Playtime is an Explorer’s favorite time! Whether you’re playing sports, music, games or make-believe, it’s the best time to get those wiggles out and have FUN! But did you know that playtime isn’t just fun and games? It’s an important part of growth for kids in a lot of different ways! Physical activity helps your body get strong, and playing with friends helps you grow relationally too! All around the world, playtime is an exciting and important part of life for every kid. Let’s hop, skip and jump around the world as we celebrate all the different ways we play!

How do you like to play? Grab a piece of paper and make a list (or draw) all your favorite things to play!


Hi! My name is Sajib (above), and I live in Bangladesh. Check out this old bicycle tire I found one day after school! One of my favorite games is using this stick to roll it as I run. I love to compete with my friends to see who can make it go the fastest. My family can’t afford store-bought toys, but I am clever and creative, so I like to invent my own games. Have you ever made up your own game? I would love to play with you!



Hi! My name is Sylvia (above), and I’m from Togo. Today I’m dressed in our community cultural dress because we are about to dance and play music! My friends beat drums and shake shakers while I sing and dance. I love to play music together because it reminds me of family traditions that date back hundreds of years. When we play, our whole community comes to watch! 

Draw a new kind of instrument you would like to play.



My name is Levi, and I live in El Salvador! I love to go to my Compassion center and play soccer. I have a rare disease that keeps me from growing as much as other kids. I used to feel different from everyone, and sometimes kids would leave me out. But when I play soccer with my friends at my Compassion center, I don’t feel different anymore. I’m part of a team and can show off my cool soccer moves! 

What is your favorite sport?

Learn how to make your own soccer ball like these resourceful kids in Uganda!



My name is Aracely, I’m from Bolivia and I like to play make-believe with my friends! Today we are pretending to be superheroes. If I could have any superpower, I would want to run fast and save people from accidents before they get hurt! My friend Samuel wants to fly so he can save people from trouble. And Maydelin wants to be able to make clean water so her friends and family can have enough to drink! It’s fun to imagine what we could do if there were no limits! 

What do you like to pretend?


Whom do you like to play with?

How many games have a special ball?


Kids all around the world love to play. There are so many places to play, games to learn and instruments to practice! Think about all the ways you play. How do you feel when you are playing with your siblings or friends? 

Next time you write to the child your family sponsors, ask about the games he or she likes to play. What games are the same? What games are different? You might even be able to teach each other how to play a new game you didn’t know about! 

Imagine the best treehouse ever. Draw a picture of it!

If you wrote a song about your family, what would it be called?

What does your sponsored child like to play? Ask in a letter!