To help you start an action plan for love, here is a special kindness planner! Download and print it out, then read the instructions for how to use it. Here are 10 ideas to get you started planning your acts of kindness. You come up with 10 more … no one knows better than you what would make your loved ones happiest!

Printable: My 20 Acts of Kindness Planner Download Print


Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing!

Ask an adult to help you plan a community service day. Do research online to see which charities in your town need volunteer help. Then your whole family can volunteer together!  

Write a letter to the child your family sponsors! Include a Bible verse about kindness.

Volunteer to help set up before or clean up after church or school. Ask a teacher or church leader what you can do to help them the most.

Pray for someone who is sad, sick or hurt.

Draw a funny picture or write an inside joke for your parents on a few sticky notes. Then sneakily place the notes someplace your parents will see them when they least expect it!


Call a relative you haven’t seen in a while.

Do an extra chore around the home without waiting for an adult to ask you. Maybe you can even offer to do all your siblings’ chores one day.

Hug every member of your family.

Make a crafty card to give to a friend or teacher. We’ve got instructions for how to make a cool pop-up card on page 9!

20 Acts of Kindness

Did you complete the 20 Acts of Kindness challenge? If so …
  1. You rock! Kids like you make this world a better place by following Jesus’ command to love your neighbor.
  2. Tell us about your experience by emailing [email protected]!
Keep up the kindness, Explorers!