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computer class in Bolivia!

Yhael uses a computer lab at her Compassion center in Bolivia.
What details do you notice about this computer lab?

Yhael loves going to the computer lab at her Compassion center! Like most families in her neighborhood, her family can’t afford a computer for their home.

Yhael gets to go to the Compassion center and use the computers.

That’s so important for kids like Yhael. It helps them do well in school because they can use the computers to research on the internet and type up reports. And many high-paying jobs require computer skills. If Yhael is very interested in computers, she can work hard for a job in computer science when she grows up!

Computer Challenge

Complete this challenge to move on to your next location! Here is a drawing of a basic QWERTY keyboard. On your printed Challenge Sheet, fill in the missing numbers and letters. You can look at a real keyboard to find the answers (maybe you can find one nearby)!


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