You're taking

textiles class in Tanzania!

A Tanzanian student is taking a textiles class at his Compassion center.
How do you think this student is feeling?

This student in Tanzania is learning to weave. Students who take textiles classes learn to make fabric out of fibers like yarn or thread. Sewing and weaving machines are too expensive for most sponsored children’s families to afford. But some kids learn on machines at their schools and Compassion centers!

Textiles skills are important for kids in countries where Compassion works. If these children know how to sew, they can make their own clothes and stitch up tears in clothes they already own. When they grow up, kids who know how to sew, knit or crochet can use their skills to earn money. They could start businesses making and fixing clothes, curtains or blankets for people in their communities. 

Textiles Challenge

Complete this challenge to move on to your next class! Fabric is made from fibers. Natural fibers come from animals. Synthetic fibers are human-made from chemicals. On your printed Challenge Sheet, draw a line from the fiber name on the left to the picture of its source (where it comes from) on the right. 


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