I Got Your Back!

Eight-year-old Gift lifts up her twin sister, Joy, outside their home in Kenya. The girls look identical, but like all kids, they have different personalities. Joy is quiet, and Gift likes to talk. The twins are sponsored and get to go to a Compassion center at a church in their neighborhood.

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I got you… but who’s got ME!?! "Ashley", 12 Chesapeake, VA

having fun

Jake, 8 Birmingham,Alabama


Grace, 7 Broomfield, Co

(Kid on the bottom) smile for the camera smile for the camera don’t fall. (Kid on the top I’m the queen!!)

Jaeyla, 11 Victoria Minnesota

*Celebration dance*

Layla, 13 Gainesville, Florida

weeeeee! ow my back.

Sophia, 9 purcell M.O.

What a nice bed! I could lay here for hours!

Emma, 12 Tacoma, WA

Don’t worry I’ve got your back oh wait who’s got mine

Jaeyla, 10 Shakopee MN

Gift: Um… Joy This is not even close to a trick. Joy :mom my trick did not work. Mom:It is ok

Reagan, 7 Gilberts IL

“Careful, sis!”
“Why? This is fun.”
“Because I can’t feel my back!”

Cailee, 12 Columbia, MO

Look at me and my sis!

Ellie, 12 Philippines

1, 2, 3, Lift!

Maiya, 11 Kingston, Ontario

Joy: Wheee! This is fun, Gift! Don’t you agree?
Gift: Yeah, sure. Fun….

Anna, 13 Boaz, KY

I’m doing yoga and everyone else is like ?when I say that

Alex, 10 Houston, Texas

(Into the unknown music)
Where Kenya wind,
Meets the sea,
Lies my sister,
Who I’m riding on
Can’t you see?
Come my darling homeward bound,
No more weight or she’ll fall DOWN!

Layla, 11 Fort White, Fla.

This is fun! Let’s do it again

Julie, 8 Canada


Lydia M., 11 Meadow Vista, CA

“Lean on me, when you need a friend”

Audey, 12 Remington, In

Never better, we’re attached to the hip!

Audrey, 10 New Freedom, PA

Wait till our friends see this!

Ethan, 12 Grass Valley, California

I hope you’re having fun up there because it’s my turn next.

It is fun up here how about you down there?

Jairus and Atarah, 12, 10 Greenville, PA

Sisters are the best!

Leah, Hannah, Micah and Selah, 10, 7, 5, 2 Auburn, AL

Gift: “preparing for launch. 3… 2…
Joy: wait, WHAT?!

Lincoln, 12 Calgary, AB (CAN)

BEEP WoW! This is Fun!!

Ian, 4 Calgary, Alberta

I’m giving this furniture store a 1 star review… this bed is so lumpy!

Rena, 10 Sugar Land, Texas

Woah thanks for the ride

Alivia, 11 Naples Florida

Do you want to give me a piggy back or me to give you one?

Liam, 10 Indiana, IN

Ahh, this is the life.

Anna, 13 Boaz, KY

Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssse don’t drop me!!!

Elise, 12 Cañon City, CO

This is so much fun! Lets do it again!

June, Age 10 Maryland

It’s all fun and games until I don’t get my stuff back!

Amalie, 10 Colorado Springs, Colorado

“This is awesome,but please put me down!!”

Abigail, 10 Atlanta,GA

wheew that was close we should probably not jump off of tree branches

Amelia, 11 lancing Michigan

Top Person:This is a moving experience!
Bottom Person:My back hurts!

Edmund, 10 Delta,B.C

”Together we can reach high heights!” ”WHOAH!!! OUCH!!!” ”Okay, maybe that was a little too high!!!”

Gracelyn, 11 Yukon, Oklahoma

Wee! I’m flying!

Brennan, 11 Winnipeg, Canada

Put me down! Well let’s Yeehaw horsey!!

Jordana, 7 Rutherford Nj

This is good exercise!

Milena, 10 Fort Collins Colorado

How you doin’ down there?

Saxon, 9 Fort Collins Colorado

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Makena, 13 Calhoun. Ga

“What’s happening here? No school!”

Micah, 5 Carroll, IA

“Come on Joy, we have to practice for cheerleading tryouts!”

London, 12 Weiser, ID

Gift: Fun but painful!
Joy: Ooh, I think I might fall off!

Rena, 10 Sugar Land, Texas

RR Yeah! I lifted her up!

Nate, 8 Cleveland, OH

Hey Look! My backpack can walk, talk, and do my homework!

Lia, 8 Perrysburg OH

i never knew that there where human beds

Amelia, 11 Lansing, Mich.

Fun with friends!

Lily, 11 Fort Wayne, IN

Joy: you are a gift from God!
Gift: haha I get it! You are the joy in my life!

Liberty, 14 Aurora, Colorado

Ahh! I think I just heard my back crack! Can you put me down now? I’m getting a sun burn.

Vera, 12 Morton IL

Lifting one up is a Gift of Joy that’s twice as nice!

Lucas, 14 Seymour, IN

Onwards trusty steed! Into battle!

Addison, 11 Staley, NC

Although this really hurts my back, I am still smiling for the camera!

Alex, 14 Lawrence, Kansas

thanks sister i love my new bed

Amelia, 11 lansing Michigan

I don’t think this is how a piggy-back ride works!

Rebekah, 14 Carol Stream, IL

Don’t drop me!! Don’t drop me!!!

Lilia, 11 Albuquerque, NM

Wait! Is this a chair?
No, she is my sister!

Whitney, 9 Gilberts, IL

Ummm…so what is on me?

Reagan, 6 Gilberts, IL

One! Two! There! Lift!!!!!! WEEEE!

Ethan, 12 Grass Valley CA

Now can you see the sun?

Noah, 12 Waukesha, Wisconsin

“For the last time, I’m NOT a seesaw!”

Grace, 12 Chula Vista, California

Yee haw this is fun!

Ava, 8 McMinnville, Or

(Old Town Road Remix)
Riding On My Sister
Foot Just Got A Blister
Stick Went Through My Foot
Thank God I’m All Good…

Brennan, 11 McMinnville, Or

Joy: “Hey, sis, I think we should be on ‘So You Think You Can Dance!’”
Gift: “Yeah, we could SO win!”

Adelyn, 11 Puyallup, WA

Gift: Can we go to Compassion like this?
Joy: …………………… Sure?

Kyla, 10 Erie, CO

That’s funny! A backward piggy back ride!

Finn, 6 Curlew, WA

Gift: ”Come on, Joy! You can at least say something to your nice sister for giving you a ride. Maybe I should lift you a little higher!” (Gift lifting Joy up higher.) Joy: ”Wheeeee!”

Naela, 10 Laporte, MN

On the way back, you’re carrying me, alright?

Addy Mac, 10 Sahuarita, AZ

piggyback time! yeah!

emily, 9 sahuarita az

Want to be on top of the sky?

Elizabeth, 12 Louisville Kentucky

Swing your partner ’round and ’round!?

Juliana, 11 Sacramento, California

wow! My backpack is heavier than usual!

Beatrix, 11 Indiana,pa

Do you like my skirt better? (or I’m not going to let you down)

Ceri, 11 Fort Collins Colorado

Don’t drop me please!

Nathanael, 11 Carol Stream, IL

Hey, girl! Don’t let me fall off! By the way, the sun’s shining in my eyes.

Abigail, 9 Carol Stream, IL

this is not quite as comfy as a bed, but I guess it will work.

Bella, 10 Delafield, Wisconsin

Just gotta lift up you and your spirits! see? It worked! you’re laughing now!

Nora, 12 Prescott Arizona

I have been holding you now it is your turn!

Annie, Age: 9 Uniontown, Ohio

Two is better than one!

Alayna, 14 Lincoln, CA

This is what you get for stealing my pink shoes!

Aiden, 11 Springfield, MO

Are you ready…this won’t hurt a bit!

Lilly, 12 Springfield, MO

“Ahhhh, I’m gonna do a backflip!”

Luke, 7 Visalia,California

I didn’t know this could be so much fun!!

Solomon, 9 Goshen, Indiana

Gift: Ha, ha, ha! This is so much fun! Joy: OK, OK, can you put me down now?!

Selah, Just turned 13 Goshen, IN