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art class in Mexico!

10-year-old-Hector learns about art at his school in MExico.
What do you see in the paintings on the walls?

An art teacher gives tips to Hector, a 10-year-old who loves to paint. Art is important for kids who live in places where Compassion works. For one thing, most kids don’t have art supplies at home because their parents can’t afford them. So using the supplies like paints, paintbrushes and art pencils at school can help students discover talents they didn’t know they had! 

Another reason kids like Hector need art is that it helps them dream about their futures. If a sponsored child like Hector wanted to be an artist as an adult, he could choose from jobs like graphic designer, painter, art teacher or book illustrator. 

Art Challenge

Complete this challenge to move on to your Compassion center. Artists need to know that mixing together certain colors (called primary colors) makes other colors (called secondary colors). On your printed Challenge Sheet, fill in the missing color in each mixture!


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