Wow, 2020 has been an interesting year, hasn’t it? You probably think you’ll never forget it! But trust me, our brains can play tricks (just ask your parents!), and I bet in a few years it’ll be hard for you to remember all of the details of this crazy year.

So we’ve come up with a fun time capsule activity that will help you remember 2020! You’ll find some idea starters below, but don’t forget to be creative!

  • a container with a lid (jar, shoebox, etc.)
  • paint, stickers and other decorating supplies (magazines, construction paper, etc.)
  • an object or two from each family member that will help you all remember 2020

  1. Decorate your box or container. There are tons of ways to do this! You can get artistic and color or paint. Or maybe you want to cut words out of magazines that remind you of this year.
  2. Have everyone in your family collect at least one item that they can put in the box as a reminder of 2020. Some ideas include a photo, a mask, a letter to your future self — use your imagination (and download the time capsule ideas below)!
    TIP: Maybe you can have a theme for your time capsule! Ask everyone to find something for the box that makes them laugh. Or feel happy. Or be grateful.
  3. Put all of your items in your container and place it somewhere dry and safe. Mark it with a note that says “Do not open until …” and pick a date when your family can gather to open the time capsule!


To get even more ideas for what to include in your family's time capsule, download these two bonus activities!


Download these worksheets to get a list of ideas and topics related to 2020 — plus some blank journal pages for you to write on.

Printable: Time Capsule Topics and Worksheets Download Print

Download the pages in this time capsule booklet and fill in the blanks about your thoughts, feelings and memories of this unique time in history.

Printable: My 2020 Time Capsule Download Print