Dragon Breather


Focusing on your breathing is a great way to calm your mind when you have big feelings. This fire-breathing dragon craft is a fun way to breathe with purpose! Next time you feel afraid or so angry you think you could breathe fire, try this fun way to cool off. It works best if you pray while you do it! 


To use your dragon tube:

  • Place the end of the tube with the dragon’s eyes over your mouth and exhale (breathe out) through the tube. Cut the pieces of tissue shorter if the “fire” doesn’t move much. 
  • Remove it from your mouth. Breathe in through your nose while you silently say a prayer. 
  • Breathe out through the tube again. 
  • Continue until your mind feels more calm.

Here are a few ideas for prayers to say while you breathe:

  • God, I trust that you’re in control.
  • Jesus, please take away my anger.
  • God, you know what’s best for me.
  • God’s got this.
  • Jesus, make my heart feel better.