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What people wear can say a lot about them! Some kids dress in uniforms to play sports or special outfits if they like to dance. Even on school days, many kids pick clothes in their favorite colors and patterns. What do you like to wear? 

Kids in other countries wear clothing that reflects their personalities too! Many children around the world may wear clothes just like you — T-shirts and jeans with sneakers or sandals. But some children living in poverty have only a couple of clothing items and may not have as many choices to reflect what they like. Clothes are not just for fashion but are also a necessity that some families can’t afford. 

In some countries, clothing is an important part of the culture. In Guatemala, the clothing colors are based on the colorful land. Most dresses have bright colors and patterns of beautiful flowers and animals found in the country. The traditional dress represents the history of the Mayans. So some colors represent Mayan religions or the Mayan calendar. Traditional colors for girls are red, pink and purple. Most fabrics are decorated with bright, handmade accessories.

In Ghana, fabrics are skillfully woven into different patterns based on people’s tribes and the areas in which they live. The Ga people make up one of the largest groups of people in Ghana. Their culture’s traditional clothes are colorful and unique!

Have fun printing and cutting out this girl from Guatemala and boy from Ghana and dressing them in their favorite outfits! 

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Mariana wears traditional clothing of Guatemala: a huipil (a type of blouse), a corte (a skirt) and a faja (a belt). Every region in Guatemala has its own color, pattern and design.

Nii Bonney in Ghana shows off the traditional clothing of his tribe, the Ga, by dressing in kwadjan. It is a style of wrapping fabric around the body. The kwadjan is usually paired with traditional slippers, beaded or solid gold jewelry and shorts.