Hat's That

This toddler in Thailand is trying on a hat! Churches in Thailand team up with Compassion to help toddlers like him.

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Well, um Mom this IS my new hat, thank you.

Abigail, 10 Post Falls, I.D.

Toddler: I want this one Mom!!!
Mom: Are you sure? It’s a little big.
Toddler: I can grow into it!
Mom: Well, I guess hat’s hat!

"Ashley", 12 Chesapeake, VA

This hat is a LITTLE too big, so what?!

Whitney, 12 Giberts, Il

I think I rock this better then mom ?

Jaeyla, 11 Victoria Minnesota

Dear Sponsor,
This is a picture of me with my favourite thing to wear. It keeps the sun off of my head and it’s stylish.

Dear Friend,
Very nice, but it looks a little big. Don’t you have any smaller hats?

Dear Sponsor,
This is my umbrella.

Maiya, 12 Kingston, Ontario

Mmm.. that potato was so good!

Faith, 12 Lawrence ks

Now, where are my sunglasses?

Owen, 10 Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I have a hat that fits!

Caleb, 8 Grass Valley, C.A.

Hey Dad, just borrowing your hat.

Lucia, 10 Old Lyme, Conn.

No sunburns here!!

Addie, 10 Greenville, SC

Finally, I found the perfect hiding spot!

Malia, 11 Medina, Tenn.

How long do I have to hold this hat?

Evie, 6 Panama City Beach, Fla.

Why are you looking at me like that? Big hats are the latest trend.

Renee, 12 Lethbridge, Alberta

My hat is my hat.

Liam, 9 Brownsburg, Ind.

Mommy, Mommy, look! I found Grandma’s hat!

Elliana, 13 Shakopee, Minn.

Dear Hat Company, the order I sent in for a sturdy sun hat came in too big.
— Thailand toddler

McCoy, 9 Shakopee, Minn.

Did somebody mention caaaaandy?

Nathan, 10 Sulphur Springs, Texas

How about this one? Too big?

Zoe, 11 Bend, Ore.

To wear or not to wear? That is a great question.

Emma, 13 Benson, Minn.

If this hat doesn’t fit, I might have to go to Compassion and get another hat.

Clara, 8 Burke, Va.

How cute am I?

Keira, 7 Carmichael, Calif.

I need the next size bigger.

Julia, 7 Cambridge, Minn.


Karis, 11 Portland, Ore.

Check out my new duds!

Jon, 11 Rocklin, Calif.

You broke it!

Micah, 8 Kutztown, Pa.

I think I’ll become a fashion designer when I grow up.

Corinne, 11 Woodland Park, Colo.

Um, do you have anything smaller?

Emma, 11 Wylie, Texas

Who cares about sunscreen? Get a body hat!

Abigail, 9 Whitehall, N.Y.

Does this hat look too big on me?

Lilliana, 10 Chester, Ill.

I like to play dress-up with my hat.

Shoshana, 10 Chester, Ill.

I am going to FALL OFF!

Abby, 9 Callera, Ore.

Does this hat make my head look small?

Luke, 11 Irvine, Calif.

Maybe when I’m bigger …

Anna, 13 Bel Air, Md.

I hate getting sunburned.

Elizabeth, 11 Siloam Springs, Ark.

Maybe if the angle’s just right, it won’t fall over my eyes.

Natalie, 11 Dallas, Texas

I. Look. So. cool.

Grace, 11 Dallas, Texas

Preparing for my summer look.

Jen, 10 Colorado Springs, Colo.

Big brim, small brim. Wide Brim, thin Brim. TOO MANY OPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

Ella, 12 San Antonio, Texas

Hmm … how does this hat look on me?

Korey, 10 USA

Er … this is a bit too big, but I still like my hat. Do you?

Hannah, 10 Matthews, N.C.

Go ahead, wear the hat!

Ian, 9 Grand Rapids, Mich.

I’m so cute because this is my dad’s hat … right?

Victoria, 11 Locust Grove, Va.

Mommy, can we get this hat? It’s SOOO cute!

Olivia, 10 Texas

Think this will end up on the front page?

Mary, 12 Cleburne, Texas

This is Daddy’s hat.

Anna, 9 Woodlands, Texas

Look at this hat I’m wearing … hey, wait, where did the catwalk go?

Catherine, 10 Hebron, Ky.

This hat fits … right?

Ella, 12 San Antonio, Texas

Wait! Don’t go away! I only have nine more to show you!

Maggie, 11 Huntsville, Ala.

I should be a model.

LaurelAnna, 14 Cleburne, Texas

Too big? Too small? No, just right!

Mia, 8 Columbia, Md.

Who needs sunscreen when you have this hat?

Katelyn, 12 Knoxville, Tenn.

One minute, I need to get my hat angle perfect!

Kaitlyn, 10 Columbus, Ohio