Compassion Dash v2

Welcome to the adventure of Compassion Dash! In this game, you’ll travel through neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic to take food packs to hungry families. Earn hearts by dropping off food packs as you dash through levels that get harder and harder. Beat levels and unlock new vehicles you can buy with your hard-earned hearts!

As you play, you’ll learn more about the real-life global food crisis that’s leaving many families in poverty without enough food. This game celebrates how God’s global Church is giving food packs and hope to hungry families!

Food v2 1

A message for teachers and parents:

Talking about poverty and the global food crisis with kids can be tough. We made Compassion Dash to creatively share the story of how Compassion donors and church partners around the world are helping families facing hunger amid the global food crisis. We hope it gives you and the kids in your life a fun way to learn together!

Adults, Learn How Your Family Can Help

Important: If your family wants to learn more about the global food crisis and how to help hungry families, please make sure it’s an adult who clicks the link above, which goes to Compassion’s main website with an option to donate. We do not intend to collect children’s information or ask them to give.