Arm Ready!

Two friends are having a friendly arm-wrestling match in their neighborhood in Ghana, a country in West Africa. But what do YOU say is going on in this photo? Use your imagination and write a clever photo caption.

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Hello? I said to wrestle and I was Ghana win, but you paired me with Popeye! Georgina, 8 Chiliwack,BC

Hey dude, good luck buddy! You’re gonna need it!

Jonathan, 9 Knysna, South Africa

Hey dude! Ready to feel the thunder, the lightning and my fury?! Because I’ve worked out… like a lot! My name is Vincent with a V for VICTORY!

Katelyn-Joy, 12 Knysna, South Africa

Hey Dude – nice bicep you have there!

Lydia, 10 Jacksonville, NC

I’ve got this

Sofia, 10 Jacksonville Fl

Friend 1: GO, red! Go Red!
Friend 2: Wait, Which one are you cheering for?

Friend 1: Um. . . . ?

Grace, 8 Dever,CO

Goooooo red! Wait, they are ALL red!

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

Boom! Ow! My arm! This kid is no joke!

Ethan and Emma, 10 and 13 WA

My arm is ready too!!

Connie, 11 Korea


jane, 12 Korea

Who will win…

Shelby, 10 CLT NC

This will finally decide who gets the chocolate bar!

Kate, 14 Valley Center, California

Go the person wearing red! ohh almost everyone’s wearing red. I still think the guy in red will win…

Caroline, 11 Brooks, GA

Who will win? We find out starting in 3… 2… 1…

Micah, 12 Gastonia, NC

Boy on left: I’m tired so maybe end the match?

Boy on right: Good idea! I win.

Whitney, 12 Gilberts, Il

I’m going to defeat you!

Alaina k, 12 woodstock geeorgia

Ha he thinks it’s just a funny game but little does he know it’s much more… it’s War!

Jaeyla, 11 Victoria Minnesota

Friend 1 :Are you ready?
Friend 2: No are you ready?
Friend 1: No way I asked FIRST!
Friend 2: Ok let’s just get on with it I will count- 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2, and aaaaaaaaa
Friend 1: I will say it 3 GO
Other Kids: Finally!!!

Grace, 10 Carlsbad C.A.

No way I lose, I’ve Been Working out;)

Josiah, 13 Castle Rock, CO

Over the top!

Ellie, 9 Fort Worth, TX

Arm you ready
Arm you set

Alexandra, 9 Waterbury CT


Livia, 11 Montgomery,Alabama

We have been doing this for a day already! how much longer until it ends! My arm hurts!

Ella, 8 Cedar Rapids, IA

Ready to go home crying? Not a chance! …3 hours later: Mom he broke my wrist!

Addy, 9 Cedar Rapids, IA

kid 1: um this is a friendly match, right?
Kid 2: *grins evilly*

Lincoln, 13 Calgary, AB

Kid 1: I think you’ll win, cuz you’re my friend.
Kid 2: No, I think you’ll win, cuz you’re doing great.
Audience: Who’s gonna win? Who’s gonna win? Who’s gonna win?

Georgina, 6 Chilliwack, BC

Spectator 1: “I’m betting on the one in red.”
Spectator 2: “Which one? They are both wearing red.”
Spectator 1 nods knowingly and says: “Exactly. that way i don’t lose!”

kara, 14 gentryville,IN

In the right is zack in the left is goliath! Zack: uh o

Noah, 10 Northville, MI

No matter who wins, we will still be friends!

Laedin, 9 Fredericksburg, VA

The Lord is our strength, 3, 2, 1 go!

Solon, 8 Fredericksburg, VA

We arm strong! Is this arm wrestle ever Ghana end?

Lillian, 9 Uniontown, OH

ha ha we meet again good vriend

jensen, 9 manhattan ks

We’re strong! Will this arm wrestle ever end?

Lillian, 9 Uniontown, OH

Boy on right: You’re going down!
Boy on left: Last time you said that you lost.

Baylee, 10 Chatom AL

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13

Waylon, 8 Gastonia NC

Bro, you’re going down!

Gabriella G. W., 11 Spokane, WA

Biceps don’t fail on me now! HEAVE!!!!!

Gabby, 11 Spokane, WA

I’m Ghana beat you!

Annabeth, 12 Long Island, NY

Your stare doesn’t scare me! Huh, huh, huh

Lydia, 13 Austin, Texas

Bro, you’re going down!

Ty, 8 Hendersonville, Tennessee

I only have one thing to say before we start: You’re buzzard meat

Alayna, 12 Lancaster Pennsylvania

Boy on right: You have no chance. I am the master! Right guys?

Crowd watching: Nope! You’ve never won a war before!

Abigail, 11 Carol Stream, IL

aw come on try. but we didn’t even start yet

Zoey, 11 IL

boy on the right: I am going to win!
boy on the left: we did’t even start yet.

Sophia, 9 purcell M.O.

3, 2, hay, you started pushing to early!

Nathanael, 12 CAROL STREAM, IL

Person 1: I am winning! Person 2: God probably think that this should be fun & fair and not too competitive. But, one thing’s for sure, I’ll win! Person 1: Really?! Person 1: Watch out! 1: What?! 2: I win!

Daina, 9 Hopewell, N.J.

One, Two, Three, Four, wait a minute, this isn’t a thumb war.

Elwood, 8 Carmichael, Calif.

Hey Buddy, do you need a “hand”?

Madelin, 13 Glen Burnie, MD

I will take your arm down if it’s the last thing I do- CHARGE!

Sarah, 9 Canton, OH

your going down! well see about that hehehehe (jkjk)

Chloe, 14 Dunn, North Carolina

Easy, bruiser!

Titus, 11 clayton,N.C

sweting yet nope I have a metical problem.

abby, 10 clayton nc

Muscles don’t fail me now!

Brooke, 12 Brighton, MI

elbows off the table!

zoey martin, 9 lathrup Village mi

Winner gets to be king of the playground. So, without further ado, it’s arm wrestle TIME!!!

Annabella, 10 Orlando, Florida

Eat my dust!

Maiya, 11 Kingston

Getting ready for a rematch . In wrestling . With a whole crowd watching !

Elizabeth, 13 Louisville,Kentucky

“you’d better be reddy because i’ve ben training my arm mussels for this”

Analise, 11 indiana

The national sport of childhood…

Elisa, 14 Alamogordo, NM

This is my day to shine, and I am ready to be the champ!!!

Jillian, 9 Joint Base Andrews, Md.

“Your going down!”
“We’ll see about that!”

Abigail, 13 Hartford, Vermont

I’ll bet you five bucks that I will win! Bring on the pain!

Liam, 11 Christiana, Tennessee

Wow! This arm wrestling match sure attracted a lot of people!

Simeon, 8 Robbinsdale, MN

I want a rematch! Best 2 out of 3!

Hannah, 6 Birmingham, AL

On your ARMS, GET SET, GO!

Hannah, 6 Birmingham, AL

I’m Ghana win this match!

Noelle, 6 Birmingham, AL

arm you tired i am

Amelia, 12 lancing Michigan

Hey, Do I get to go against the winner??

Elaina, 10 Woodstock, GA

Hey, dude. What’s that smile for? You know I’m gonna win, right?

Abigail, 11 Germantown, Maryland

I’m gonna win, I’m gonna win, ahh, you won.

Beatrix, 13 Indiana,PA

Check out our new handshake!

Akari, 9 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

What you’ve never seen a village-wide arm-wrestling competition???!!!

Julia, 11 Madison Alabama

This isn’t just a wrestle match it’s a stare down. And I’m totally winning. Yup you just blinked. Ohhhhh!!! And there goes your arm!..Okay, calm down guys, calm down. I know I’m amazing.

Anna Holmes, 11 Germantown, Maryland

Kid 1: I have big muscles.
Kid 2: Me too!

Andrew, 9 Yakima, WA

When there’s only one cookie left on the table.

Lincoln, 12 Oak Creek, WI

“You’re Mr. Armstrong!”

Zadok, 7 Brookings, SD

We’re alone…we can arm wrestle now, bro. It’s just me, you, and this huge crowd of judging people.

Tyler, 13 Tulare CA

I know were sweating, but this is not hard.

Ella and Amelia, 10 and 9 Kennesaw, Georgia

Your arm better be strong, because I’m going to beat you!!!

Sofia, 9 Springfield, Virginia

Timothy: “This is easy! I’ll just drain your energy and get this arm wrestling match over with.”
Samuel: “Oh, Ya?”

Josiah, 9 Lynden, WA

arm glad you are going to loose

venessa, 8 new juysey

Ready Set go?

Avery, 10 Salem OR

go tommy! go george! i can’t pick

Amber, 11 shorewood,illinois

Hey you back there! Nice Under arm-er shirt you “arm” wearing!

Joshua, 10 los angeles california

First guy: Hey you! “Arm” you ready? Other guy: Humph! I am,but you “arm”NOT ready. I am going to win!

Enoch, 7 los angeles california

Who started this?
It wasn’t me!

Keaton, 7 Lebanon, OH

Ready for sore knuckles?

Madisen, 12 Fall Creek, Wisconsin

You know what happens if I win!
I get to walk to Compassion with you!
Ok I like that!

Kyla, 11 Erie, CO

“Wait, wait, I didn’t get to bet yet!”

Leviathan, 13 Placerville CA

Boy #1: Ok game face engaged, if you intimidate him, he will give up soon.
Boy #2: Hmm I wonder what’s for dinner.

Sophia, 12 Colorado Springs, CO

“Do I have to say it again? I’m stronger than you!”

Marinette, 12 Dublin, Ohio

Crowd: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!! Kid on left: your going down! Kid on right: oh you think that when really I’m gonna win! Ding! It starts ( I don’t know who wins heehee)

Channing, 9 CO

I wonder who wins!!! Such good competitors!!!

Lauren, 10 Goshen, Indiana

I am more than a conqueror through Him who loves me. (Romans 8:37)

Daniel Lee, 7 Columbia, MO

Ready set go arm wrestle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Avery, 10 Salem OR

This person’s strong, but I’m stronger so I got this, I got this, Ow I don’t got this!

Sosy, 9 North Wales, P.A.

“Why are they all on his side?” – Boy on the right

Alethea, 9 Orrville, OH

I’ve met my match!

Chloe, 11 Columbia M.O

You don’t wanna do that boy

Bailey, 12 Shakopee, Minnesota

There’s no such thing as a friendly competition with me! Prepare to get DESTROYED!!!!

Liv, 12 New Orleans LA.

BEAT ME! I dare you!

Ava, 11 Loveland, CO

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