Easter is a holy time when we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave three days after he died for us. Sponsored kids around the world love to celebrate Easter too! Many kids who live in poverty face big challenges and sometimes feel hopeless. So when they learn the true meaning of Easter — Jesus’ resurrection — it gives them hope. You can pray for those kids while you make this minigarden to remember Jesus’ resurrection. 

Plant 7-10 days before Easter day for best grass growth! 

“Easter is a week of love.” 

— Cristofer, 8 years old, Dominican Republic 

“I love Easter because my grandmother and my mother buy a new dress and shoes for church.” 

— Ruth, 7 years old, Rwanda 

“I am both happy and sad at Easter. I am sad because Jesus suffered so much for my sake, but I am happy because at the end He gave me the hope of heaven.” 

— Frank, 12 years old, Ghana