Does your family ever cook outside? It can be fun to grill burgers in the backyard, or go camping and roast some hot dogs over a fire! But when you are inside, you probably cook food on a stovetop or in an oven, right? 

Many sponsored children’s families don’t have appliances. Some don’t even have electricity to power appliances. So they cook every meal over a fire. 

Salama, a sponsored girl in Kenya, has one of those families. And it’s a BIG family — she has 13 siblings! For most meals, Salama’s family eats vegetables and ugali, which is a thick porridge made from cornmeal. In these photos, Salama’s mom, Kadzo, is cooking a batch of ugali and beans. 

The kids sit on mats on the ground while they eat their meal and talk and laugh. The children thank God that they have enough food to fill their bellies tonight!


Sponsored kids around the world eat a lot of meals that include beans. Usually beans are less expensive than many foods, and they are commonly sold at markets. Plus, beans are delicious and have a lot of protein, which keeps kids strong and healthy!

Githeri is a Kenyan stew of beans and corn that you’ll enjoy cooking and eating with your family. Before you dig in, thank God for the food and say a prayer for kids in Kenya who don’t have enough to eat.

Click here for the recipe for Githeri.