Ever feel like monkeys are running wild in your mind or body? Keeping your hands busy with a fidget toy can help you focus in moments like those. Here’s how to make your own with simple supplies.

Around the World

Needed: a pipe cleaner, 10 pony beads, a small piece of cardboard and glue. 

String the pony beads onto the pipe cleaner. Then bend the pipe cleaner until it’s a circle. Twist the ends together to close the circle. With an adult’s help, glue those twisted ends to a piece of cardboard. The pipe cleaner should be standing up tall with the cardboard as a base at the bottom. Now you can move the beads around the circle like planes flying around the world!


The Pencil Wrap

Needed: a pencil and a piece of twine or ribbon. Optional: washi tape.

With an adult’s help, cut a long piece of twine or ribbon. Then tie the twine or ribbon to the top of the pencil, under the eraser. Make sure you tie it tight! If you need to make it extra tight, put a little piece of washi tape on top of the knot. Now you can wrap the twine or ribbon around your pencil. You can make all kinds of designs! Ask an adult to help you trim the ribbon if it’s too long. You can also wrap washi tape around your pencil to make it extra colorful.

Kid Keys

Needed: a big paper clip, 5-10 smaller paper clips and tape. 

String your little paper clips onto the big paper clip. (Slide the open, round part of the little paper clip onto the long, straight part of the big paper clip. Then keep sliding the little paper clip until it’s secure in the middle of the big paper clip.) Fit as many as you can! Then use tiny pieces of tape to close the ends of the big paper clip. Now you have a set of “keys” to fidget with.