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science class in Indonesia!

Students listen to their teacher in their classroom in Indonesia.
What do you see in this classroom?

These kids in Indonesia are ready to learn. Many of them have parents who can’t pay the costs of sending them to school. Thanks to sponsors, kids in Compassion’s program get to go to school and learn about subjects like science!

Science is important for lots of reasons. First, it teaches us how God’s amazing universe works. Second, students need to learn science so they can finish school and work good jobs that pay well. Finally, people can use science skills to help their families. For example, knowing about the science of soil and plants can help a farmer grow more food to eat or sell. 

Science Challenge

Lots of Indonesians are farmers. To grow the most food, it’s important for them to know about botany, or plant science. On your printed Challenge Sheet are the steps in an apple tree’s life cycle — but they are out of order. Draw them in the correct order to complete this challenge and move on to your Compassion center.


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