Evie, an 8-year-old in South Carolina, is always thinking of new ways to help kids who have less than she does. When she was 5, she sold her artwork to raise money for kids in poverty. Then in June, she and her mom hosted a Compassion Sunday™ event at their church to find sponsors for children in need!

Here's how Evie and her mom got ready to host this special event:

  1. Evie's mom ordered a free planning guide from Compassion.
  2. Evie and her mom asked their pastor if they could host a Compassion Sunday at their church — a special day when they could tell their church family how sponsorship can help children who live in poverty. Their pastor said yes!
  3. They registered their Compassion Sunday event. Then Compassion sent them everything they would need for their big day, including packets telling all about children who need sponsors.

So how did the big Compassion Sunday event go? Watch the video above to hear from Evie and find out how many children she helped connect with sponsors that day!

Ask a grown-up to order a free Compassion Sunday planning guide!

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