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Compassion Countries in Africa

Africa is Earth's second-biggest continent, after Asia. It includes 54 countries and many people groups — each with their own languages, foods and customs. Cool animals like gorillas swing through Africa's jungles. Lions and giraffes roam the grasslands. But even though Africa is amazing in many ways, it also has a lot of poverty. That's why Compassion partners with churches to help kids in African countries.

One big need in Africa is clean water. Some people walk for hours a day just to get the water they need. Sometimes the water has germs that make them sick. Thanks to sponsors, kids get clean water at their church-run Compassion centers. Some churches build wells of clean water in sponsored children's villages. They show kids how to clean water so they don't get sick. Sponsored kids also get food, playtime, Bible lessons, health checkups and tutoring at their centers!

Printable: Discover Africa Coloring Map Download Print

Download and print this coloring map and activity sheet to learn more about Africa!

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