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I’m a Compassion Explorer – Free printable Coloring Book

God’s world is a colorful place! From flags of sponsored children’s countries to wacky creatures that live around the world, these black-and-white pictures are just begging you to add some color! You can choose whether to print out the full coloring book or whether you just want one coloring page of your sponsored child’s flag.…

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Colors of the Philippines

You’re enjoying art and crafts at your Compassion center! Colors of the Philippines Your teachers at the Compassion center have fun activities planned for you today. You will eat a yummy meal, play outside, learn about the Bible and sing songs. But first up is art time! Use colored pencils, markers or crayons to make this page…

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You’re baking mini cakes at your Compassion center! When you take a baking class at one of the Compassion centers in the Philippines, you become one of the most popular kids around! Do you know why? Because the treats you learn how to bake get served to all of your friends at snack time! We knew you’d…

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Bounce Away

SaveSave Bounce Away! Seven-year-old Clever plays on a bouncy toy on the windy plains of Bolivia. His family can’t afford toys – or even enough food. But Clever and other sponsored kids get toys for Christmas at their Compassion centers. They also get gifts they need to stay healthy, like warm clothes and food. Submit…

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Baseball Buddies

Baseball Buddies Cody’s family sponsored Argelis in the Dominican Republic for as long as Cody could remember. When he was around 6, he got to take over the job of writing the family’s letters to Argelis. Even though Argelis was a few years older than Cody, they had a special thing in common — a…

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