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Sponsors have helped Togolese children since 2008, when Compassion teamed up with churches in Togo to fight poverty.

Where in the World?

western Africa

Favorite ...

sports: soccer, basketball

foods: plantains, beans, fish, fufu (mashed cassava or yams)

celebrations: Voodoo Festival, harvest festivals, Christmas, Holy Week

Claim to Fame

mud tower houses called "takienta," which can be two stories high

Wild Residents

monkeys, snakes, hippos, warthogs

Poverty Pitfalls

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There aren't enough skilled teachers, and many students drop out after elementary. Sponsored kids stay in school and get extra lessons from tutors at Compassion centers.
Mosquitoes give people malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever. Kids get bed nets to keep out mosquitoes at night.
There isn't enough clean water. Children eat healthy meals and drink clean water at their Compassion centers.

Fun Facts

a little smaller than West Virginia

money: CFA franc

home to many native people groups, like the Ewe and Mina

part of sub-Saharan Africa

has a tropical climate

Lomé is the capital and largest city.

Stat Snapshot


Togo ?? United States 🇺🇸


7,965,055 339,665,118

People Living in Poverty

55.1% 15.1%


French, Ewe, Mina, Kabye, Dagomba

English, Spanish, Chinese, other


native beliefs 51%, Christian 29%, Muslim 20%

Protestant 46.5%, none/other 26.1%, Roman Catholic 20.8%, Jewish 1.9%, Mormon 1.6%, Muslim 0.9%, Jehovah’s Witness 0.8%, Buddhist 0.7%, Hindu 0.7%

Typical Family Income

$1,600 per year $63,700 per year

MAIN SOURCE: World Factbook, 2018


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