Fruit Eyes

Just because you play with your food doesn’t mean you can’t also eat it! Jenny is a student in Compassion’s program in Colombia. She’s having fun with some orange slices to celebrate receiving a basket of groceries from her Compassion center. Kids like Jenny get regular health checkups to make sure they are growing strong.

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Googly eyes: orange slice edition. Kaitlyn, 14 Indian Trail, NC

When life gives you lemons, make some sweet glasses.

Koen, 12 Lincoln, Nebr.

I spy with my orange eyes…

Mercy, 8 Wichita, KS

Let’s make orange juice!

Hadlynn, 11 Wichita, KS

I vitamin C you!

Evie, 9 Wichita, Kansas

Look at my eclipse glasses! They are so slay!

Mary and Vincent, (Mary) 11 and (Vincent) 9 Orlando, Florida

Smiling through the pain!

Mary, 11 Orlando, Florida

I tried to find the limes but…

Kaylee T, 12 Grand Island, NE

Oranges on my eyes!

Caleb, 4 Shawnee KS

Dude, I got new food!

Kayla, 7 Morton, Il

Say, lemonee!

Lane, 8 Wichita Falls,TX

“Orange you just loving these sunglasses?!”

Hopper, 6 Marietta, GA

Peek a boo! Wait, where are you?

Elizabeth, 12 Grand Island, NE

Where’s Waldo?

Caroline, 13 Stevens Point, Wisconsin

My mom always says, “When life give you oranges make orange-ade?!”

Micah, 10 New Brighton, PA

Why is everything yellow??

Bryn, 11 Christiansburg, Virginia

Let’s make some lemonade, Jenny! Oh, yeah. We could use lemons as eyes, too!

Rhema, 9 Concord, North Carolina


David, 11 Tecumseh, MI