, 10 California

“Boing,boing,boing” Clever:”I thought rubber donkeys don’t move”. Rubber donkey:”Ya they do”

Jasmine, 11 Lakeville ,MN

( singing) bouncy bouncy.

clara, 10 Lithonia georgia

We got to win this Ferdinand!!

Faith, 12 Lawrence ks

‘Bye-bye Mom!’

Adia, 8 Curlew, WA

Move over Paul Bunyan!

Chandler, 14 Beresford, SD

Yee-haw little pony.

Garhett, 7 Beresford, SD


Clara, 3 Beresford, SD

Me llamo, lone ranger(my name is the lone Ranger)

Audey, 12 Remington, In

yee-haw, giddy up!

gianna, 8 Zanesville, Ohio

Howdy, pardner!

Mara, 6 Zanesville, Ohio

wah hoo i’m riding on a donkey that doesn’t even move so i’m getting home in 100’000 hours waiting time!

Isaiah, 8 Johnstown, Co.

Ride like the wind, Bullseye! Yeeeeehaw!

Ava, 13 Bainbridge Island, Washington

No need for a saddle… I ride Neck Style!!!?

Kourtneigh, 10 LA

Hop on, partner!

Addy, 11 Imperial, Missouri


Ebuka, 10 Lagos, Nigeria

What really guys you haven’t seen a baby blue horse!

Ceri, 11 Fort Collins Colorado

Horsey! Horsey! Bounce! Bounce!

Jasmine, 9 Youngsville, NC

gonna take my horse to the the old town road im gonna ride till i can’t no more

Presley, 8 Waseca Minnesota

Wait horsey! Where are we and why are you blue?

Whitney, 9 Gilberts, IL

Donkey, are you getting sick? Why are you blue?

Reagan, 6 Gilberts, IL

Bounce away magical donkey!

Addison Claire, 11 Staley, North Carolina

It’s once in a blue moon, not once and a blue horse!

Mary Claire, 12 Athens, GA

Blue sky, blue ride!

Kate, 8 Tallmadge, OH

Ride like the wind!

Grace, 10 Tallmadge, OH


annika, 10 LA

Hey donkey! it’s picture time not play time.

Berenice, 9 Gresham, Oregon

I’m on top of the world! And my horse.

Melody, 13 Grass Valley CA


Alethea, 8 Orrville, OH

I’m trying to go, boing, boing, boing, all the way home

Sofia, 9 Roseville, Michigan

Ye Haw! Let’s go!
( 2 hours later)
We still haven’t moved.

Ethan, 11 Grass Valley California

Hi Yo Silver! I mean blue. Oh, but silver sounds better.

Gavrielle, 14 Rockford Illinois

At this rate I should be home by midnight!

Valora, 5 Harvard, Ill.

Ride like the wind, Bullseye!

London, 11 Weiser, ID

Giddyup! Giddyup! Giddyup, girl!

Elyse, 8 Dillsburg, PA

I think this thing’s out of gas!

Chloe, 5 Calmar, Alberta


Tessa, 6 Ballwin, Mo.

Donkey: “ONWARD!”
Boy: “UPWARD!”

Nory Grace, 9 St. Louis, Mo.

Yo dude you sit on my BACK! — Horse

Daisy, 10 Salt Lake City, Utah

Look donkey! We are on top of the world!!!

Reagan Mordka, 12 Phoenix, Arizona

Wow di-did you see that? Wow! It-it’s moving! What’s that you say? It was just my imagination? Oh, okay, well it’s fun anyway. Yeehaw!

Pela, 11 Kansas City Missouri

Ride with me and I’ll teach what you need, for I am gentle and humble and it’s here that you will find rest for your soul.
Matthew 11:29

Juliana, 10 Sacramento, California

I can bounce over the rocks

Ariana, 10 Texas

Time to go blue, Giddy- up!

C.J., 8 Grass Valley, C.A.

I think I fed my donkey too many blueberries………

Audrey, 9 Markham, ON

Ummm, I don’t think this is a donkey…

Addison, 10 Sahuarita, AZ

Why did you take me way up here, donkey?

Emily, 8 Sahuarita, AZ

Yeehaw , I’m ready for the rodeo!

Adelyn, 10 Puyallup, WA

“Why won’t my horse move??”

Isaiah, 11 Irvine, Ca

Giddy up Blue! The others are ahead.

Caleb, 8 Grass Valley, C.A.

Boy: (bounce), I’M TIRED, (bounce bounce), my cheeks hurt from smiling, (bounce bounce bounce) can i stop now ?
. . . . . . . . MOM: You are going to be in a magazine!!!!

Boy: Oh . . . . I was just joking I will do this for as long as u want mom!!!!!!!!


Only three miles left!!

Addie, 10 Greenville, SC

CHEESE! Okay, now I have some important work to do. BYE! Wheeeeeeee!

Eleanor, 10 Steinbach, Manitoba.

Boy: Has anyone seen my donkey?
Donkey: Get…OFFFF!
Boy: Quiet! I’m trying to think of where my donkey would hide.

Tyler, 11 Tulare, CA

“Ride’em Cowboy”

Levi, 12 Placerville, CA.

Hey! Mom look! I found a blue dinosaur in the wheat field. Isn’t it awesome?

Molly, 9 Morrisonville New york

Hey, look Ma I made It! I couldn’t have done it with out my blue donkey!

Megan, 9 Morrisonville New york

let’s run like the wind bullseye!!!

Allison, 10 gilbert , arizona

Yeahhh, Im gonna take my horse to the Old Town road!

Dorothy, 12 Mercer Island, Washington

Ride like the wind!

Areigha, 12 Drayton Valley, Alberta

He’s riding a horse!!!

Caleb, 6 Minot, North Dakota

Why did you stop? Are you tired, or did you see a snake?

Rachael, 10 Albuquerque, N.M.

I’m gonna take my blue horse to the old town road, i’m gonna bounce ’till I can’t no more!

Morgan, 12 London, Ontario

Ride like the wind bullseye.

Judah, 11 Lindsborg KS

Wait… where’s my family? And… uh … who’s that? Why is he chasing me? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Lucas, 8 Greenville, SC

I wanted a real one.

Amelia, 10 Lansing, Mich.

Boing, Boing, Boing! This is so fun!

Zoe, 11 Greenwood, Indiana

Yeehaw! I’m the best Cowboy ever!

Layla, 10 Florida

giddy up little doggy!

reagan, 10 Oakwood, OHIO

I didn’t know there was such a thing as a blue donkey

Adrianna, 12 Greenville SC

Is this for me?? Cause I love it!

Faith, 12 Gobles mi

look mommy! I can ride a donkey now!

Keren, 13 Orlando, Fl

Giddy up, horsey!!!

Abby, 9 Gallipolis, OH

Come on horse! Oh wait. What did you just say? This isn’t a real horse?

Abigail, 9 Germantown, MD

It’s time for an adventure! Bounce with me, bounce with me!”

Tristan, 10 Sicklerville, NJ

Even though my horse is blue, he is actually quite happy!

Ellia, 10 Newaygo, Mich

I can ride a animal too! I love my animal!!

Avalyn, 12 Zealand, Michigan

But Mom just a little longer!

Kylee, 12 Cincinnati, Ohio

Make way for me and my donkey!

Annie, 9 Uniontown,Ohio

Yeehaw! Wait, is it just me or is this donkey not getting me anywhere?

Rebekah, 13 Carol Stream, IL

Is it me or am I in the middle of nowhere?

Abigail, 9 Carol Stream, IL

Go, horse, go.

Evie, 7 Panama City Beach, FL

Why is this thing not moving? It’s supposed to move!

Channing, 7 Highlands Ranch, CO

Can this thing go any faster??

Kelsey, 12 Knoxville, TN

Boy! I’m high up!

Emma P., 8 Morristown, TN

Hey! You! Do you have a saddle I can borrow?

Ella, 10 Austin, Tx

Hi-ho, Silver!

Catherine, 11 Hebron, Kentucky

I’ll get there eventually… maybe.

Mary Claire, 12 Athens, GA

I’m riding on a pony, wanna come along?

Jordan, 11 Grass Valley, C.A.

Why so slow, Joe?

Micah, 8 Wayne, PA

Giddy up horse! I don’t have all day!

Lily, 9 Adamstown PA

Giddy up horsey! why aren’t you moving?

Haven, 12 Narvon, PA

mmhmm, just found this odd blue animal in the grass over there, and it bounces! isn’t that the greatest?

Lincoln, 11 Calgary, AB

Giddy up, giddy up! Wait, why aren’t you moving? Aww, come on!

Cason, 10 Grand Junction, CO

I’d be camouflaged except for this blue horse!

Mallory, 10 Mounds OK

Look everybody, I’m a cowboy!!

Piper, 11 Winston-Salem NC

I thought this was a real horse…I’ve been swindled!! Oh well.

Alayna, 14 Lincoln, CA

Bounce! Bounce! I can’t stop bouncing!

Addy, 7 Elizabethton, TN

Donkey: Boing, Boing, Boing! Boy: Hey Donkey! Wheres the ground are we Flying? AHHHH! News Reporter: And down he goes, in the hole!

Naela, 9 Laporte MN

Yeahhh im gonna take my horse to the old town…

Callum, 9 Fort Worth, Texas

Giddy up, horsey. We got to get home in time for supper!!

Isabelle, 13 Normangee,Texas

Wow! That’s some nice landscaping. Oh, wait, I’m not looking there!

Luke, 9 Aurora, IL

bounce! bounce! hop! hop! This is so fun!

Drew, 7 menlo park CA

Uh I’m tired from bouncing up this hill, but what a great view, yay now its down hill

JACK, 10 menlo park CA

look at this view! it’s great!

willa, 11 Millbrae, california

I wanna bounce, bounce, bounce on a bouncy toy!

Anna, 4 Oxford, PA

I think we’re gonna need a bigger horse.

Lizzie, 13 Johnson Creek, WI

Yee Haw!!!

Abby, 11 West Hartford, Vermont

Just traveling away from this cold weather on my horse trusty!!

Adah, 11 Galena Illinois

Giddy up, little donkey!

Claire, 8 Tolland, CT

Hi Ho Silver, Away!

Genevieve, 8 Fredericksburg, TX

Donkey makes me happy!

Felicity, 5 Livermore, CA

Wiggle Worm!

Emelyn, 5 Livermore, CA

Go horsey go! Why aren’t you moving?

Peyton, 10 Harrison,OH

Man, I’ve been riding this thing all day and I’m still not home in time for supper!

Makenna, 11 Bryan, Texas

Cookies? Wait for me!

Ethan, 11 Grass Valley CA

Blue donkey riding, no problem. That’s yesterday news.

David, 11 Colorado

What? You’ve never seen a blue donkey!

Audrey, 9 New Freedom, PA

“I’m riding a horsey to town, I’m bouncing up and down!”

Hannah & Noelle, 5 Birmingham, AL

This is a great theme park, but where are the other rides?

Jackson, 8 Oak Creek, WI

Donkey Kong is blue??!!!

Isaiah, 9 Colorado

Ye’ha! Look I’ riding a dog!

Elijah, 12 Greer, South Carolina

Look how long I have made it!

Micah, 9 Greer, South Carolina

Come on let us ride into the sunset my blue steed!!! YEEEHAW!

Eden:), 10 Myrtle Beach, SC

Clever: Hey Donko do you think they saw us!?!?
Donko: Uhhh, Yeah. I’m blue everything else is not.
Clever: Oops I forgot.

Melody, 13 Grass Valley, CA

Giddy up horsey, I’m going to be late for school.

Miles, 10 Bourbonnais, Illinois

Cowboy comin’ to town!

Gideon, 7 Lincoln, NE

Bounce away home!!!

Natalie, 9 Lustre, MT

If I am bouncing I can touch the clouds!

Cai, 8 Lewisville, TX

I love bouncing on my Rodee.

Laz, 6 Lewisville, TX

Boing, Boing, Ye haw giddy up donkey

Brennan, 11 Mcminville, Oregon

I am too small for this tall grass!

Elizabeth, 12 Louisville, KY

That animal is a bit to small for me

Emma, 9 Louisville, KY

Well, I was on my rocking horse when all of a sudden… I was teleported!

Michael, 14 Chicago, Illinois

“Uh oh! Eeyore turned blue!”

Kaden, 6 San dimas, ca

“Hey look! I’m on Eeyore! It’s just in case I’m too tired to do ballet, ok?”

Skyla, 4 San dimas, ca

Bounce! Bounce! Bounce Away!

Ariana, 10 Fort Worth Texas

WOW! I’m as tall as the grass!

Ariana, 10 Fort Worth Texas

Why is my horse blue?

Ariana, 10 Fort Worth Texas

Hi ho Pony, away!!

Hudson, 8 Hillsboro, KS

How about horsey

Jenna, 11 Clive Iowa

Look at me! Although, I’ve never seen a blue donkey before….

Maci, Age 11 Kaysville, Ut

Hey, buddy, can you point me to the highway?

Parker, 11 Pomeroy, Iowa

How far away is home?

James, 10 Phoenix Arizona

“Is it a donkey or is the hippo?” News Reporter, Tony Tom says.

James, 10 Phoenix Arizona

I think my horse is out of gas

Wyatt, 12 Rhome, Texas

I’m gonna go ride into the sunset now!

Anna, 14 Harford county, MD.

I love to bounce around the house.

Elisabeth, Age 11 Jacksonville, FL

Yee Haw! Giddyup there, Bluehorse!

Abigail, 10 Whitehall, N.Y.


Brock, 12 Boise, Idaho

How are you riding on a horse? You’re just a kid. And why is it blue?

Finn, 5 Curlew, Wash.

Ma, I’m running away! Psst! horsey,move!

Sidonia, 9 Springfield,Illinois

Breaking news this young man found a blue hippo the hippo is the rarest thing in the world if you see one report it to me

Elizabeth, 9 Springfield illinois

Just bouncin’ along back home!

Henry, 8 St Anthony, MN

Let’s bounce away to adventure.

Vivian, 9 Mandeville, La.

Breaking News: New Species of Giraffe Discovered by Young Boy!

Paisley, 14 Mobile, Ala.

Can’t talk, gotta bounce!

Ava, 12 Lebanon, Ohio

You’re not getting very far, are you?

Ronnie, 9 Morristown, Tenn.

Don’t fall! It’s a long way down!

Autumn, 11 Morristown, Tenn.

In the beginning, there were blue donkeys …

Dani, 12 Greenville, S.C.

Yeehaw! I’m riding a blue llama!

Jade, 8 Burke, Va.

Ride a little horsey
Down to the town.

Margot, 8 North Little Rock, Ark.

Don’t mind me, Mom. Just goin’ to get some ice cream!

Ryleigh, 8 LaFayette, Ga.

Guys, I’m happy, but my horse just won’t move.

Sophia, 8 Nashville, Tenn.

Bounce away!

Ian, 7 Lexington, Ky.

Um … why did you stop?!

Asher, 6 Lewis Center, Ohio

What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the wind.

Bella, 9 Lewis Center, Ohio

Oh, hi. Didn’t see you there! Like my hippo?

Maggie, 11 Lexington, Ky.

You’ve got me THIS FAR, bouncy donkey! Don’t give up on me now!

Anna, 11 Lexington, Ky.

Boing … boing … boing!

Liam, 10 Brownsburg, Ind.