Has anyone ever told you that you’re too little? Too little to reach that cabinet. Too little to walk to the park alone. Too little to stay up late.

What if I told you that you’re NEVER too little to be a kid hero? 

I want you to meet a bunch of kid heroes from around the world who put on their superhero capes every day — even if those capes are imaginary — and help their families, their neighbors and their friends. Each one has found creative ways to give to others. And not a single one of them is too little to be a hero (even if they are too little to stay up late).


What are some ways you can help your neighbors like Luz and Anthony did? Ask your parents if there is a soup kitchen where you can help volunteer or a neighbor you could take a meal to!



Many of the grown-ups in 7-year-old Anthony’s community in Peru struggle to find jobs. There just aren’t a lot of them to go around, and when they do find work, it usually doesn’t even pay enough to buy groceries.

That’s why Anthony’s mom, Luz, and other parents from Anthony’s Compassion center decided to set up a soup kitchen to make sure every family got at least one good meal a day.

Now, families bring a donation of food, like potatoes or corn, and Anthony and his mom work together to make a big pot of soup for everyone to share. Because people like Anthony’s sponsor helped his family, Anthony and Luz can also help others! 

“We’re humble people, and maybe it has been worse in other homes, I don’t know. But thanks to Anthony’s sponsor and you all, we have something to eat,” says Luz. “Thanks for helping us when we need it most. May God keep giving you more!”

Before the soup kitchen started, Anthony felt lonely and sad a lot. But now, he has something to look forward to every day!



Maria Eunice lives in Brazil with her mom and dad. But there’s something special about her home. It is very quiet. That’s because both of Maria’s parents are deaf. She is the only person in her home who can hear or speak.

And at just 6 years old, Maria is her mom and dad’s ears and mouth. She began learning sign language when she was just 1 year old, and now she is a huge help to her parents.

“Because I’m the only person who can understand them, my parents need me wherever they go because I’m the only one who can translate what they say to other people,” says Maria. “So, when they go to the bank, I go with them. When they go to the market, I go with them. When my aunt calls my mom, I also translate for her. It’s tiring, but I like helping them.”

It’s a big job for a little girl. But Maria loves that she is able to help her mom and dad in such a big way!


What are some ways you can help your parents or grandparents? You may not sign for them like Maria does, but are there ways you can be helpful around the house? Maybe helping with chores or helping carry in the groceries?


Is there a Bible story that inspires you to help others? Maybe the Good Samaritan or the story of Barnabas? Brainstorm ideas with your family, and remember — God uses even our smallest gifts to make big changes!


One of Keysha’s favorite Bible stories is when Jesus fed 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. It reminds her that Jesus can take our small actions and gifts and make BIG changes!

Keysha knew that 5,000 people was a lot — she didn’t even know that many people! But in her community in Indonesia, Keysha had seen lots of elderly people who didn’t have enough to eat. So at her Compassion center, Keysha invited her tutor and friends to each bring in five handfuls of rice and as much spare change as they could give.

In just one month, Keysha and her friends collected more than 150 pounds of rice and $40! Immediately, Keysha knew the first person she would help.

“I felt so sad when I saw a grandmother we visited who lives alone. She is blind, very old and needs help from others,” says Keysha. “But now, I feel joy. I know that she will not be starving because she has rice.”

Keysha even inspired the grown-ups around her, who started a monthly collection to help those in need. Her small action changed a lot of people’s lives!