Present Surprise!

Dayana lives in El Salvador. She loves to receive gifts for Christmas “because they are pretty and that makes [her] happy.” Some children who live in poverty, like Dayana does, don’t receive presents or new toys because their parents can’t afford them. But Dayana and other sponsored children do! “In the Compassion center, I get a Christmas gift every year,” Dayana says. 

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And now for your greatest present… me! Laz, 8 Denton, TX

Boo! I’m a present too!

Cai, 10 Denton, TX

Are these all for ME?!

Melrose, 12 Murray, KY

presents make me pleasant

Amelia, Jonah, Mason, Scarlett, Hudson, 12, 10, 9, 8, 6 lancing Mi

i have a { gift} of surprising people

amelia, 12 lansing mi

I mean… Merry Christmas!

Alayna , 12 Lancaster PA

“Surprise!!!!!” -Dayana “Huh?! Wha-?!?! Oh, its you.”

Emma, 10 Glendale, AZ

Very gifty!

Melody, 6 Houston, TX

Help! I’m drowning in my presents!

Akari, 9 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“I love presents so much I think I’ll be one!”

Sean, 12 Palmyra, Virginia

“Finally, I thought you were never going to unwrap me!”

Juliana, 13 Westmoreland, NY

” Here I am, did you notice I was missing? “

Sean, 11 Westmoreland, NY

I LOVE Christmas!!!

Claire, 5 Springfield, VA


sage, 9 Columbia M.O

Look at these! I’m going to share them with all my friends!!!!!!

Alethea S., 10 Orrville, OH

Christmas surprise!

Rachel, 8 West Melbourne, FL

Yay! I finally get to sit in a big box!

Lucy, 12 Bellevue ID

One, Two, Three, and Four, Five, Six, Seven, and a Gift from God!

Kyla, 11 Erie, Colorado

I’m the best gift of all!

Sabre, 9 Westphalia KS

Merry Christmas every… Hey! Where is everyone?!

Juliette, 9 Sun River, MT

“I’m going to give these to my friends and neighbors!”

Analise, 11 Goshen, IN

“Good tidings (I) bring to you and your kin! (I) wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Selah, 14 Goshen, Indiana

Out of all these gifts, I am the best one! But who’s the greatest gift of all?

Hannah, 13 Matthews, NC

Didin’t you know I was a over grown wind up doll?

Alexandra, 9 Waterbury

um… mom a little help getting out of this box.

zoey, 11 IL

Ta da

Chloe, 11 Columbia M.O

“Time for presents,” Dayana’s parents called,
But where was Dayana?
Under chairs her parents crawled.
“Oh, where is Dayana?”
Now, where is she, they all ask me,
“What happened to Dayana?”
“Open up the big, big, box,” I gleefully sing,
But then the box sprang open with a delightful little ring.
Oh, there is Dayana!

Maiya, 12 Kingston, Ontario

Feliz Navidad!!!

Genevieve, 10 Fredericksburg TX

Seven gifts from the compassion center wrapped in colorful paper, and one beautiful gift from God in a bright yellow shirt!

Genevieve, 10 years Santa Rosa, California

your PRESENCE (presants) is a GIFT to me.

jensen, 10 manhattan ks

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8

Aliyah, 13 Fond du lac, Wisconsin

I’m a Christmas tree!

Emily, 9 Chambersburg, PA

“This one is a doll, this one is a stuffed animal, this one is playdough and clay, and this one is me!”

Katelyn, 10 Monument, Colorado

YAY! Pretty presents!

Alexis, 8 Springfield, MO

There once was a girl in a box,
What will she find? maybe socks?
The sky is blue,
And she’s super happy too,
It’s good that she didn’t find rocks!

Lincoln, 13 Calgary, AB

“And…that’s a wrap!”

Sophia, 9 Rainier, WA

“My present to you is me! Wait, I’m not even supposed to be in here.”

Ella, 8 Cedar Rapids, IA

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Get who?”
“Get me out of this box, it’s cramped!”

Addy, 9 Cedar Rapids, IA

I get a Christmas gift every year, but this time I am one!

Brooke, 8 Monument, Colorado

Who wants a Jack-in-the-Box! I’m a great one!

Abigail, 11 Carol Stream

“Look how many presents I got, inside the biggest one is…me?

Nathanael, 13 Carol Stream, Illinois

In the past, in the PRESENT, in the future!

Kendrick, 8 Souderton, Pa

One and only, wrap me up!

Brock, 6 Souderton, Pa

Look how many presents I got!

Jared, 8 Kutztown, PA

I want to look at my great present but I have to look happy in front of all these people.

Micah, 11 Kutztown, PA