Do you like to bake or cook with your family? Making food for
others to eat is one way to show them love! 

One kid who likes cooking for others is 13-year-old Naw-Yee-Te. She and her younger siblings live in Thailand at a home for children who don’t have parents to care for them. Sadly, their parents died in a fire when Naw-Yee-Te was 8. 

At the children’s home, a woman named Em Mui cares for them and 24 other kids who are in Compassion’s program. That’s a lot of kids to feed! But Naw-Yee-Te enjoys helping their “house mom” make sure all the kids have full bellies. 

“My favorite part of preparing the meals is helping everyone with the cooking and mixing,” says Naw-Yee-Te. “My favorite thing to make for everyone is omelets.”


With the help of Compassion, the children’s church buys groceries for the orphans so they can grow up strong and healthy at the children’s home!


“When I face troubles and when I’m sad, God is with me, comforting me. We don’t lack in what we have here, even food. It is good here.”
— Naw-Yee-Te, 13

Naw-Yee-Te shows love to other kids by making food for them. Like her, lots of children in North America bake to help others! Over the years, a few talented Compassion Explorers have shared their special recipes with us. Below, you'll find the recipes inspired by these compassionate kids so you can make them to eat, sell or give away! 


Isabella’s Vanilla Cupcakes

Isabella is a compassionate kid in New York who sold her cupcakes at dance recitals, church and a local farm. She used the money to sponsor two children through Compassion.

Make your own vanilla cupcakes with this recipe!


Saara’s Cooking Camp’s Creamy Lemon Pie

Saara’s Cooking Camp was a three-day summer camp started by seven teenage girls in Pennsylvania. Kids ages 6 to 12 attended the camp to learn about cooking and poverty. Campers sold their goodies and donated the money to Compassion!

Get the recipe for Creamy Lemon Pie!


CW’s Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

You might remember CW from a recent issue of Compassion Explorer Magazine. He sold these yummy treats to raise money to buy items from the Compassion Gift Catalog, like Bibles, a water filter and other important supplies for kids in poverty! 

Find CW's recipe here!


Make Your Goodies Giftable

Print out these gift tags so you can turn your baked goods into presents!

Printable: Goodies for Good Gift Tags Download Print
  • Organize a bake sale at your church, school or home. Donate the money to a charity you care about.

  • Share your goodies at a Thanksgiving or Christmas gathering.

  • Give away the goodies to neighbors, teachers, friends and family.