During quarantine last year, lots of kids around the world were sad that their Compassion centers were closed. To cheer them up, a church in Indonesia started making a comic book just for the kids! They delivered it to the children’s homes along with food for their families. It definitely cheered up these kids!

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Natalie, scalar Newark

Ha, Ha, HA! Wait, whats so funny???

Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

HA HA HA HA HA! Wait. I don’t get it.

Gabriel, 10 North Bloomfield, OH

Which pic is the funniest? HUMMMMMMMMMMM

Shelby, 10 CLT NC

Which pic is the funniest? HUMMMMMMMMMMM

Shelby, 10 CLT NC

Kid on the very right: know THAT is a train coming down the track…

Luke, 11 jersey City, NewJersey

Girl: “Who’s tickling me?!”

Kate, 14 Valley Center, CA

What’s so funny?

Caroline, 11 Brooks, Ga

“He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy,” Job 8:21. God was there for these kids when they had to lose their compassion center, and once again, he gave them laughter.

Myla Rae, 11 3/4 Gladwin, Mi

Umm…ok…what’s so funny about radioactive cheese?

Note from the author: This was inspired by something that happened in real life,(Radioactive cheese of course)

Magnolia, 11 Sarcoxie MO

Girl: Why are we even laughing? I’ve gotta see this.

Boys: Open your eyes.

Girl: How is that funny?

Whitney, 12 Gilberts, Il


Emory, 9 sumerville, SC

“Did you see that! Haha! He just slipped on a banana!” *snort* *Uncontrolable laughing*

Kara, 14 Gentryville,IN

Hahaha hahaha…
Gah! Bug! A bug flew in my mouth!

Alayna, 12 Lancaster Pennsylvania

God has brought us laughter and everyone around us so always remember that God gave us laughter not statues and fake Gods God made you and me and everyone around us and that’s all you need to know and never forget that God loves you say a little prayer and read your bible always remember God loves you!

abby, 9 Clayton NC

Ha, the owl lives in a burrow and the bunny lives in a tree!

Julia (ju-le-a), 11 Madison alabama

He really won that battle against that giant at a very young age with river stones? That is crazy! Only God could do that.

Annabella, 10 Orlando, Florida

Wow! That dancing penguin is so funny!

Elora, 12 Redmond, OR

What’s so funny!?!? This book has a cat having lunch with a polar bear in it!

Keaton, 7 Lebanon, OH

ha,ha,ha! I don’t get it.

Sophia, 9 purcell M.O.

Look at that have you ever seen such An weird cow?? Oh wait the chicken you should see it!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Channing, 9 CO

God has given me the laughter right now, so lets enjoy it!

Lauren, 10 Goshen, Indiana

Girl. some body help I cant stop laughing. Boy1. oh ha ha look at that! Girl. I said help me stop laughing, not make me laugh even harder! Boy2. I was hoping you could help me stop. Boy3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

ruthanna, 11 purcell M.O.

Hey I can’t see the page! Scooch over will ya?

Liv, 12 New Orleans LA.

“Get the fly! Get the fly!” “POW!” “That fly didn’t stand a chance.”

Ruthanne, 9 Moscow, Idaho

Move over! What’s so funny?

Soren, 12 Colorado Springs, Colorado

girl. hahaha
boy. i know that train that is coming closer each second is hysterical
boy 2. no look in the magazine its a pic of us laughing our heads off.
evry one but boy 1. did you say train!!!?????
all in unisin RUN!!!!!

Felicia miller, 13 Italy

boy in green shirt: this is so funny I could laugh my head of!!!!!!!!!!! girl in blue shirt: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha , I absolute agree!! boy with yellow sleeves: oh oh oh, me too!!! boy with checkered shirt : me three !!!!!!! All: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha haha ha ha ha haha ha! all: that is soooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reagan, 6 chicago

Scoot over… I can’t see the pages anymore!

Rena, 11 Sugar Land, Texas

Oh my, you’re just too funny! Oh, look at this…*Bursts of laughter* OMG A TRAIN’S COMING – RUNNN

Alexa, 9 Seattle, WA

How my dad expects us to laugh when he tells his dad jokes

Juliana, 12 Sacramento, California

Imagine if that superhero were me… Yeah, I don’t feel like fighting crime. I’m better off just reading it.

Sosy, 9 North Wales

I mean, seriously!! Look at this!!!
He Ha Ha

Noah, 13 Waukesha, Wisconsin

Snort- Is there a pig behind us? Oh that was me

Jessi, 12 Mesa,az

Let’s get together

Rose, 10 Lawrence Ks

Wait is that a moose,elephant, rhino, bird?

Kyla, 11 Erie, Colorado

Laughter makes everything feel better!

Ava, 8 Paris, France

And this guy talks in a deep voice like this: MWAAHAAHAAHAAHAA!

Magnolia, 10 Missouri

Ouch! Why are we sitting on a railroad track? My rump hurts!

Aislyn, 9 scottsdale AZ

OMG! This is the FUNNIEST THING EVER!!!!!!

Hannah, 10 Douglass Kansas

LOL Comics for ever!

Grace, 10 Marion, Iowa

when your reading the compassion magazine and your reading the captions!

Amelia, 12 lancng MI

HAHAHHAH!! This is the best comic book EVER!!

Paul, 11 wichita kansas

Oh the author Billy Bob Joe is so hilarious!! How come I have never heard of him before?! Ha ha!

Audrey, 11 New Freedom, Pennsylvania

Knock knock,
who’s there?
Kids who?
Kids laughing!

Ethan & Seth, 12 & 10 Washington, IL

What…you call that a superpower?

Aman, 8 Tucson, AZ

“God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.” – Genesis 21:6

Vidia, 12 Harrisburg, PA

…And cow man saves the elephant woman once again!

Isaiah, 7 Independence Kansas

When a comic is SO funny that you just CAN’T stop LAUGHING. Hahaha!

Annabella, 13 Wichita, Kansas

Looks like we’ve got another happy day.

Whitney, 10 Gilberts,IL

”You guys are hilarious!!!”the girl said,”but can I continue reading,there about to find out what happened to the princess and her Prince charming.”

Selah, 11 Casper,Wyoming

all a board the giggle express

zoey, 9 Modesto CA

STOP! I can’t Handel it!!

Charlotte, 12 Des Moines, Iowa

Hahaha That’s …… hahaha that… that’s …. Hilariously!!!!!

Charlotte, 12 Minneapolis, Minnesota

…and that’s my sister waring that bunny suit!

micaiah, 10 Independence Kansas

What’s the thing about polka-dotted flamingos??

Karenna Sperling, 11 Independence, Kansas

“HAHAHAHA!! …wait what are we laughing about again?”

Genevieve, 10 Santa Rosa, California

HAHA funniest book ever

Joey, 10 Bemidji MN

Do you want to hear a joke about this piece of paper? Never mind… it’s tearable!

Molly, Age 8 Glen Burnie, M.D

Oh man! That is so PUNNY!!

Lucia, 14 Summerville sc

I’ve come down with a bit saddy…
AKA glad ?+ sad ?

Kracey, 11 Paris, France

I don’t know if I’m laughing or crying!

Grace and Kamryn, grace 10 kamryn 9 carlsbad, CA

This is a LAUGH-A-THON! Ha Ha!

Henry N, 9 St Anthony, MN

Girl: “Mwa ha ha! My evil plan is coming along perfectly!” Boy: “You know we’re just reading a comic book right?”

Grace, 7 St Anthony, MN

Your track is up!

Hadassah, 9 los angeles california

watch out! The train is comical

Joshua, 10 los angeles california

Boy, “Guys, look here!” (Everyone looks over at this comic book.) “That’s the funniest thing in the world! LOL!” Everyone smiles at each other, “I am glad that they made these comic books!” Everyone, “AGREED!”

Naela, 10 Laporte, MN

Jesus is the hero in this book but even he has a sense of humor and some good one liners

Vivi, 12 Canisteo NY

Stop, stop, oh I can’t help it! Hahaha

Amelia, 12 Dallas, Texas

Who would have known that books can make people laugh?

Quincy, 6 Greenfield, IN