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Road Trip Bingo

If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you know that sometimes they can be pretty long. Well, here’s an awesome game to help the time zoom by: road trip bingo! Print and cut out the bingo cards (download them below). Mark the “free” space on your chosen bingo card with an X to begin.…

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S.S. Juice Box

S.S. Juice Box Many parents in poor countries don’t have enough money to buy new toys for their kids. So kids use their imaginations and make their own toys with any supplies they can find! This summer, follow their lead. Get your family or friends together to transform recycled juice boxes into sailboats. Then head…

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Pop-tastic Paletas

Pop-tastic Paletas There’s nothing better than an ice pop when it’s hot outside. Check out these colorful, fruity ice pops. Kids in Latin America call them “paletas.” Research your sponsored child’s country flag on the World Map page. Then make paletas that look like that flag! This boy and his mom are in Compassion’s program…

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Puppy Love

SaveSave Puppy Love Five-year-old Alvaro, a sponsored boy in Bolivia, hugs his pet puppy. Before Alvaro joined Compassion’s program, he wasn’t healthy because his family didn’t have enough money to buy the nutritious food that all kids need. But since Alvaro was sponsored, he is now eating healthy food and growing strong. He needs lots…

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Quiet! Be Still!

Think about one thing you’re afraid of. The dark? Bugs? Thunderstorms? We all have something in our lives that makes us feel scared. I bet your mom and dad even have something that they’re afraid of! Did you know that there is a storm in the Bible where all of Jesus’ friends, the disciples who…

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