Someone to Look Up To

Eleven-year-old Bella looks up to her older brother Carter for showing strength even though his life can be tough.

Carter, age 17, was born with a rare disorder that causes bones to grow abnormally and can lead to vision and hearing problems. He's had lots of operations to help his body work better.

Carter helps Bella with her homework and plays games with her and their 16-year-old brother, Brayden. Carter's also a skilled video editor who made a video about this dream that all children with disabilities will get support. In his video, he points out that he has tools like a wheelchair, glasses, a hearing aid and doctors. "If I didn't have any of the resources I have right now," Carter says, "then my life would probably be a lot different and a whole lot harder."

Corwyn in Uganda with a boy who has special needs.

In poor countries, many disabled kids can't afford or access tools that could help them walk, learn and play. That's why Bella's church sponsors about 100 children with disabilities.

Bella and Carter said goodbye to Braydon and their dad, Corwyn, this year as the father and son left for an 18-day trip to Africa. In Uganda, they met many parents who said they wished for comfortable beds or wagons for their disabled children in poverty.

An easy way to improve the lives of all disabled children is to show them kindness and respect. Treat children with special needs "almost the exact same" as other children, Bella says, so they don't feel different.