Yes, Chef!

At a Compassion center in Bolivia, sponsored children dressed up as what they want to be when they grow up. Gabriel and Leonel, 8-year-old twin brothers in Bolivia, both want to be chefs. It’s important for kids who live in poverty to dream about their futures because it gives them hope and inspires them to work hard in school!

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Hey, chief? Oh, I’m sorry chef. It’s just that I used to go to fireman training school. 🤣 Rhema, 9 Concord, NC

Gabriel: No, Leonel, that is NOT how snow works.

Gia, 12 WA

Leonel: A little bit of this and a little bit of that.
Gabreil: Uhh… I think the clouds supposed to go IN the bowl!!

Ethan, 10 WA

keep pushing.
you guys well be great.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, Chef!!!

Connie, 11 korea

Leonel: It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Whitney, 12 Gilberts, IL

Hip, hip, hurray!
It’s snowing!

Grace, 7 Broomfield, Co

Ugh’ Stop throwing flour in my face!

Evangeline W., 9 Phoenix, AZ

Just baked a mess, it’s no big deal!

Annabella, 11 Orlando, Florida

Pie in the face! Looks like some snowy action for Santa to see.

Luca, 9 Orlando Florida

Gabriel and Leonel:
We love baking!
Chloe and Lauren:
We love cookies!
Our parents:
Ugh… the mess.

Chloe and Lauren, 10 STL, MO

Oof. Mom’s gonna kill me

Sebastian, 11 Medow Lakes, AK

Who’s cleaning this up again?

Brooklyn, 6x2 Ham Lake MN

I thought we we making cookies but it turned out to be a volcano!

Mylee and Grace, 8 and 10 california

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… wait, flour?

Rhea, 11 Morgantown, WV

One day I won’t to be a baker??

Rachel, 11 Grand rapids Michigan

don’t tell mom.

Sophia, 9 purcell M.O.

Mom CANNOT see us. We are wasting her flour and making a huge mess!

Sofia, 9 Springfield, Virginia

heh mom can i make eggs and toast and blueberrys [mom] sure you can make braefast thankyou mom you’r welcome.

evelyn, 8 nicevill floreda

Hey, Mom! We were right about it snowing soon! Let’s be meteorologists next.

Emma, 12 Tacoma, WA

Let it snow flour! I LOVE cooking and baking! My favorite thing to do is bake and cook. You GO little chefs!!!

Sterling, 10 Memphis, TN

let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!

Genevieve, 10 lansing, MI

What happens when you cross December with a pair of young chefs? Snowing flour.

Abigail, 10 Germantown, Maryland

It’s raining snow–I mean yeast!!

Andrew, 8 Maple Grove, MN

I think I will be a really good chef when I am older!

Alayna, 13 Shakopee, MN

Gabriel: And…It’s snowing!
Leonel: Bravo!

Maiya, 11 Kingston, Ontario

“I think I got a little something on my nose……….”

Alia, 10 Columbia, MO

Love helping me make all kinds of food

Glenna, 2 Las Vegas nv

Gabriel: “Now I know why people want to be chefs, it’s sooooo fun!”
Leonel: “I know, right? I want to get paid to throw flour!”
Gabriel: “Wait, people get paid to do this?”
Leonel: “Yep!”

Cailyn, 13 Moses Lake, Wash.


Kacey, 9 Covina,CA

Gabriel-What’s this? Leonel- Well it’s flour that looks like snow…I got it! slour!

Kacey, 9 Covina, CA

Gabriel:”This is what happens when I have you as a cooking assistant!”
Leone: “l just wanted to have a snowball fight!”
Gabriel: “Exactly!”

Layla, 11 High Springs FL

Leonel: HEHEHEHE! Revenge is mine!!!
Gabriel: Seriously, bro?? You got flour on my new hat!!

Anna, 13 Boaz, KY

Hey! I have snow powers!
Why does it taste like flour?

Ethan Hahn, 12 Columbus, Ohio

I like cooking.

Ellie, 10 Montgomery, Alabama

This is the only place in the world where it has ever rained flour!

Sadie, 8 Ponte Vedra, FL

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (flour).

Amelia, 11 Dallas, Texas

“Oi, we got snow.”
“WHAT? Really!?”
“Alejandro, your eyes are closed.”
“Oh, dats right. But still… SNOW!!”

Megan, 10 Morrisonville, NY

its raining flour

Danny Focht, 10 Malvern,pa

Fun in the kitchen.

Sofia, 12 Rancho Cucamonga

“Wow, what a good workout!”

Arabella, 5 Fort Mill, SC

Wow! It’s summer but it’s snowing!

Ella, 7 Elizabethton, TN

Ummmm… Maybe we put in to much flour or mixed to hard…….

Gail, Ten Alamo Nevada

Now, this is step 1: Roll the dough into balls… Hey! You aren’t listening to me!

Emma, 11 1/2 Tacoma, WA

Let’s make snow out of flour when we grow up!

Rachel, 7 West Melbourne, Florida

Gabriel: Did you finish the cookies?

Leonel: Sorry, I might have got a little bit of it on your face.

Zachary, 10 Oakville, Ontario

Leonel: “Step 1: Grab a mixing bowl”
Gabriel: “Check!”
L: “Step 2: put Flour in bowl”
G: “Check!”
L: “Step 3: Throw flour as high as you can!!!”
G: “Che– what???”

Lincoln, 12 Calgary, AB

Are you SURE that this is how the recipe goes?

Leila, 10 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Gabriel: “Look Leonel! It’s snowing!”
Leonel: “That’s not how you use the flour Gabriel! You’re supposed to bake with it!”

Morgan, 12 London, Ontario

Leonel – Hey, I’m turning into a snowman! Gabriel – Yay! Then I can eat you!

Jay, 8 Silverdale, WA

We’ve got this

Shyla, 9 Newnan, Georgia

Leonel: Woah! What happened?
Gabriel: I tossed the pizza and it broke into pieces!

Myla, 10 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Leonel: “It’s snowing!”
Gabriel: “In the middle of summer?”

Ellia, 10 Newaygo, MI

“Yay! It’s snowing!”

Clara, 5 Ontario, Canada

Gabriel: “Ah-Choo!”
Leonel: “Seriously, bro?”

Kate, 9 Tallmadge, OH

“Hey, there’s snow on my face!”
“Uh, what are you doing, dude?”

Daniel, 6 Tallmadge, OH

hey flower is like confetti

Julie, 8 Canada

Look! It’s snowing!

Baylee, 9 Chatom, AL

Who needs the whole cake when you’ve got the flour!

Rebecca, 12 Brampton, Ontario

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Dainca, 10 Moncton, NB

I think we’re supposed to throw the pizza dough — not the flour!

Alistair, 5 Vancouver, BC

You never said where to put the flower!

Brennan, 11 Winnipeg, Manitoba

‘It’s raining flour!’

Ethan, 10 Curlew, WA

Flour Fireworks! Awesome!

Addison, 11 Imperial, MO

Leonel: Wow! I thought flower was something that was all different colors, had petals, and grew in gardens!
Gabriel: No, Leo. Not OW flower, OU flour.

Anna, 9 Silverton, Oregon

Hey, Why isn’t it pankacakes yet?

Ranti, 10 Regina

It’s snowing, yeah!!!!! Oh wait…it’s just flour.

Korey , 12 Grapevine TX

Well! I never thought I’d see-achoo!- SNOW!

Anna , 10 Princeton, New Jersey

flour flour big mess power!!

Amelia and Jonah, 11 and 10 Lansing, Mich.

Gabriel: snow in this heat !?
Leonel: crazy right!

Vivian, 11 Manitoba, Canada

“Now we’re cooking!”

Abigail, 12 Ontario, Canada

Leonel: It’s snowing!!
Gabriel: I wonder how much flour will be left for the biscuits…

Eve , 11 Abbotsford, BC

Hey! It’s snowing! Wait no, I just got flour in my face.

Abigail, 10 Carol Stream, IL

Hey, why did you throw the stuff up in the air, it plugged up my eye. I can’t see!

Nathanael, 11 Carol Stream, IL

Did I catch it? Did I catch it?

Rebecca, 13 Cockeysville, MD

Gabriel: “How many cups of sugar should we put in? Five?”
Leonel: “Hmm.. no. Not enough. How about ten cups of sugar?”
Gabriel: “Yeah!”

Avery, 10 Sugar Grove, IL

Food Fight!!!

Sofia, 10 Roseville , Michigan

kids playing with flour.

melany, 11 dumfries virginia

Hey, don’t get me dirty!

Khloe, 10 Arkansas

It’s in my eyes!

Maya, 10 Madison, AL

Probably should have thought before we put the vinegar in with the baking soda!

KK, 13 Madison, AL

It is snowing! But, wait where did all the flour go?

Celia, 11 Oakland, CA

Flour fight!!!!!!

William, 8 Oakland, CA

It’s snowing!

Olive Snavely, 9 Spokane Valley, WA

we have to clean this up before anyone sees this!

Sadie, 11 Jersey city ,new Jersey

it’s raining flower from out of the sky!

clara, 8 Jersey city new Jersey

It’s snowing!

Davis, 8 Richmond, Virginia

And… there it goes!

Molly, 8 Shawnee Oklahoma
Rachel, 11 Knoxville ,Tennessee

Gabriel -Let it go! let it go! look at me I’m Elsa!!!!!! Leonel – do you mean let it snow????

Ellie, 9 colarado springs CO

Gabriel- flour! its snowing
Leonel- ugh i hate flour can we pick it up now?

Josie, 7 Colorado springs CO

It’s snowing in June!

Owen, 10 Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Manna from heaven!

Peyton, 8 Nixa, MO

It’s snowing! How much more powder do we have left?

Maci, 12 Kaysville, UT

Gabriel: “Yaaaay! Snow!”
Leonel: “Just wait ‘til Mom sees this!”

Sophie, 9 Arnold, MD

Where’s the cheese?
It’s raining cheese

Josiah, 7 Jackson, TN

Gabriel: Achoo!
Leonel: Oh no not again!

Alexa, 9 Seattle,Washington

Happy as a young chef with flour!

Nathaniel, 8 Albuquerque, NM

April showers bring pretty May flours.

Juliana, 11 Sacramento, California

gabriel: okay, the grownups said we have to inspect every clump of flour
leonel: done!

kiley, 9 lubbock texas

Leonel: it’s snowing!
Gabriel: No it’s not it is um… I do not know what it is.

Zeke, 11 Fruitland, Id

Watch! I’m going to make it snow!
Wow! I’ve never seen snow before!

Ethan, 10 Pasadena, California

Wow! You know we are going to have to clean this up…

Lydia M., 11 Meadow Vista, CA

Wow! I never knew cooking would be so fun!

Ethan, 12 Grass Valley CA

Oh no! Sugar attack!

Chase, 7 Rosemount, Minnesota

I love snow baking!

Lillian, 8 Uniontown, OH

” Whoa!!! I’ve never seen snow before!!!”

Lily, 12 St. Paul, MN

Leonel: It’s in my eye!
Gabriel: It’s on my face!
Leonel: I wonder if chefs do this all the time!
Gabriel: Hmmmmmmmm

Kyla, 10 Erie, CO

Gabriel: “Magnifique!”
Leonel: “Seriously.”

Kyla, 10 Canton, GA

Gabriel, use the Force!

Emma Grace, 12 Columbia,SC

Gabriel: Aah! Some got in my eye! Leonel: Mamma Mia!

Autumn, 10 Waco Tx

The first step is, throw the flour everywhere!

Giuliana, 9 Utica N.Y

It’s snowing!!!

Lydia & Violet, 12 and 10 Harrisburg, PA

It’s snowing!!

Ava, 6 Rockford Michigan

And you said it wasn’t supposed to snow here in Bolivia!

Jack , 11 Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Gabriel: Who knew chefs could have so much fun! It’s everywhere!
Other kids watching: No one told me that chefs are aloud to blow things up! Me next!

Kate, 11 years Valley Center, California

L: Um, I don’t think you made the doe right. It isn’t twirling like pizza doe is supposed to. G: Maybe we just toss it until it turns into a Frisbee.

Jordan Bell, 12 Grass Valley, California

Gabriel: It’s snowing!
Leonel: The “snow” is in my eyes and up my nose!

Chloe, 12 Conway, Arkansas

Gabriel: look at me, Leonel!
Leonel: wow, Gabriel, it’s snowing!!!

Gabriella, age 10 mentor, OH

Hey Gabriel, it’s sn-o-o-o-w-i-i-i-ng!

Grace, 8 Seabeck, WA

Gabriel. You threw flour. In my face.

Lily, Age 11 Spearfish South Dakota

“Man, this always seems to happen when I cook.”

Levi, 12 Placerville, CA.

3, 2, 1, Fire in the Hole!
Leonel: Wait, not my face!
Gabriel: Hee Hee!

London, 12 New Plymouth, ID

its raining flower!!

Reagan, 7 Gilberts IL

IT’S RAINING BATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s in my eye!!

c.J., 8 Grass Valley, California

Yay, it’s snowing flour!

Rachel, 7 West Melbourne, Florida

It is snowing dough Chef! Chef Is that weird Yes should I powder the stairs to agree with you?

Eleanor, 10 Sacramento, California

‘Snow with a chance of pizzas.’

Hannah, 8 Simpsonville SC

The pizzas in the oven!!

Bobby, 5 Colorado

‘Snow with a chance of pizzas.’

Hannah, 8 Simpsonville SC

I didn’t know it was going to snow today!!

Molly, 11 Morton, IL

Gabriel! I told you that’s what would happen if you messed around!

Jade Beary, 11 White City KS

Watch out, it’s raining flour!

Milena, 14 Fort Collins, Colorado

No flour in the eyes!

Ceri, 12 Fort Collins, Colorado

Welcome to Compassion Explorer News. I’m Rena, and we’re starting off with 2 boys, Gabriel and Leonel, who want to be chefs, live from Bolivia.
G: Let’s make it snow! L: Yeah! Rena: Erm. G: There is the snow! Rena: Please don’t get flour on the camera!

Rena, 10 Sugar Land

I hope Mom isn’t watching us make this mess…

Adelaide, 9 Federal Way, Washington

Step 5: Throw the dough up in the air !

Vivian, 10 Mandeville, Louisiana

do you think this was the shower mom was tallking about?

Jonah, 9 lancing Michigan

Aren’t you suppose to let the dough rise?!

Magnolia, 9 Creston, Ca

And then some flour, and then some sugar. . . just like mom does it!

Madeleine Clark, 10 Chino, California

“ACHOOO!!! I didn’t know I could sneeze flour out of my nose!!”

Genny, 6 Salem, IL

Leonel: “Stop it! Stop it!”
Gabriel: “Nope. I’m not done making my hands a cookie!”
Leonel: “…….Huh?”

Catherine, 10 Buford, GA

its raining snow

Krissy, 11 Colorado Springs, Colo.

Wait…… Isn’t snow supposed to be cold?

Naela, 10 Laporte, MN

Dough. Check. Throw dough on face. Check. What’s next in our dry stew?

Jackson, 9 Oak Creek, WI

Baking in outer space is fun!

Kaleb, 8 Woodbridge, VA

April showers may bring flour!

Audey, 12 Remington, In

spring snow!

emerson, 8 Texas

“It’s raining flour!!”

Emma, 8 Glendale, AZ

Oh look it’s snowing flour!

Aman, 8 Tucson, AZ

Look! It’s fresh baked snow!

Emory, 10 Clinton,MS

G – « I never heard it could snow in a restaurant. » L – « Yeah, usually snow is cold! »

Michaela, 9 Madison

Stop spraying me! I’m already covered in flour!

Paige, 8 Houston, Tx

That’s what you get for trying to show me how to cook

Ella, 9 kennesaw,Georgia

Getting ready to bake with two chefs two hats two aprons And two friends having a happy time

Elizabeth, 12 Louisville Kentucky

Baking fun

Rebecca, 3 Louisville Kentucky

They are baking

Andrew, 6 Louisville Kentucky

Gabriel: Are you good at math?
Leonel: Yeah, why?
Gabriel: Because this Pi is messy.

Caleb, 11 Lafayette, IN

”Hey, we should be chefs when we grow up!!!!” ”Yeh, chefs/artificial snow makers!!!!!”

Faith, 8 Yukon, Oklahoma

whoa! it’s raning flour!

zoey, 8 lathrup village MI

Gabriel: This is awsome!!!!Where in the reciepe did it say to throw the flour in the air?!?!?” Leonel: ”Umm, I might have made that step up for fun…”

Gracelyn, 11 Yukon, Oklahoma

wow! i did not know it could rain flour! we don’t have to get some from the store after all

Amelia, 11 lansing Michigan

Reporting News: Parents, this is normal anywhere: Kids are messy.

Naela and Janae, 10 and 8 Laporte, MN

Who knew flour could be so much fun!

Solomon, 10 Goshen, Indiana

Looks like baking just got a little messy!

Analise, 10 Goshen IN

“Flour shower!”

Selah, 13 Goshen,IN

Nooooo Leonel!!! Not the pie crust again!!!

Arlie, 14 Morton Illinois

Gabriel: It exploded all over your face!! 🙂

Leonel: It would have been nice to have a little warning first

Davy, 12 Culver, Indiana

I didn’t know it was supposed to snow!

Maya, 13 Marquette, Michigan

Look, Brother! It’s snowing!

Dominic, 6 Marysville, CA

Can we help? We won’t make a mess. We will just play with the flour and ingredients.

Avalyn , 13 Holland, Michigan

“I think it’s snowing.”
“You think so?”

Caleb, 7 North Dakota

It’s a cookie explosion!

Kate, 10 Ponte Vedra, Florida

Oh, wow! It’s snowing!

Megan, 10 Morrisonville, New York

We’re baking cookies! Wait…why is it snowing? It’s summer.

Giulia, 9 Long Beach, California

No throwing flour in cooking school!

Clarissa, 8 Long Beach, California

Since when did it start raining flour?

Eva, 10 Paso Robles, CA

Fluff and toss, fluff and toss, fl- Ouch! I got it in my eye!

Molly, 10 Morrisonville New York

What! Snow in May?

Alivia, 11 Naples, Fla.

Uhhhh, Mom… we…umm, lets just say where’s the blender top?

Laurel, 10 Tallahassee Florida

The next time we make this recipe you’ll be the one to be squirted. OK?

Genevieve, 9 Fredericksburg, Texas