Llama llama

Llamas live in some countries where Compassion works. In the Andes Mountains of Peru and Bolivia, llamas carry people's heavy stuff. But llamas spit and hiss if they get too loaded down!

Do you know famous place in this picture? Hint: It was a fortress that the Incas built around the year 1450.

Answer: Machu Picchu

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llama land that’s what it is NOW DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!

Noah, 10 Virginia

White Llama: pst. Do I blend in with the background?

Whitney, 12 Gilberts, Il

Wow that’s high!!!!!!

juniper, 8 San Diego California

yippee! I arrived at LAAAAAAST! and all ready to attack any house that has food in I think might be a fine supper, and all ready to steal the food! MMMMMMm? I think I’d best take my friends along, and we shall be a team! hey friends!? psss,psss! Friends: great idea! It has been a long time since I have had a fine meal!
And all ready to attack!

Grace, 7 Broomfield, CO

Whoa, what a great lunch!

Gabe, 10 Ham Lake MN

Waaaw! That’s aaamazing!

Julia, 8 Lawrence ks

It’s so a high up here. Oh wait no it’s so high! Ahhhhh llama drama!

Jaeyla, 10 Shakopee MN

‘No probllamas in llama-lland’

Adia, 8 Curlew, WA


Audey, 12 Remington, In

this used to be our hangout now its a kindom for alpacas only and one time they thought us llamas were alpacas HOW RUDE!!!!!!!!

Evita, 9 cumberland on

I’m tellin’ you! I’m the Emperor of this place!

Savannah, 10 Wilmington, NC

Is this the way to Chick-fil-A?

Caden, 4 Tacoma, Washington

This is so high!!!…..wait a minute…. can someone help me down!!!!

Lucas, 10 Pittsbugh,PA


Addie, 10 Greenville, SC

This is my kingdom hey who is that lama attack!!!!!!

sophia, 8 Nashville TN


Addison, 10 Staley, N.C.

I’m pretty, don’t you think?

Jordan, 11 Grass Valley, Calif.

Look at my grand city.

Alayna, 13 Lincoln, Calif.

Is that where we are moving?

Thea, 7 Orrville, Ohio

Finally, I made it to the top! Wait, how do I get down?

Liam, 9 Brownsburg, Ind.

I am king of the mountain. Yes, you may applaud now.

izzy, 12 Thornton, Colo.

That’s one small step for llama, one giant leap for llama-kind!

Elliana, 13 Shakopee, Minn.

Those people look like ants!
— Llama

McCoy, 9 Shakopee, Minn.

Llama — watch out, they spit!

Thomas, 9 Rogers, Ark.

Ahhh! Just smell that fresh mountain bre— plugh oll bluck! Bug in my mouth! Ugh!

Kara, 12 Gentryville, Ind.

I have been walking all over the town.

Lilliana, 11 Chester, Ill.

I’m the king of the world!

Danny, 10 Pennsylvania

Umm … I’m afraid of heights.

Alivia, 10 Pennsylvania

My ancestors have lived here for generations!

Anna, 13 Bel Air, Md.

Hello, Mr. Llama. Have you tried jumping off the mountains yet? I hear you llamas are sure-footed!

Catherine, 9 Hebron, Ky.

5-star view!

Kaitlyn, 10 Columbus, Ohio

Bet I can spit farther than you can!

Elizabeth, 11 Siloam Springs, Ark.

Very interesting … Llama world …

Liv and Molly, 6 and 9 Morton, Ill.

Whoaaa! How did I get up here? 0_0

Camille, 9 Missouri

Llama look at the view!

Kyla, 8 U.S.

I’m almost to the top of the world.

Meme, 8 Australia

Whew! That was way to much for my little feet! I think I’m in Heaven, I walked so much! Maybe I’ll go down there and take a rest.

Cadence, 8 Henderson, Nev.

Run! Giant llama on the loose!

Kalia, 12 New Brunswick, Canada

Llama town!

Cora, 9 Moberly, Mo.

Look at the valley! Seems you have a friend over there!

Naela, 8 Laporte, Minn.

Ahh. This place smells Machu good.

Grace, 7 Woodland, Wash.

Whoa! An old fortress and a … camel?!

Haden, 9 Machesney Park, Ill.

La la la.

Wyatt, 10 Idaho

Llama: I think I’ll call this place Llama Llama Valley.

Johanna, 9 Ontario, Canada

Don’t worry, I’m just making sure they don’t get into trouble. HEY! You over there, stop that!

Abigail, 11 Alberta, Canada

Don’t hit your head on the clouds, please!

Helen, 8 Alberta, Canada

That breeze feels good.

Naomi, 12 Watertown, N.Y.

Machu Machu Llama. I want to be a Macho Llama.

Selah, 11 Orlando, Fla.