Hello in There!

Read some of your fun captions from Spring 2017 issue.

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Oh, the jar’s empty!

Georgina, 9 California, Los Angeles

Hi… Oh, it’s my reflection.

Taruva, 6 California, Los Angeles

Gotcha! It’s my turn. 1, 2, 3…

Gia, 11 WA


Darcy, 11 Choctaw, Oklahoma

Hello! Wait, I think I’m stuck!

Braden, 13 Choctaw, Oklahoma

What is in this bucket here?
Oh, what is in this bucket?
Could it be a baby deer?
Oh what is in this bucket?

Maybe it’s a birthday cake?
Or boat for the lake?
Or maybe it’s a little friend?
The possibilities have no end!

What if it’s a tiny pup?
The kind that fits inside a cup?

I can’t believe what I found!
But before I could make a sound,
Before I could say “What Luck!”,
I realized my head was stuck!

Maiya, 13 Kingston, ON

Is that a snake? Yikes, it is!

Katie, 9 Quakertown,PA

hay, mom, I found a snake!

sophia, 10 purcell MO

* Playing hide and go seek* haha found you oh wait now I’m stuck… is that a mouse oh wow cool!

Jaeyla, 11 Victoria Minnesota

Is that a spider heading straight for me…?

Genevieve, 11 Santa Rosa, California

ding dong helloo o hi i dint see you thear

marissa, 9 texas

Looks like there is no more potatoes..

Julia, 8 Lawrence ka

Hello? Is anybody in there? Ooo I smell some chocolate! I guess I’ll stick around to get this dessert out.

Sofia, 9 Springfield, Virginia

what is in here?
yuk scunk!

Sophia, 9 purcell M.O.

Um, mom whats that?Ah!!!There’s a snake!!!?

Selah, 11 Casper,Wyoming


Grace and Kamryn, grace 10 kamryn 9 carlsbad, CA

Anybody there? Nope? Dang. I guess I will come back later.

Levi, 9 O'fallon,MO

Hello in there. Help snake!!!!

C.J., 9 Grass Valley Cal.

I think I’m going to be sick!??

Molly Kate, 11 Starkville Mississippi

Hello? Is any one there?

Alayna, 13 Shakopee, MN

Darn! My goat’s not in here!

Rebecca, Nine Bryan TX

“Come on, Nick. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”

Alia, 10 Columbia, MO

that’s it bob

Reagan, 7 Gilberts IL

Is there a chip bag in there?

Zachary, 10 Oakville, Ontario


Adia, 8 Curlew, WA

someone help i’m stuck!

luke, 9 jersey city new jersey

MR. Rogers? IS THAT YOU???

Audey, 12 Remington, In

Lets see YOU try and drink water without YOUR hands out of a barrel TALLER than you and see how THAT works out!

Lincoln, 12 Calgary, AB

“Hello? Is anybody in there? Samantha??”

Airi, 8 Accokeek, MD

So weird when i checed my clock it was 8:00am now it looks like its midnight

Evita, 9 cumberland on

Hold it… there isn’t anything in here.

Savannah, 10 Wilmington, NC

Who likes my new hat? It is too heavy for me to lift!

Lucia, 13 Summerville, SC

Let’s see… Can I get that last drop of lemonade from there?

Ethan, 9 Tacoma, Washington

Take cover!!!!

Anna, 13 Boaz, KY

Hello ! Hole is fully there.

Whit, 9 Gilberts,IL

I wonder if I can fit in here

Ashley, 9 Monument ,Colorado

“Hello? Is anyone there? I’m sure I heard something! Wait, what’s that smell? AAAAAH!!! SKUNK!!!!

Cailee, 11 Columbia, MO

WOW!!!!! It’s so cool in here!!!….Wait, I’M STUCK!!!!!!!!!

Kourtneigh, 10 LA

I think I left a grape in here!

Noah, 12 Waukesha, Wisconsin

Guys!! I see Narnia!!!

Addison, 13 Brooks, GA

Hello! Anyone home?

Amaya, 10 Ephrata, PA

I think I’m a little stuck wait no I’m really stuck.

myla, 9 calgary ab

Kitty, are you in here?

Kylie, 12 Boise, Idaho

Who turned the lights out?

Caleb, 8 Grass Valley, CA

Hello, are you in there?

Reagan, 6 Gilberts, IL

Whee! This is fun! Wait… is that my mommy? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Tucker, 9 Greenville, SC

I have one question is mom okay with this?

sophia, 8 Nashville Tennessee

Hello? Ahhh! Black hole!

Landon, 8 Spring, Texas

One crab, two crabs, three … ouch!

Evie, 7 Panama City Beach, Fla.

Cant find me!!

Lily, 11 Fort Wayne, Ind.

“Mom? … Mom?”


“Since when was my mom a rat?”

Dani, 11 Greenville, S.C.

Hide and seek — I found you!

Josie, 6 Colorado Springs

Hey, who turned out the lights?!

Olivia, 10 Kinsman, Ohio

Wait — why did they put the faucet on the other end? I just need one sip …

Emily, 11 Somerset, Pa.

Um … a little help here?!

Kara, 12 Gentryville, Ind.

If I can’t see them … then they can’t see me!

Elliana, 13 Shakopee, Minn.

Hello? Anybody in here? No? Wow, I’m asking a lot of questions …

Maci, 11 Kaysville, Utah

Hey, guys. Any water in here? I need to think of it.

Ila, 8 Gobles, Mich.

Lilliana: HELP! HELP!
Shoshana: What? What happened?

Lilliana and Shoshana, 10 Chester, Ill.

Something smells fishy in here.

Abigail, 9 Whitehall, N.Y.

Do you guys like my hat? It’s a little top-heavy.

Abigail, 13 Barre, Vt.

Oh, look! A piece of bread!

Christopher, 9 Redlands, Calif.

This is a perfect hiding spot … I hope nobody sees me.

Elizabeth, 11 Siloam Springs, Ark.


Isabelle, 12 Normangee, Texas

How do I get water? I do need a sip before I go to school!

Naela, 8 Laporte, Minn.

Wow, it stinks in here and it’s weird in here.

Joshua, 8 Locust Grove, Va.

Will this be a good hiding place?

Mia, 8 Columbia, Md.

Please, please, please tell me no snake decided to make its nest here!

Katelyn, 12 Knoxville, Tenn.

Let me drink some water first!

Jen, 8 Colorado Springs, Colo.

You’re telling me there’s no dragon in here? How dare you!

Edan, 10 New South Wales, Australia

Any water?

Cora, 9 Moberly, Mo.

What do you think is inside of that barrel?

Rehmi, 7 Ensenada, Mexico

Why did Mom insist they install the faucet in here?

Stephen, 12 Colorado

Now where did he go? That frog!

Caroline, 11 U.S.

Is that a toy?

Jaxen, 11 U.S.

Can I lift, oops! I think I hit the light switch …

Wyatt, 10 Idaho

Uh, can someone help me out, please? Anyone?

Olivia, 9 Ann Arbor, Mich.

How long do I have to stand here?

Shani, 8 Forest Grove, Ore.

Marco! Polo! Marco!

Asher, 7 Stuttgart, Germany

Hey, why are you in there?

Micah, 10 Forest Grove, Ore.

Wait … you’re telling me this isn’t the way to drink water? I’ve been lied to!

Aimee, 13 Spring Hill, Tenn.

Empty again.

Myles, 9 Macomb, Mich.

Is anything in here?

Margot, 5 North Little Rock, Ark.

Ahh, my head is stuck in this bucket.

David, 9 Spring Hill, Tenn.

Is there any more down there?

Chloe and Wesley, 11 and 8 Tigard, Ore.

Are you sure I have to carry this one?

Joey, 11 Aurora, Ill.

Hello! Anybody in there? … in there? … in there? … in there?

Jordan, 9 Oro Valley, Ariz.

Where did all the water go? Ahhh, spider!

Madeline, 10 Turlock, Calif.

Mama, all the washing is done!

Tuto, 9 Gauteng, South Africa


Sarah, 6 Forest Grove, Ore.

Another trip to the well.

Ava, 8 Macomb, Mich.

Ready or not, here I come!

Lacie, 13 London