We love hearing how Explorers like you show kindness to others! You remind us that God can work through anyone, no matter how young. Your stories also inspire other kids to spread kindness.

Below are a few ideas for how you can care for others in the future. There’s also space for you to draw something you’ve done in the past to show kindness to someone. 

Kids in Poverty

Host a Compassion Sunday event: You and a grown-up can find sponsors for children in poverty by hosting a fun event at your church. With an adult's help, learn more!

Shop the Compassion Gift Catalog: Look through lots of items you can give to families living in poverty. Gifts include Bibles, vegetable seeds, goats and more! With a grown-up, see what you can give!

Your Family

Cover a sibling’s chore: Offer to do a chore that your brother or sister is normally in charge of doing. 

Clean without being asked: Wipe down the counters, sweep the floor and do the dishes to keep your home tidy for the whole family to enjoy. 

Older People

Visit them: Ask an adult to call a nursing home that cares for older people. If they allow visitors, your family could visit and take activities to do with the residents there. 

Give them a hand: Do you have an older person living in your neighborhood? With an adult, offer to mow their lawn, wash their car or do something else around their home or yard. 

Printable: Share the Care Download Print