Love lesson plan

  1. Begin with reading the Love God and Love People devotional. Talk about what it means to love others like Christ loves us. Read the suggested Bible verses together out loud.
  2. Look at the pictures and read about the children in the Who is My Neighbor? story. Talk about neighbors near and far and what kinds of love they need. Can your family think of ways to love your neighbors while social distancing?
  3. Read Kids Make a Mighty Roar to learn how some students in California used their school’s Market Day to show love to others. Help your children brainstorm ways they could raise money for people in need.
  4. Help your kids make this cool pop-up card to give to someone they love! It’s a simple kids craft that calls for materials you probably have around your home.
  5. Print out the 20 Acts of Kindness Planner to get your kids thinking about creative ways to show love to their neighbors.