Don’t you just love how warm and cozy your house feels at Christmastime? And how it always smells so good — like warm cookies and fresh Christmas trees? Candles can give your home that Christmas feel and smell. And if your church has a candlelight service, you know that candles also add beauty and fun to Christmas Eve!

But candles are even more useful for kids who live in homes without electricity. Some sponsored kids who don’t have electricity use candles or oil lamps to light their way after dark. The light helps them read, do homework and see where they are walking.

Imagine what it would be like to live without electricity while you make these Christmas candles! They will help make your home will feel even cozier and smell even more wonderful.

Note: Candlemaking supplies can be found in craft stores or online. Make sure to read all the directions first with an adult before starting your candlemaking craft!


Safety tip:

Never light a candle without an adult’s help, and never leave a candle unattended!

Pro tips:

  • For extra scent, soak the wick in the same essential oils you mix into the wax! After soaking a wick, dip it once or twice in hot wax and let it dry before gluing it in the jar.
  • Secondhand thrift stores might have jars you could reuse!
  • For colored candles, you can buy candle dye (food coloring doesn't work).
  • Add glitter when you add essential oils to the wax.