Think about one thing you’re afraid of. The dark? Bugs? Or maybe thunderstorms? We all have something in our lives that makes us feel scared. I bet your mom and dad even have something that they’re afraid of!

Did you know that there is a storm in the Bible where all of Jesus’ friends, the disciples who followed Him every day, got really scared? In Mark 4, Jesus and the disciples were on a boat when a big storm came. How do you feel when you wake up and there’s a storm happening outside ­— all of that rain and wind and thunder and lightning? Now imagine being on a boat!

When you get scared in the night, do you go and wake up one of your parents? That’s exactly what the disciples did too! They went to where Jesus was sleeping and asked Him to help them. And He did! He stood right up in the middle of all of that rain and lightning and said, “Quiet! Be still!”

And the storm just stopped!


Did you know when you get scared, you can ask Jesus to help you too? You can pray to Him, and ask Him to take away that awful feeling of being afraid. Fear can feel like a storm inside of us, can’t it? Everything feels loud, like thunder in our heads. But even if what you’re afraid of is still there, Jesus can say, “Quiet! Be still!” and that fear inside of us can go still. Because Jesus has the power to do that!

Believing in God won’t make all our fears go away, will it? It doesn’t mean that there will never be another storm again. That all of the scary bugs in the world will disappear. But when we pray to God when we’re afraid, He gives us comfort. Just like a hug from your mom or dad when you’ve had a nightmare makes you feel better, asking God to give you peace will bring you comfort when you are scared.

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Mark 4:35–41

Psalm 56:3

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Get an envelope and write “JESUS” on the outside. Every time you get scared, write or draw your fear on a piece of paper, and then put it inside your envelope to remind you that you can give all of your fears to Jesus!

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Thank Jesus for being bigger than all your fears and for holding your hand when you’re scared. Tell Jesus you know He is bigger than anything you are afraid of.