I Feel Loved When ...

Did you know not everyone feels loved in the same ways? Some people love surprises, and others love hugs. Do you have a friend who wants to play quietly together and another who is LOUD? Because of their different personalities, they probably feel most cared for when you interact with them in different ways.

Ask a friend the questions below so you can learn the ways they feel most loved!

When someone says these words, I feel the MOST loved ...

1. "Give me a hug!"
2. "I have a surprise for you!"
3. "Let's go for a walk!"
4. "You are amazing!"
5. "Let me help you with that!"

What's your favorite thing to do with your family?

1. Cuddle on the couch with everyone and watching a movie.
2. Surprise your parents with a homemade gift.
3. Spending time together, talking and laughing.
4. Telling each other why and how much we love each other.
5. Helping each other when someone is having a hard time.

I love it when someone GIVES me ...

1. A hug or a high-five
2. A gift just for me.
3. A day at the park.
4. A compliment.
5. A helping hand.

If someone threw you a SURPRISE PARTY, which part would be your favorite?

1. Hugs from all of my friends who came.
2. The special birthday gifts.
3. Getting to spend time with my friends.
4. Everyone telling me happy birthday.
5. The decorations your friends put up.

I feel the most SPECIAL when ...

1. Someone hugs me or holds my hand.
2. Someone gives me a special birthday gift.
3. Someone spends time with JUST me.
4. Someone tells me that I'm doing a good job.
5. Someone helps me do something hard.

All 5 questions completed!

I Feel Loved When ...

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