There's a whole globe full of fun games out there, and it's your mission to explore it!

Printable: Planet Playtime Board Game Download Print

The board prints on two separate pages. Trim the white edge off one side and match it up on top of the other side, and then tape it down.

In this board game for 2 or more players, you will travel around the world meeting friends and building an awesome team! Along the way, you will play traditional games that kids around the world have been playing for hundreds of years. 


You won’t need much besides your sense of adventure. But before you begin, gather these items:

  • 4 tokens per player*
  • a 6-sided die

* Token ideas: beads, buttons, checkers, tiddlywinks discs or coins like pennies and nickels. Just make sure each player can tell which tokens are theirs.


  1. Each player places 1 token on the starting space on the game board (on next page). 
  2. On your turn, roll a die to see how many spaces to move your token. 
  3. Follow the instructions on the space your token lands on. (If the instructions send you to another space, follow the instructions on that space too.)
  4. Stop your token on all red minigame spaces your token touches (even if you rolled higher). Choose 1 other
    player to play the 2-player minigame with you.

Now, travel around the world to join these kids playing at their Compassion centers!

In Bolivia, kids play a game called huevo quemado, which is Spanish for “burned egg.” It is like duck, duck goose, but it involves grabbing an object from a player sitting in the circle.

Learn how to play huevo quemado.


These kids in the Philippines are playing a popular game called
patintero. Players draw lines on the ground and then try to run along them without getting tagged.

Watch a video and get instructions for how to play patintero.

These girls in Burkina Faso are playing a game called leenda. It is played by jumping a long rope a certain number of times. The rope gets higher and higher as the game goes on.

Learn how to play leenda.


The game of osselets (pronounced oss-LAY) is like the game of jacks, but some children in Haiti play it with goat knuckle bones. There are lots of variations around the world, and kids use whatever materials they can find to play with.

Learn how to make your own osselets out of clay and play the game.