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language arts class in Togo!

What do you notice about this classroom?
What do you notice about this classroom?

These kids are learning to write letters. They are using chalk and mini chalkboards instead of pencil and paper. When you fill up a notebook of paper, you have to buy another one. But chalkboards can be erased and used again and again. That’s great news for kids whose families can’t afford to keep buying paper.

Reading and writing — language arts — are so important. If you didn’t learn language arts, you would not know what was written in the Bible, history books, letters — or this Compassion Explorer Magazine! And writing gives us a way to share our knowledge, ideas and feelings. All sponsored kids need to learn language arts so someday they can get jobs that pay well.

Language Arts Challenge

Complete this challenge to move on to your next class! On your printed Challenge Sheet is a list of school supplies, but the letters got all mixed up! Unscramble the letters to spell each word correctly.





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