Whatever Floats Your Boat

Read some of your fun captions from the Spring 2016 issue.

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Hope it floats! Caleb, 10 Houston, TX

The party has arrived!

Ethan, 10 WA

Mom: “You forgot the floaties! Go get them!” 1 HOUR LATER….
Dad: “This enough?’

Michael, 11 Jacksonville, Florida

I didn’t know which one you wanted, so I got all of them.

Thea, 10 Houston, Texas

Do you think this is enough floaties? I wasn’t sure so I bought 60.

Genevieve, 11 Santa Rosa, California


Genevieve, 11 Santa Rosa, California

Seriously ?

Annabella, 10 Orlando, Florida

Whoa! this is way to many floaties! Does anyone want one or fifty?

Sofia, 9 Springfield, Virginia

me: what are you doing
you: I have 10 kids + 20 grandkids.

Sophia, 9 purcell M.O.

What’s your talent mine is carrying the most…things actually useful to being prepared

Jaeyla, 10 Shakopee MN

You can never be too prepared right?

Lucia, 14 Summerville Sc

Safety first!

Maiya, 11 Kingston, Ontario

You never have enough floaties.

C.J., 9 Grass Valley Cal.

Floaties for sale! Get your floaties here!

Alayna, 13 Shakopee, MN

I am the floating man

Alex, 10 Houston, Texas

“Oh, Mister, I don’t think I could.”
“No, please do. I can’t breath! the turtle float is suffocating me!”

Cailee, 11 Columbia, MO

I just broke the Guinness world record!

luke, 9 jersey city new jersey

“Who will help me load these into the car?”
“Not I” Said the goose.
“Not I” Said the duck.
“Not I” Said the cat.
“Not I” Said the pig.
So the little old man loaded the floaties into his MitoGithub Racer5000 himself.

Audey, 12 Remington, In

Am I strong or what?!

Rena, 10 Sugar Land, Texas

Guys go get your own floties these b mine

Evita, 9 cumberland on

HI I floated on all of these!!!!!

reagan, 6 gilberts IL

I am the lifeguard. I need these.

Lucia, 13 Summerville, SC

If my family does’nt get here soon, i’m gonna have to sell these.

Catherine, 10 Buford, GA

“I’ve seen foolish people who don’t come with EVERYTHING they need, and I’m not gonna be one of them!”

Cailee W, 11 Columbia, MO

Hey dude. ??? Why are you staring at me like that?

Caleb, 8 Grass Valley, C.A.

You are guaranteed to float! I think …

Addison, 13 Brooks, Georgia

ahh this is going to be pretty comfortable.

myla, 9 calgary,ab

Floaties for sale! Only $11!

Kisha, 11 Post Falls, Idaho

think I went overboard?

kara, 12 gentryville,IN

2 many floatyz !

Sofia, 9 Roseville ,Michigan

”Heeeaavvyy, Can anyone help me? I’m tipping over! AHHHHH!!!”

Kid: ”Mommy, Look at that poor man, Can we help him?” Mom: ”No! He’s a floatie-Monster!”

Naela, 9 Laporte MN

If someone doesn’t take these away from me I will float away!

Daisy, 10 Utah

You need to calm down your Floatie’s are being to loud squeaking together.

Megan, 9 Morrisonville New york

whoa,whoa,catch catch me!
ugh…. I thought floaties were supposed to save you not make you tip over 🙁

Allison, 10 gilbert , arizona

There’s hundreds of them!

Caleb, 6 North Dakota

Ever since I learned how to move things with my mind, my wife has been asking if I can carry her stuff for her.

Lizzie, 13 Johnson Creek, WI

I found a few extra by the pool…

Makenna, 11 Bryan, TX


Addison, 10 Staley, N.C.

It’s hot. Will anyone swim today?

Cassandra, 8 Spring, Texas

Ahhhh, better safe than sorry!

Lincoln, 11 Calgary, Alberta

Help! Anyone? Fine, I’ll do it myself.

Scarlett, 11 Cheyenne, Wyo.

If you don’t use them, I will.

Thea, 7 Orrville, Ohio

I could float over a tsunami with these!

Lydia, 11 Waldorf, Md.

I cant ride all of them … anybody?

Evie, 6 Panama City Beach, Fla.

This is heavy!

Madeline, 8 Iron, Minn.

Well … if nobody else wants them, then they are all for me!

Gavin, 11 McLean, Va.

Let’s see YOU laughing when the tide comes in!

Elliana, 13 Shakopee, Minn.

Floaties, floaties! Come get your floaties!

Elli, 11 Clearwater, Fla.

“I can’t believe it!” “You mean how many floats that guy has?” “No, I can’t believe how much money I saved switching to Geico. Fifteen minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance.”

Dani, 11 Greenville, S.C.

Do you think I’ll be able to float?

Kara, 12 Gentryville, Ind.

Floaties, get your floaties. Oh no … look out for the shark!

Emily, 10 Newark, Del.

Mommy, take me away from this floating monster!

Rehmi, 8 Ensenada, Mexico

Look how strong I am! Just make sure you don’t put weights on it ’cause I could fall over … maybe.

Abigail, 9 Whitehall, N.Y.

Will someone please donate floaties? I really just need a few more.

Lilliana, 10 Chester, Ill.

What am I supposed to do if I cannot swim. Drown?

Shoshana, 10 Chester, Ill.

I think I have 16; no, that cannot be right. I must have 16,000; yeah, that is right.

Lilliana, 10 Chester, Ill.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … uhh, there are too many to count.

Jack, 9 Menlo Park, Calif.

They said we would only bring one floatie, but … they must have miscounted, only by a few.

Molly, 11 Florida

Can he swim?!

Victoria, 12 Siloam Springs, Ark.

I am VERY scared of drowning!

Isabelle, 12 Normangee, Texas

I have eight floaties.

Phoebe, 4 Meadow Vista, Calif.

I don’t think I have enough floaties!

Manuia, 7 Pearl City, Hawaii

Can I have a float, please?

Jasper, 6 Wheaton, Ill.

I’m ready to float on a boat!

Lorelei, 6 Wellesley, Mass.

Which one is for me? Ah! I see a orange one!

Naela, 8 Laporte, MN

Floaties! Floaties for sale!

Cora, 9 moberly, Mo.

What? I don’t like sea water!

Maggie, 11 Midland, Ga.

Do you think I can swim now?

Eleena, 10 Omaha, Neb.

Could I at least have a little help here? Anyone?

Ava, 10 Newton, Kan.

I can’t swim, so I need a lot of floaters!

Kael, 12 Omaha, Neb.

Ready to board Titanic …

Alex, 11 Rincon, Ga.

Who needs sunscreen when you got these?

Maranatha, 9 Kansas City, Mo.

I need to teach my kids to carry their own stuff …

Mirek, 11 Centennial, Colo.

I want to fly!

Luke, 9 Cut Off, La.

These floaties aren’t for me. They’re for the kids!

Cailyn, 8 Lisbon, Iowa

Now where did I put my wallet?

Cody, 13 Broomfield, Colo.

I have NO idea why you guys keep calling me a pack rat … it makes no sense!

Reese, 13 Houston, Texas

He must have a lot of hands!

Andrew, 4 Boise, Idaho

Going to the swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool.

Sam, 3 Omaha, Neb.

Hey, where’d all the kids go?

Sophie, 9 Iselin, N.J.

Do you think I’ll float?

Gracie, 14 River Falls, Wis.

Lost beach toys here! Beach toys!

Asa, 11 Beaver Falls, Pa.

I get tired before I go to the beach because I have to blow all of those floats up!

Capers, 10 Mt. Pleasant, S.C.

Sorry it took me so long.

Ethan, 11 River Falls, Wis.

You never know when you might need a good raft.

Ella, 11 Oak Ridge, N.C.

Attack of the killer floaties!

Cora, 11 Clearwater, Fla.